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Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program (SSHP); By US Embassy Ethiopia



Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program (SSHP)

The SSHP community-initiated projects support education, income-generating activities, gender and disability focused interventions, as well as other activities that improve the living conditions of underserved people.

  • Self-Help activities should have a significant impact, benefiting the greatest number of people possible. Projects that directly benefit a limited number of people are discouraged.
  • Activities must help improve basic economic or social conditions at the local community or village level.
  • Self-Help projects must also be viable and sustainable in terms of finance, personnel support (i.e. teachers for schoolrooms), and necessary expertise and services.
  • Self-Help activities must also fall within the ability of the local community to implement. Activities that are too complex should be avoided.


The Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program (SSHP) provides financial assistance to community-initiated activities in Ethiopia that promote self-reliance and foster development in the areas of livelihood, education, women empowerment, people with disabilities support, water and sanitation, health, and environment through the Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Program (SSHP).

All Special Self-Help projects are initiated and administered at the local level by groups or organizations representing the community. For proposals to be successful they must demonstrate significant community contributions in either cash, labor or materials. Projects with 25% or more community contribution to the total budget will be more competitive than those with less. Proposals which require labor cost reimbursement will not be competitive. The implementation period for individual Self-Help projects is one year. Projects are small – ranging in cost from $1,000 to $25,000 with average grant size of $ 12,000. The application deadline is June 30th to be considered for the current year’s funding. However, you can send your application at any time.



How To Apply

If you would like to submit a proposal, please review the APS Call for Applications and use the following forms to apply: SSH Application FormBudget Sample, and Project Timeline Sample.


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