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Health and Nutrition Officer – GOAL Ethiopia Vacancy Announcement



Health and Nutrition Officer – GOAL Ethiopia Vacancy Announcement, December 9 2023



Organization: GOAL Ethiopia

Position: Health and Nutrition Officer

Location: Tigray Area -Field offices, Tigray

Employment: contract

Deadline: December 18, 2023





Job Description




Reference No: REC/ 115 /23
Job title: Health & Nutrition Officer
Location: Tigray (CRS-JEOP field Offices)
Reports to: Senior Health & Nutrition Officer
Number of Posts 12 ( twelve)
Closing date: Dec-18-2023


About GOAL

GOAL’s mission is to work with the most vulnerable communities to help them respond to and recover from humanitarian crises, and to assist them to build transcendent solutions to mitigate poverty and vulnerability.

GOAL is a non-for-profit organization that has been working in Ethiopia for over 30 years across all the region of the country towards ensuring the poorest and most vulnerable in our world and those affected by humanitarian crises have access to the fundamental rights of life, including but not limited to adequate shelter, food and livelihoods, water and sanitation, nutrition, healthcare and education. GOAL implements a range of multi-sectoral development, resilience, recovery and humanitarian responses Programmes by being sensitive to cross-cutting issues including gender, accountably, child protection, HIV/AIDS.

We envision a world where poverty no longer exist, where vulnerable communities are resilient, where barriers to wellbeing are removed and where everyone has equal rights and opportunities. GOAL Ethiopia’s main donors are Irish Aid, USAID/OFDA, EHF, ECHO and other private donors.

General description of the Position:

 Under the direct supervision of the Senior Health & Nutrition Officer, the Health & Nutrition Officer is in charge of OTP/ SC, TSFP, and IYCF quality project activities on a weekly based and responsible for supporting all start-up nutrition activities in GOAL implementation assigned areas. S/he will be responsible for providing technical guidance to ensure that program implementation adheres to appropriate international technical standards and guidelines are technically sound. The Health & Nutrition Officer will be responsible for the management of acutely malnourished children and PLWs through treatment of severe and moderate acute malnutrition and prevention of further deterioration of the nutrition situation through the provision of therapeutic food, routine drugs, health and nutrition education and capacity building and technical support to the Woreda Health Office in the management of severe acute malnutrition.

The Health & Nutrition Officer will support Government Health staff to manage and supervise Community mobilization, detection, increasing health-seeking behavior and referral activities for PHC and emergency nutrition intervention at temporary IDP clinics/MHNT team sites and existing health facilities and supervise the management of health and nutrition drug, nutrition supplies (including essential drug kit, therapeutic and supplementary food (F75/F100, RUTF, RUSF, CSB ++), medicines and medical and anthropometric equipment).



·         Organize on-the-job training courses and support health staff working in temporary IDP clinics, MHNT teams, and existing health facilities providing emergency nutrition services based on an updated training needs assessment.

·         Prepare a plan of action for effective OTP/SC/TSFP/IYCF implementation in consultation with the Senior Health & Nutrition Officer.

·         Support the development of work planning for each temporary IDP clinic/MHNT site and existing health facilities providing emergency nutrition interventions.

·         Support government health staff working in temporary IDP clinics, MHNT teams, and existing health facilities providing PHC and emergency nutrition services on the implementation of national PHC and IMAM protocols and identify areas of improvement.

·         Provide on-the-Job training to health workers and HEWs on the provision of key health and education messages to beneficiaries based on the acceptable protocol and guidelines.

·         Organize regularly supportive supervision and on-job monitoring meetings of government staff working at temporary IDP clinics, MHNT team, and existing health facilities providing emergency nutrition services and report the outcome to Senior Health & Nutrition Officer.

·         Organizes training for IMNCI /RH and OTP /IYCF and gives technical support to HEWs/HWs.

·         Monitors the RUTF and drug status for OTP/SC and food commodities for TSFP.

·         Work closely with the health workers and HEWs to ensure all children are admitted and managed in the CMAM services.

·         Follow the availability and the proper use of IEC material (respect national standards, local language etc.) related to IYCF-E and nutrition and health, protection, and others.

·         Ensure the availability of detection, referral slips, registration books and reporting pads at temporary IDP clinics, MHNT sites and existing health facilities level.

·         Ensure that there is curative and preventive PHC and emergency nutrition services available at temporary IDPs clinics/MHNT sites and health facilities.

·         Review the forms completed by the health workers and HEWs to ensure quality, completion, accuracy, and coherence.

·         Organize and ensure the documentation of every hygiene promotion activity, assessment, and capacity-building activity.

·         Ensure adequate availability of all medical and food supplies and ensure stock, is pre-positioned in all OTP and SC sites.

·         Promote strong linkages and referral and case enrolment between the IDP sites with the nearby health facilities for emergency nutrition services and for other existing health programs.

·         Sensitize and conduct on-job training and coaching of IDP representatives, Heath/women development armies, community volunteers, traditional and religious leaders and healers on PHC for IDP communities and emergency nutrition services at existing health facilities based on the national protocol.

·         Follow the consumption and request report of the essential drug, nutrition medication and products and supplies.

·         Ensure the implementation of health education sessions on IYCF and facilitate feeding demonstrations for SC caretakers.

·         Consolidate the monthly consumption report.

·         Produce and submit daily/weekly/monthly report from temporary IDP clinics/MHNT sites and existing health facilities on PHC and emergency nutrition activities.

·         Support government health staff on the implementation of BIN cards, Stock cards in temporary clinics, MHNT sites, and existing health facilities.

·         Reporting about your activities, identifying problems, and proposing solutions to senior health and nutrition officers.

·         In case of difficulty and shortage of the drug, nutrition products, and supplies, identify the problems and find solutions or refer to the senior health and nutrition officer.

·         Follow the availability of health and nutrition inputs, including essential drug kits and nutrition products (in consultation with senior health and nutrition officer) from WHO/UNICEF/WFP, and ensure proper use of them in temporary IDP clinics/MHNT team and existing health facilities,

·         Collect, check and complete the PHC and emergency nutrition orders before having them validated by the senior health and nutrition officer.

·         Support MoH staff undertake clinical and physical examination of all children referred to the community therapeutic Care (CMAM) programme on day to day basis.

·         Ensure CMAM medical protocols are followed and support MoH staff in the distribution of routine or supplemental drugs to OTP and SC children

·         Ensure the medical protocols are implemented in line with the Federal Minster of Health  Guideline of treatment of SAM

·         Ensure that all the phases- inpatient protocols are followed and MoH staff understand and implement the protocol.

·         In collaboration with MoH staff ensures all necessary supplies (food and non-food) are requested on time.

·         Support MoH staff to ensure that there is high standard of hygiene sanitation in the SC and OTP.

·         Undertake regular health and nutrition education sessions in collaboration with MoH staff in OTP and SC.  Give due emphasis for the children admitted in SC.

·         Ensure that children are referred to OTP or SC programme based on the national protocol considering all the criteria for referral.

·         Coordinate absentee, defaulter, static weight and loss of weight follow-up with outreach supervisor in the programme so that they could be traced and followed up

·         Assist in the setting up and smooth operation of the stabilization centres and outpatient therapeutic program in the health posts/centre or hospital.

·         Encourage and facilitate the HEWs and health professionals to work with community volunteers to improve their ability to recognize cause and signs of malnutrition, provide appropriate education to target group and community to help mitigate MN and refer individuals as appropriate.

·         Report on progress and any problems in a timely manner.

·         Respond to HWs/HEWs inquiries regarding the technical aspects of the program admission and discharge whenever necessary at the TFP sites.

·         Providing Woreda Health Office staff with technical support in convening meetings and answering questions on topics relevant to the project as necessary.

·         Assist health workers and HEWs to compile the statistical data.

·         Establish a good relationship with the local authorities and community leaders.

·         Provide effective coaching and mentoring guidance to the MoH staff so that they can run OTP and SC activities smoothly.

·         Investigate the causes of non-responding and refer children to Stabilization Centre (SC) or referral hospital /health center in collaboration with MoH staff.

·         Ensure routine and supplemental drugs are requested on time and distributed to the intended targeted group.

·         Facilitate information and lesson sharing with other partners and agencies at Woreda/Kebele level.

·         Ensure proper utilization of resources and accountability to the program.

·         Respect the dignity of the target group, carers, and members of the community.

·         Flexible and creative approach; keen to take initiative where appropriate.

·         Accountability & responsiveness within areas of responsibilities.

·         Any other task assigned by his/her supervisor (senior health and nutrition officer).


Job Requirements



 Do you want to join an exciting organization that brings high level impact to the community and add value to your professional advancement?  Then join us if you have:

·         Degree/MPH is preferred/ Diploma or equivalent in health science-related field of study, including Public Health, Nursing, or Midwifery and a minimum 2-4 years of professional experience in providing primary health care at health facilities and implementing/monitoring emergency nutrition interventions of SC, OTP, and TSFP at the hospital, HC and HP level.

·         Ability to effectively liaise with local governments organisations, NGOs and donors

·         Flexible and creative approach, highly motivated and able to take the initiative and work unsupervised

·         Fosters working in teams & team work spirit,

·         Training and facilitation skill,

·         Excellent communication skills, both written and spoken. Knowledge of local language,

·         Continually looks to improve personal skill, knowledge and work hence contribute to capacity building within the team and organization,

·         Very good knowledge and practice of computer application,

·         Willing to travel to remote areas and to camp in the field, ability to work flexibly including weekends and willingness to travel and work in rural locations and live in basic conditions.

·         Understanding of the project nature and willing to travel and live in field site, with frequent transfer from site to site.

·         Accountability & responsiveness within areas of responsibilities.

Desirable quality, skill and competence

 ·         Familiarity to local culture.

·         Passionate, strongly dedicated and highly committed to work for the improvement of the poor community

·         Resilience: Maintains focus and intensity and remains optimistic, persistent and professional even under adverse, stressful or difficult situations.

·         Patience, good relations with people.

·         Good capacity to work in a team, capacity to manage priorities.

·         Capacity to share knowledge and train colleagues.

·         Willingness to work under pressure and extra hour.

·         Have the ability to cope with stressful situations, good organizational and interpersonal skills.

·         Good knowledge in PHC, Mobile health and nutrition implementation/outreach activities, IMAM protocol and computer skills in Microsoft Excel / Word.

·          Local Language is a must.


Note: This description is not an exhaustive list of the skill, effort, duties and responsibilities associated with the position.



·         GOAL will pay a competitive basic salary based on the salary grading with addition benefits.

·         A chance to develop tangible experience.

·         Being part of a team who continue to make a real difference to the lives of the most vulnerable people.


GOAL’s recruitment procedure is fair and transparent which is also in line with the organization’s commitment to its integrity, honesty and culture. GOAL is committed to ensure that, its performance complies with the terms and conditions of relevant agreements, applicable laws & regulations. Hence, pre-employment background checks will be conducted, and employees are required to read, understand, sign and implement different polices including safeguarding and child protection policy, Protection from Sexual Exploitation and abuse policy, sexual harassment policy, code of conducts and any other rules and regulation of the organization. GOAL Ethiopia is committed to safeguarding and promoting the safety of people who involves in its work and demands all staff exhibit the highest commitment. GOAL Ethiopia will verify skills and commitment of the candidate in the assessment process and perform Background reference check.


How to Apply



 Interested and qualified applicants need to submit ONLY once their application with CV for one vacancy. The vacancy reference number along with the title & Location need to be written in the application letter, CV and/or subject of the email.

Applicants can directly apply online using


GOAL strongly encourages female candidates to apply!


Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview and exam.

Shortlisted candidates will need to submit other supporting documents upon request at a later stage.

GOAL is not able to contribute towards any costs incurred by candidates during the recruitment process



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