Junior Physiotherapist – Redat Healthcare PLC

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Junior Physiotherapist – Redat Healthcare PLC, September 24 2022
Organization: Redat Healthcare PLC
Position: Junior Physiotherapist
Deadline: 09.27.2022
Employment: Permanent
Salary: Negotiable
Location: Addis Ababa

Job Description:

Redat Healthcare Plc.is a home and in-clinic healthcare center committed to bringing the highest standards of healthcare and healing to you in the premises of our clinics and in the comfort of your own home. Our ability to create an easy and customized healthcare alternative for you comes from our leadership’s many years of experience in the Ethiopian health sector and our numerous partnerships with renowned medical facilities. We are committed to bringing you the best doctors, nurses, therapists, and technologically advanced homecare available. Our focus is on you and your unique needs, and we look forward to supporting you on your health and healing journey by providing our wide range of in clinic, home health, and disease management services.

Job Summary

The junior Physiotherapist will work under the direction and guidance of the Physiotherapist to support the provision of Physiotherapy Services.

  • The primary role of the Junior Physiotherapist is to assist the Main Physiotherapist in the implementation of the treatment program as determined by the Physiotherapist. The role involves collaborating with the Physiotherapist, while demonstrating a knowledge of the practice of the Physiotherapist and the role of the Physiotherapy Assistant.
  • The Junior Physiotherapist will understand and demonstrate skills required to support the patient in all aspects of the physiotherapy intervention, on a background of being familiar with human anatomy and physiology (with emphasis on the musculoskeletal system) and being familiar with common medical conditions and their clinical features.
  • Junior Physiotherapist are accountable for their actions in the delivery of patient care for which they have been trained and must not undertake any duty for which they are not trained.  If the Junior Physiotherapist feels that certain requests are beyond their capabilities, they should make this known to the person(s) making the request. The Physiotherapy Assistant will only take instruction in relation to any patient specifically from a Physiotherapist.


  • The Junior Physiotherapist role will involve some of the following activities, along with others that may be necessary in the context of specific therapy situations.

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  • The Junior Physiotherapist will participate in maintaining a safe environment for patients, visitors and staff, by maintaining vigilance to identify potential hazards and by taking the necessary steps to remove the hazards.
  • Ensure all practices adhere to the Infection Control and Prevention Policy
  • Assist in keeping all relevant practice areas clean and tidy
  • Move or assist in moving equipment and furniture as necessary
  • Tidy and clean each treatment area when vacated after patient use
  • Returning equipment to proper storage areas
  • Attending to the hygiene of equipment such as electrotherapy units, exercise equipment,  patient chairs and other department equipment
  • Attend to spillages, when necessary, as quickly as possible to prevent accidents
  • Assist in the disposal of clinical waste according to hospital policy
  • Assist with patient mobility under direction of the Physiotherapist
  • Escort / transport patients within the hospital when necessary
  • Remain with patients who require supervision as directed
  • Prepare treatment areas for the reception of new patients
  • Report broken or unsafe items that need repair
  • Operate in accordance with the values of the hospital. These values include integrity and openness, respect and support, caring, commitment and loyalty to the organization
  • Demonstrate a range of listening skills appropriate to the context of different patient, visitor and ward situations
  • Contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the physiotherapy department by communicating openly with the physiotherapy staff
  • Be perceptive in interpreting non-verbal communication
  • Use a range of communication methods to exchange information with the physiotherapist
  • Participate in constructing a physical environment that communicates comfort and care to patient
  • Direct all enquiries about a patient’s condition to Physiotherapist
  • Assist the physiotherapist in the assessment of patients and the implementation of treatment interventions as directed by the Physiotherapist
  • Carry out one to one interventions under the direction of the Physiotherapist
  • Prepare the patient and the environment for treatment as directed by the Physiotherapist
  • Organize and supervise therapeutic activities, with individual patients/groups as directed by the Physiotherapist
  • Demonstrate knowledge and training in the application of physiotherapeutic modalities as appropriate by the Physiotherapist
  • Demonstrate knowledge and training in the safe use of physiotherapy equipment during therapeutic interventions as directed by the Physiotherapist
  • Observe general behavior, ability and response of the patient to a therapeutic intervention and reports the observation to the Physiotherapist
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a patient’s needs to involve and motivate the patient in the physiotherapeutic process
  • Understands the responsibilities and accountability of the role of  Physiotherapy Assistant within the team
  • Recognizes the importance of a good working relationship with frequent communication between the Assistant and the supervising Physiotherapist
  • Communicate effectively and appropriately with a range of different service users and providers
  • Observe confidentiality in relation to patient/organization information
  • Document physiotherapy interventions as outlined by local policy
  • Adhere to Health and Safety Principles when carrying out duties
  • Identify potential hazards and emergency situations and follows local procedures to manage those situations appropriately
  • Maintain order, cleanliness and tidiness of treatment areas and equipment in accordance with local departmental guidelines
  • Carry out departmental stock control, ordering and receiving supplies, monitoring equipment and reporting faulty equipment as outlined by local departmental policies and procedures
  • Carry out administrative duties (eg. filing, answering telephone, recording statistics, photocopying) as outlined by local departmental policies and procedures
  • Undertake training and further learning to develop the personal skills required to improve the standard of patient care
  • The job description is a guide to the range of tasks and is not intended to be definitive or restrictive. The post holder may be required to undertake other duties as assigned by the Physiotherapy Manager
  • The job description will be subject to review and will allow for the future development of new skills

Employment type:Permanent


Job Requirements:

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Education and experience
  • Required degree in physical therapy
  • Certification and/or licensing in the position’s specialty is required
  • zero experience

How To Apply:

Interested candidates are invited to submit their application or motivation letter enclosed with detailed CV written in English, educational document and Certificate of Conformity. Please send the entire documents via ethiojobs.net in combine PDF.

Only applicant who meets the above qualification will be considered.


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