You are currently viewing 7 simple steps on how to get Free uptodate account in Ethiopia (using an institutional access)

7 simple steps on how to get Free uptodate account in Ethiopia (using an institutional access)


7 simple steps on how to get Free uptodate account in Ethiopia (using an institutional access), December 2 2021






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Opening Free Uptodate Account


As you might know we tried to announce free Amboss and uptodate accounts but Account Credentials tend to get monopolized after few hours of announcement. So we decided to let you know how to open accounts of your own ( using an institutional access).

There are institutions in Ethiopia  who formally pay for uptodate access and Tiqur Anbessa Specialized hospital is one of them. The side effects of opening an account this way is that you have to continually prove your affiliation with the hospital in a certain interval. That means that you will need to go Tiqur Anbessa Specialized hospital  physically and connect with one random Wi-Fi there every several months to keep using the account.

Account Opening Steps :-


Step 1. Go to Tiqur Anbessa specialized hospital

Step 2. Connect to any Wi-Fi ( there are so many Wi-Fi networks in the compound so just choose one )

Step 3. Insert a proxy and Port 8080

Step 4. Temporarily disable vpns, if you use any,

Step 5. Go to

Step 6. Click on register

Step 7. Open an account & you are good to go

Optional Step . If you want offline access Download the official app, enter your credentials ( username and password), go to menu & press offline contents

–  You will be able to use your account for several months. Then When the app tells you to prove your affiliation with TASH just drop by and connect to one Wi-Fi and open uptodate while connected. This will be enough to renew your access.


Remember that you can go to other institutions with institutional access to Uptodate and follow specific instructions provided by the institutions to get access.


If you know other ways to get a free access to uptodate for Ethiopian Health Professionals feel free to let us know on



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