SRH Service Provider-Midwife Nurse needed at Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia – FGAE

July 24 2021
Job Description:

Assist the Clinic Manager in under taking Planning, organizing and coordinating the Clinic activities.  Ensures the provision of adequate promotive, preventive mechanism and curative health care services.  Ensures the availability of adequate medical supplies and equipment required for the service. Treating women during prenatal and postnatal periods diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the female reproductive tract. Examines clients for different gynecological and related problems to RH/FP; Orders laboratory tests, prescribes contraceptives and other medications. Gives lectures and practical training and participates in training activities.


  1. Assist the Clinical Manager in under taking Planning, organizing and coordinating the Clinic activities;
  2. Plan the individual activities and review the performance;
  3. Directs and Undertakes the duties and responsibilities of clinical, public and environmental services,
  4. Screens clients, examines and counsels on integrated and Comprehensive  SRH Services ( FP,MCH,HIV/STI, CAC and other SRH Services)
  5. Diagnose, examines and monitor clients for different SRH problems.
  6. Provides  services and treat clients for on integrated and Comprehensive  SRH Services ( FP,MCH,HIV/STI, CAC and other SRH Services)
  7. Inserts and removes IUCD, Norplant and assists doctors in voluntary surgical contraception;
  8. Provides Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC)
  9. Maintain quality SRH services.
  10. Arrange and provide health education -IEC/BCC
  11. Refers clients to session doctors as required;
  12. Assists in the training of professionals in RH/FP;
  13. Registers Client Information on registration book and clients’ card ;
  14. Secures information by completing data  base backups;
  15. Maintains customer confidence and protect operations by keeping information confidential;
  16. Prepares service statistics and participates in research activities;
  17. Assists in the requisitions of supplies and medicaments;
  18. Prepares lesson plans and gives lectures in family planning, gives guidance and counseling to health personnel drawn from hospitals, health centers, clinics, FGAE and other health institutions;
  19. Imparting and demonstrating practical training in family planning clinical services in the Association’s clinic and other such clinics;
  20. Prepares lesson plans and gives orientation on different family planning methods to non-health personnel;
  21. Identifies pertinent teaching resources and ascertains their availability for the efficient running of different training programs;
  22. Performs such other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned.
Job Requirements:
Educational Background:- BSc  in Midwife Nursing

Minimum Years of Relevant Experience:- 3 years for BSc after graduation, shall posses  an extensive experiences in same or similar position in the NGO sector or donor funded project

Desirable;-Knowledge of the  health care SRH service provision ;Computer skill in relevant  software is desired

How To Apply:
Interested applicants should send no-returnable applications with CV and copies of credentials and other supporting documents with in 10 calendar days of this announcement to the following address:


Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia

Human Resource and Organizational Development Division

P.O. Box: 5716

Addis Ababa


Apply through

Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia is an equal opportunity employer and female applicants are highly encouraged to apply.


For more information about the Association, please visit

Deadline: 07.30.2021
Employment: Full time
Location: Addis Ababa

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