You are currently viewing Quantitative Data analysis assistant – Ethiopian Public Health Institute Vacancy Announcement

Quantitative Data analysis assistant – Ethiopian Public Health Institute Vacancy Announcement

Quantitative Data analysis assistant – Ethiopian Public Health Institute Vacancy Announcement, November 23 2023



Organization: Ethiopian Public Health Institute

Position: Quantitative Data analysis assistant

Location: Addis Ababa

Employment: Contract

Deadline: Dec 1, 2023





Job Description


Location: Ethiopian Public Health Institute, Addis Ababa

Report to: Health System & Reproductive Health Research Directorate/EPHI

Salary: As per the EPHI’s contract salary scale

Employment Type: Full time

Duration of contract: One year with possible extension

Required number: 1


Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) is an exciting and dynamic autonomous federal government institute having its own legal entity in charge of four main objectives as expressed in the regulation number 529/2023. One of the objectives is undertake research on priority public health and nutrition problems, programs, and strategies (based on national public health research agendas), generate, translate and disseminate scientific and technological knowledge. Health System and Reproductive Health Research Directorate (HS-RH-RD) is one of the research directorates of EPHI which has roles and responsibilities to conduct national researches on health system and reproductive health.

The Health System and Reproductive Health Research directorate (HS-RH-RD) in collaboration with the Countdown to 2030 for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescent’s Health (Countdown to 2030) and African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) to generate evidence through in-depth analysis to inform monitoring efforts of the country’s health system performance and progress related to towards achieving national and global targets. The research project will focus on strengthening the analysis and synthesis of data at national level in the context of annual, midterm and end-line review of the Health system investment plan by analyzing the coverage, equity, quality of services, and financial flow analysis on basic indicators of reproductive, maternal newborn and child health.


The objective of this post is to ensure deployment of public health researcher, who technically support the overall national, subnational and regional data analysis in line with the intended purposes of the project and will contribute to the success of the project as a whole. To this end, the Ethiopian public health institute / Health system & Reproductive health research directorate is looking to hire highly qualified and energetic researchers who will technically lead data mapping, collecting, review and extraction, data analysis, synthesis of findings and translation activities.


Job Requirements


·  At least MSC in Biostatistics/Statistics/ Public Health/ Epidemiology

· 6 years of Experience in the Health Sector or Research areas

· Demonstrable  analytical experience using DHS or SPA or SARA survey data

·  Demonstrable experience in Using STATA/SPSS


·  Work with multiple epidemiologic and community-based data systems and platforms to harmonize data, and support the analysis and synthesis of data from various sources.

· Facilitate and mapping, centralizing, digitizing, manage and analyze existing and new data sources in the country for the reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health.

  • Produce relevant findings using systematic reviews, in-depth analysis on reproductive, maternal, child and newborn health related studies etc.

· Prepare plan and report the performance in a weekly basis.

·   Work closely with research institutes, academia and the health sector, local and international collaborators, with the Countdown to 2030 technical working group to ensure methodological advances on data analysis and synthesis of scientific evidence to inform health sector, programmers or policy makers.

·  Planning, draft outline, writing scientific manuscripts, technical reports, evidence briefs, as needed.

  • Review published and unpublished documents.
  • Minute taking and sharing to the technical working group.
  • Prepare periodic reports.
  • Monitor the progress of the project.
  • Any other related task as may be requested by the project coordinator and Health system & Reproductive health research directorate.


·  At least three peer-reviewed publications in Reproductive, Maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health as corresponding author or first author;

·  Demonstrated proficiency in a range of data management and statistical software (e.g. SPSS, STATA,) (experience in DHS, DHIS2 or health facility (SARA/SPA/ data analysis is preferred,

  • Familiar with existing health policies and strategies of the country and ability to identify research priority of the health sector;
  • Strong leadership and interpersonal communication skills, energetic, passionate, patient, proactive and self-motivated;

·  Demonstrated ability to produce relevant findings using systematic reviews, in-depth analysis of maternal, child and newborn health related studies etc.

  • Experience in quantitative data collection and analysis merging/appending different data sources
  • Qualitative data collection and analysis has additional value

·  Project management skills

·   Demonstrated ability in virtual communication to the stakeholders and health development partners

How to Apply


Note  Interested applicants can register in Online through only   send their CVs and relevant documents at the address given below within 10 days from the first appearance of the announcement

Remarks: Please attach copies of transcripts, academic degree or recommendation letters together with the application. If not attached the copies you may be not short listed.



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