You are currently viewing Pharmacist – Doctors with Africa CUAMM Vacancy Announcement

Pharmacist – Doctors with Africa CUAMM Vacancy Announcement


Pharmacist – Doctors with Africa CUAMM Vacancy Announcement, November 22 2023



Organization: Doctors with Africa CUAMM

Position: Pharmacist

Location: Gambela

Employment: Contract

Deadline: December 4, 2023






Job Description


Job summary :

 Under direct supervision of Feild Offier and Pharmacy Supervisor the Pharmacist will dispense drugs prescribed by health care practitioners and provide information to patients about medications and their use. He or she may advise physicians and other health practitioners on the selection, dosage, interactions, and side effects of medications and keep stock records and prepare reports.

•             Dispense the prescribed medication according to the protocol and ensure safe dispensing practice to the patients through verifying the prescription by ensuring the Five « Rs »(right patient, medication, dose, frequency, duration)

•             Provide all the necessary information to the patient regarding the side effect, drugs food interaction, drug drug interaction, and adhérence.

•             Advise and recommondations prescribers on rational use of drugs whenever it is necessary.

•             Provide information or onjob training for nurses and other healthcare providers about new medications and drug therapy protocols.

•        Promote rational drug use, check prescriptions are correct when it comes to strength, dosage and quantity.

•        Avoid entrance of unauthorized person from interring to the pharmacy or dispensing area.

•        Insure all the prescriptions are complete in terms of patients and prescribers’ biographic information.

•        Properly fill daly despensed items in a tally sheet and preper weekly and monthly consumption reports.


Stock management

•   Organizes the arrangement of items in proper location, shelf-code, batch number and group for easy retrieval up on needed.

·        Ensure correct filling in of entries on the stock cards and online drive folder incl. medical devices and related items.

·        Issues medical supplies and equipment on First Expire First Out (FEFO) basis.

·        Properly document the received items from Central Store/ Coordination office, EPSA and other agencies on stock-card.

·        Carry out regular inventory, report any kind of loss , damage or robbery and ensure proper managements of bin cards and update on daily bases.

·         Updating sock cards and Bin cards regularly.

·          Manage pharmaceuticals according to standard and arrangement of shelves and drugs accordingly.

·           Ensure proper cold chain management during storage and transportation of drugs that requires such things.

·            Report missing, damage and robed items to the Field Officer , Clinical Team Leader or Pharmacy Supervisor.

·            Ensures good storage conditions of all items in the pharmacy.

·            Follows up stock levels with regards to alarms thresholds, stock out, expiry dates and drugs to expire in the following 6 months. Make a report and passes it to the line manager.



·        Follow up on 24hour consumption data,,

·        Insure pharmacy, dispensing area and dispensing aids are clean and free of contamination.

·        Support other health posts dispensary and substitute the dispensers in their absence

·        Documentation of prescriptions, delivery note, GRN and internal requests

·        Control and record room temperature and refrigerators’ temperature in temperature recording sheets.

·        Avoid entrance of unauthorized person from interring to the pharmacy or dispensing area.

·        Undertakes any other duties that may be assigned by his/her immediate supervisor.

·        Attend staff monthly weekly/meeting and compile with organizational procedure and Instruction.

·        Mobility is requested from CUAMM staff, including short/long term assignments from their usual place of work.


·       At all times, effect any of additional tasks which is given by the Clinical Team Leader, Field Officer or


Job Requirements


–         Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy from recognized university/college

–         Renewed professional lenience and COC as a  Pharmacist

–         At least three years of experience as a pharmacist in different health setup

Skills and abilities

Proven experience in management of DAGU and updating Internal pharmacy monitoring tools on drive.

Ability to manage the drugs transaction according to internal, National protocols IFRR,RRF.

Support the different project need assessment and procurement of medical supply.

Self-motivated, flexible and Desire to serve others


Respectful towards other cultures


How to Apply


Candidates who meet the above qualifications; please send your CV and application letter only through Ethio jobs:

Please attach your updated Resume with at least three references when applying.

Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply.




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