You are currently viewing Deputy Manager – Flourish Health and Health Related Consultancy Service Vacancy Announcement

Deputy Manager – Flourish Health and Health Related Consultancy Service Vacancy Announcement

Deputy Manager – Flourish Health and Health Related Consultancy Service Vacancy Announcement, July 25 2023



Organization: Flourish Health and Health Related Consultancy Service

Position: Deputy Manager

Location: Addis Ababa

Employment: Full Time

Date of Announcement: July 25 2023

Deadline: August 2 2023




Job Description


Job Title: Deputy Manager

Place of Work: Addis Ababa, Bole Bulbula, Kabod Building



Flourish Health and Health Related Consultancy Service (Flourish) is a private company established with a mission of creating a transformed, healthy, and flourishing generation focusing on individuals, groups, organizations and institutions. We provide coaching, counseling and training in health and health related areas including psychological, emotional and healthy lifestyle and self-development areas. We do consultation and support in health-related research, evaluations and development of project proposals & strategic documents and provide consultation and facilitation of international medical travel for patients who need advanced management abroad. Flourish is looking for a qualified individual for the position of Deputy Manager.


Summary of the Job Description


The Deputy Manager is responsible for the overall management and administration of the tasks and activities under the Flourish company. The incumbent works towards establishing and broadening networking, partnership and relationships with relevant stakeholders, uses digital and non-digital marketing methods to create and widen the market base for the company. This position is reporting to the Manager of the company and closely works with other staff members of the company.


Key Roles and Responsibilities

Management and administration

● Responsible for the day-to-day management and administration of the office tasks

● Liaison the company with the relevant government and other relevant bodies

● Manage the recruitment and supervision of key employees of the company.

● Manage the financial and logistics related activities under the company.

Technical Areas

● Review relevant documents and prepare contents and give to the digital manager for the promotion of services given by the company.

● In consultation with the supervisor and other staff, prepare contents and presentations for training, seminars and coaching to be given by the company.

● Organize training and seminars that are given by the company for the target groups.

● Organize sessions for counseling of clients that need counseling and link with the appropriate counselors under the company.

● Coordinate and organize summer camp on well being for students during school break.

● Organize different events for private and public organizations and individuals.

● Work with international medical travel agencies and local hospitals to organize camps for patients and facilitate visa and travel related arrangements for treatment abroad.

● Identify opportunities for project evaluations, research, assessment and health related document preparations, apply for the bid and lead the execution of the activities.


Marketing and Promotion

● Design and implement short and long term appropriate digital and non-digital marketing and promotion strategies and plans for the company.

● Closely work with the digital manager to conduct marketing and promotion of the company’s services using different digital platforms including Tik Tok, you tube, website, telegram, Instagram, Facebook and other appropriate platforms.

● Prepare contents for the digital platforms and use for promoting the services of the company.

● Ensure that the company’s services are promoted with appropriate print promotion materials such as flyers, posters, billboards and others) .
Networking and Partnership

● Together with the supervisor, identify relevant stakeholders and partners for the company and establish strong partnership.

● Network with private companies, international and local NGOs, relevant government sectors, Universities and schools, Embassies and other international and local communities and create business partnerships.

● Identify international and local agencies and companies working in similar business areas and establish working partnerships for business such as international patient travels and other services.

● Identify key potential individuals with similar vision to create a pull of key professionals that can work with Flourish.


Job requirements


Qualification and Experience

● College /university graduate in health science ,Marketing, Business, management, psychology or other relevant fields and zero year of experience. Having a health background in addition to management/marketing is advantageous.

● Highly organized and have good planning and coordination skills.

● Experience and skill in social media management and use, networking, and partnership formation

● High communication skill (both oral and written) in both Amharic and English is required.

● Some experience /exposure in coordinating or giving training, seminars, workshops, or meetings is desired.


Skill, Behavior and Attitude

● Business and entrepreneur minded and having high interest in owning and working in the private business sector.

● Highly motivated and has passion for the areas mentioned above.

● Fast learner, willing to be coached and trained.

● One who has creativity and innovation skills.

● Ability to self-adapt to difficult circumstances and the environment in which we operate.

● Ability to listen to others including clients and staff.

● Compassionate, hardworking, and resilient candidate who can deal with unforeseen challenges that may occur while executing his/her works.

● Professional, one who has good ethics, honesty and who is willing to serve as an outstanding role model in a group.

● Basic Skill in word, excel, email usage, internet, Google and other relevant microsoft offices.


How to Apply

Apply via ; [email protected]
For more information 0902470000 and





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