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Ministry Of Health Leadership Incubation Program

Ministry Of Health Leadership Incubation Program, February 15 2023


Deadline: February 20 2023






I. Trainee Selection Criteria and Process

As the landscape of leadership is changing significantly on a daily basis we must prepare to onboard health leaders of the future differently than we have before. To do so multiple levels of selection will be in place to identify high potential health leaders. In addition to the eligibility screening criteria depicted in phase one the following competencies and behaviors will be taken it to account throughout the selection process to identify and retain top talented future health leaders. The behaviors includes collaborative mind-set, prioritizes social responsibility, champions innovation. digitally confident (Uses technology) and diverse mind-set. This program will also follow a unique approach to promote a Gender-balanced leadership in the health sector. The entry criteria listed out in phase one and phase two will be reviewed in the future to ensure the criteria is current and relevant to the evolving leadership need of the health sector.


Below are the requirements for the Ministry Of Health Leadership Incubation Program



Minimum requirement for entry

1. To be admitted to the program the applicant must meet the following requirements:

2. Ministry of Health, MOH Agencies, Federal Hospitals and regional health bureaus who served for a minimum of two years.

3. Are at or below the age of 40 on or before the application deadline,

4. The last performance appraisal result should be greater than 80% and known for his/her good conduct

5. Educational level minimum of first degree or above in health or related field.

6. Voluntary service which can be supported by certificate of recognition

7. Who is willing to commit for a minimum of 18 months after completion of the training program

8. Can bring one recommendation letter and nomination letter based on template given

9. Who can present project concept on problems to be solved

10. Gender and Institution quota distribution will be considered by the program core team

11. Those who are currently serving as directors, assistant directors and case team leaders will be given priority

Application Method

• The first step is to apply to sit for Interview. This is done through the online registration system on the dedicated website. The following MUST be included:

• Completed Application form

o During application, candidates MUST upload

• Letter of intent

• Official letter which contains BSC performance tenon and permanent staff

• Letter of recommendation and nomination

• Project Concept note

Phase one

• In the first stage the applicants will be assessed and ranked by: – academic credentials, work performance and the quality of letter of intent and project proposal.

Phase two:

• Interview by expert panel the applicants are required to participate in panel interview which will include a presentation. The panel interview help to determine the suitability, knowledge and enthusiasm the applicant has for the program.

Review process- review process will be conducted in two rounds

Round 1: Submission and supplementary material will be reviewed by the recruitment team. The average of the experts score combined is the total score of the entrant. Those who score above the cut of point will sit for interview.

Round 2: the finalists will sit for interview. The average of the experts score combined is the total score of the entrant. The total score for the competition is the combined weighted value of the submission (40, round (11 and the interview (60% round 2). The winners of the young health leader award will be

• 50 % of the chance will be given for MOH, its agencies & Federal Hospitals and rest for RHBs as long as the candidates score the minimum passing point. If the quota given for one isn’t fulfilled the chance will be given for candidates with the highest score.

• The 30 top highest scoring entrants will join the program


Result Notification

• Result of the Round will be posted on the website within ten working Days of the Interview Time and the Final result will also be posted on the same website

When do they apply?

• Application will be either during the months of January/ February and August/September

• Within a period of one month of notice (during the registration period)

• Screening one month .

• Examination after screening (to be decided accordingly)


How frequent can they apply?

• No limit. Candidates can apply eve, cohort, but in one cohort an applicant is able to register only once. Those who register multiple times using different accounts will be disqualified from the competition.

Affirmative action

• Female candidates will get additional 3% of their total mark


Below is the application instruction for Ministry Of Health Leadership Incubation Program



How to Apply


Use the link below





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