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Pharmacy Supervisor, Médecins Sans Frontières – Holland Vacancy Announcement

Pharmacy Supervisor, Médecins Sans Frontières – Holland Vacancy Announcement, February 6 2023



Organization: Médecins Sans Frontières – Holland

Position: Pharmacy Supervisor

Salary: Birr 29,950.00

Location: Jigjiga with frequent travel to the bases/projects, Somali

Employment: Full time

Deadline: Feb 13, 2023




Job Description


Médecins Sans Frontières-MSF-Holland

Internal/External Vacancy Announcement



·         Position title:   PHARMACY SUPERVISOR

·         Place of work:   Somali region, Jigjiga base –with travel to the project locations

·         Terms of Employmentmet: one year with posibility of extension?

·         Position holder report to(direct and functional supervision): Project Medical Referant (MTL)

·         Positions that report to this position holder (if any): Medicine dispensers / medical storekeeper when in intervention location

Remuneration and Benefits:

–          Starting gross salary 29,950 ETB

–          Medical cover: as per the organization’s policy

–          Hardship allowance 30% = 5,500.00

–          Relocation allowance- only for relocated positions

Date(10 working days):__31-January-2023_____ closing date__13-February-2023____________________



Médecins Sans Frontières (also known as Doctors without Borders or MSF) is a private, non-profit, international humanitarian medical organization that intervenes in emergencies and crisis situations to relieve human suffering resulting from unmet medical needs. MSF observes strict neutrality with respect to politics and provides its assistance without discriminating on the basis of race, religion, ideology, or political affiliation. MSF’s members are required to respect humanitarian principles and principles of medical ethics at all times.


MSF-Holland in Ethiopia currently operates in four projects (North Gonder, Abdurafi project, in Tigray-Shire project, in Somali region- Wardher project, in Gambella region; Kule project with diversified workforce.


Main Purpose/Job Summary :-

Ensuring general functioning of the pharmacy and supervising pharmacy supply chain processes in accordance with MSF standards, protocols and procedures, in order to ensure its efficiency and operating availability.


·         Ensuring storage, stock management and supply processes, as well as hygiene and security procedures, tools, and protocols (controlling pests and rodents), implementing appropriate quality controls and records, in order to ensure good storage conditions (temperatures, humidity and light exposure) and availability of drugs and medical material, according to MSF protocols, national regulations and in cooperation with the logistics department.

·         Coordinating the delivery, reception and recording of international and local orders, in close coordination with the logistics department, updating stock files and informing line managers on their status (shortfalls, over-stocking, expiry dates), in order to permanently ensure security stock levels and ensure efficient management of stock.

·         Supervising orders of medical and drug material in order to ensure an efficient and appropriate consumption pattern under budget constraints.

·         Supervising the supply of drugs to patients, according to medical prescriptions, informing them on consumption patterns and keeping conditions in order to ensure their therapeutic progression

·         Ensuring efficient supply to other pharmacies managed/supported by MSF according to orders and stocks, and using cold chain when needed. Monitoring and analysing orders of depending pharmacies in order to avoid ruptures of stock or having expired drugs.

·         Supervising, with the HR department, the associated processes (sizing, staff shifts, recruitment, training, performance evaluation, development and internal/external communication) of the pharmaceutical team and the nursing staff, in order to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required and to improve their dispensing capabilities.

·         Recording all items received and issued in computer (Isystock) and reporting on drug consumptions and medical equipment dispensed according to protocols, informing on unusual patterns as well as forecasting future needs, in order to rationalise the budget and to ensure availability.

·         Assisting in training of nursing staff regarding dispensing of drugs and their side effects



MSF Section/Context Specific Accountabilities

Ordering and Reception of the medical supplies:

·         Make and/or check all orders for the medical warehouse. Ensuring they are based on consumption and the necessary buffer has been put in place.

·         Use the appropriate request forms for both ordering and receiving medical supply.

·         Reception of supplies from the medical warehouse to central pharmacies and/or departments

·         Inform the MTL of any problems (missing or damaged goods, etc.).

·         Check the cold box directly on reception and control the cold chain-monitoring card and feedback the supply department.

Stock management in the pharmacies:

·         Ensure accurate consumption figures are recorded.

·         Ensures that all stock movements are recorded according to MSF medical supply procedures.

·         Set up and maintain a proper organisation of the storage area according to family, storage procedures, and that all correctly stored, well protected, fully identified and easily accessible (cleanliness, security, access, etc.).

·         Keep a special control of “sensitive” goods numbers of lots, expiry dates, and packaging and special storage conditions.

·         Ensure  physical stock counts of drugs (per tablet) and medical supplies accordance with the frequency defined and before orders are made every month

·         Immediately inform the MTL of any problems arising in the course of the work, particularly with regard to damage, loss, attempted break-ins or theft in the store

·         Reports and explore monthly on potential ruptures and any items that will expire.


Medical Supply Management and consumption tool

·      Ensure implementation of all standard tools and up-to-date consumption and request forms (based on and in the order of the MSL) are available and being used in all departments.

·      Is responsible for the consumption tool and the coherence of the data:

o    Collects consumption data on a weekly basis from the departments.

o    Enters consumption data into the consumption tool on a weekly basis.

o    Analyses the consumption data and reviews consumption figures on a weekly and monthly basis with the medical department (ex. morbidities vs consumption …).

o   Enters ruptures

o   Sends consumption data on a monthly basis to Mission Pharmacist and MTL

o   Ensures the CT is maintained: with the current MSL and that an up-dates needed are made.

·      Organizes and actively participates in the regular medical supply meetings with MTL, medical team and Supply Log, discuss consumption figures and quality of care, adherence to protocols,  comparing the consumption tool to the TSR. Pro-actively reporting on ruptures, expiries and overstocks. Takes action where necessary in agreement with the MTL

·      Ensures correctness of the data to assist MTL in the forecasted monthly consumption figures for all medical supply items for the International Medical Order (IMO)



  • Liaise and coordinate with other departments on medical supply issues.
  • Trace stock items from the warehouse to the beneficiary
  • Occasionally check If MSF medical Supply is not for sale on the markets and report
  • All other tasks as deemed necessary by the project medical team leader.
  • This position is part of the Somali Region Emergency Response Unit (SRERU). Based in Jigjiga, with frequent travel to intervention locations (can be all over Somali Region), and likely to stay some time in intervention locations together with the SRERU team. Basic living conditions in intervention locations can be expected.
  • Training of medical dispensers in intervention location on consumption collection and providing medication to medical staffs and/or patients, according to medical prescription and which guidance to give.



Below are the requirements for this Médecins Sans Frontières – Holland Vacancy Announcement



Job Requirements


Education Essential, degree of pharmacy management or nursing related studies., or medical profile
Experience At least 1 year certified work experience as a pharmacy manager
Languages Essential mission (English) and local language (Somali).
Knowledge Essential computer literacy (word, excel and internet)
Competences ·         Results and Quality Orientation L2

·         Teamwork and Cooperation L2

·         Behavioural Flexibility L2

·         Commitment to MSF Principles L2

·         Stress Management L3

Below are the application instructions for this Médecins Sans Frontières – Holland Vacancy Announcement

How to Apply

Interested applicants shall submit their non-returnable up to date CV and application letter including photocopies of all supporting documents) to the address given below:

1-      Project address:

·      HR & Administration Department, MSF Holland Jigjiga & Wardher offices. Or

·      Online via


Please Note that we only contact Only Short listed candidates with the required documents allowed to attend further assessment.


Use of false documents to gain employment with MSF will lead to automatic cancelation from the recruitment process and if found after employment it will lead to termination.


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