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Nurse – Ethiopian Construction Design and Supervision Works Corporation (ECDSWCo.)

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Nurse – Ethiopian Construction Design and Supervision Works Corporation, November 23 2022
Organization: Ethiopian Construction Design and Supervision Works Corporation (ECDSWCo.)
Position: Nurse
Deadline: 12.02.2022
Employment: Full time
Salary: As per company scale
Location: Addis Ababa

Job Description:

Ethiopian Construction Design and Supervision Works Corporation (ECDSWCo.) is transforming and diversifying from the current consultancy business operations. Taking advantage of the existing ECDSWCo.’s strength and maximizing on the newly emerging external opportunities that are being prevalent with the shifts in Ethiopian Economic Policy – the Corporation is aiming to play a significant role to the success of the Ethiopian Construction Industry -by creating a vibrant business institution that will not only fill the gap that is in the current construction industry, but also replace the need for having international construction companies that are dominating the government mega scale projects.
To this, the Corporation is emerging as an Engineering and Investment Group. The proposed name of the Group is ‘’Ethiopian Engineering and Investment Group (EEIG)’’. The Group will comprise of three main operational business units i.e., Consultancy, Construction and Investment.

EEIG-Construction business unit key activities are high-end complex construction projects, predominately high-rise commercial and residential buildings, real-estate; infrastructure (roads, railways and airports) & water and energy sector construction. EEIG-Construction alone would grow into a conglomerate of several business units including Piling, underground and foundation Works, Fit-Out, Energy (Solar Solutions), Electro- Mechanical Solution, Facility Management, Landscape and Construction Materials Production.

EEIG Construction is launched with the vision of being the best construction company in Ethiopia with a strategy of Timorously executing high-end complex projects, by utilizing proactive management skills as a Design and Build Contractor in order to achieve an optimum return and aspiring to be a competitive and preferred choice that can replace the current dependence on international contractors and deliver excellence. EEIG Construction will uphold Courage, Integrity, Reliability, Value for its People and Innovation as its core values.

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Position Overview/Scope of role:

providing basic first aid, evaluating an employee’s health and providing initial diagnosis on medical conditions, maintaining employee health records, as well as appraising the safety and health hazards in the work environment

Top Roles and Responsibilities:

  •  Develop and implement health and safety programs.
  • Assess, observe and record the patient’s general health conditions.
  • Coordinate with physicians and other multidisciplinary healthcare professionals for creating and evaluating individualized care plans for patients.
  •  Address emotional and psychological needs of patients and their families, to create a harmonious working environment.
  •  Analyze patient’s symptoms correctly, diagnose the disease accurately and take imperative steps for his/her active recovery.
  • ·Maintain records and reports of patient’s medical histories, and monitor developments in their health conditions.
  • Be alert and observant on every aspect of patient care including diet, physical activities and psycho social interactions.
  • Educate patients and their families on health maintenance and disease prevention as required.
  • Administer medications and treatments as prescribed.
  • Review medications and treatments of patients as indicated by their general health conditions and response to treatment.
  • Take part in discussions with pharmacists and physicians while dealing with critical situations.
  • Provide immediate and advanced care during medical emergencies, like accidents, burns, cardiac arrest, stroke

Job Requirements:

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Qualifications and Experience Required:
  • Bsc in Nursing/HO
  • Fresh Graduate

Critical criteria/ Skill to be successful in this role:

It is important to possess good interpersonal and communication skills, excellent observational skills, and its an added advantage to have knowledge in public safety and construction health standards.

How To Apply:

  1. Ensure you fulfill the minimum set requirement.
  2. If you fulfill the above, then you are expected to submit through Ethiojobs, your updated CV along with an motivation letter on why you want to be considered for this position.
  3. All those that do not fulfill the above requirements will be rejected automatically.
  4. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
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