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Regional Laboratory Coordinator – Ohio State Global One Health Initiative

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Regional Laboratory Coordinator – Ohio State Global One Health Initiative, November 16 2022
Organization: Ohio State Global One Health Initiative
Position: Regional Laboratory Coordinator
Deadline: 11.18.2022
Employment: Full time
Salary: As per the company salary scale
Location: Hawassa and Bahir Dar

Job Description:


The Ohio State Global One Health (GOH LLC) is an affiliate entity of The Ohio State University working extensively on a range of One Health-related and system building projects over the past 12 years. The GOH LLC has been working with the Ethiopian Ministry of Health, Ethiopian Public Health Institute, Regional Health Bureaus and other stakeholders to strengthen the national health system capacity to prevent, detect and respond to various health threats through building surveillance, laboratory and workforce capacity in Ethiopia.

Employer: Ohio State Global One Health, LLC

Duty Station: Hawassa and Bahir Dar GOH LLC satellite offices, with a possibility of travel to different Regions

Employment type – Full-time one-year contract

Number required:Two (One for each satellite office)

Line of responsibility – The Regional Laboratory coordinator will directly report to the Central laboratory coordinator at GOHi Addis Ababa office

Purpose of the Job:

  • The Regional Laboratory coordinator will be placed at GOH, LLC satellite offices in Bahir Dar and Hawassa to coordinate laboratory related activities in the region and provide various types of technical support to the respective regional reference laboratories on molecular diagnosis of respiratory and other emerging pathogens.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Support the coordination and implementation of molecular testing and quality management system at regional laboratories
  • Engage in regional level molecular laboratory and sample management trainings
  • Support the coordination of specimen referral and data management system  at SARI/ILI testing site
  • Provision of technical support; supportive supervision, and mentorship together with subject matter experts from regions and EPHI
  • Oversee the supply management system for respiratory sample collection and molecular testing consumables
  • Oversee the implementation of regular (daily, weekly, etc.) preventive maintenance of molecular diagnostic laboratory equipment
  • Support  the implementation of different Quality Assurance (QA) system including External Quality Assurance (EQA) in the SARI/ILI molecular laboratories
  • Technical support to develop laboratory protocols, SOPs, manuals and other supporting documents for the SARI/ILI molecular laboratories
  • Mentorship and supervision to SARI/ILI sentinel sites in sample collection and management
  • Technical support on sample management and transportation to postal couriers working at the Ethiopian Postal Service Enterprise
  • Facilitate the weekly reporting of SARI/ILI test results from the regional molecular laboratories to EPHI
  • Assist regional influenza laboratory experts in sample preparation/extraction, master mix preparation, and molecular detection of respiratory pathogens as needed
  • Undertake other responsibilities as assigned by the supervisor

Job Requirements:

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Required qualification and work experience
  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory Technology with more than  5 years of work experience in the area
  • Having of good experience in building laboratory quality improvement system
  • Having of  experience working in molecular techniques
  • Experience in conducting trainings, supervision and mentorship
  • Experience in development and review of laboratory documents
  • Familiar with country’s existing health policy and Public Health laboratory system
  • Familiarity with and experience in implementing local and national laboratory quality assessment, quality assurance and accreditation systems, including the SLMTA/SLIPTA, ISO accreditation standards and accreditation process
  • Past experience working with international NGOs is an added advantage.

Adjunct skills required

  • Excellent communication (written and oral) and strong interpersonal skills
  • Professional fluency in English required
  • Able to work under strict deadlines and deliver deliverables
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office application
  • Strong analytical and conceptual skills and the ability to think and plan strategically

How To Apply:

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Interested and qualified applicants who meet the minimum requirements should submit the following;

CV with 3 references and two letters of recommendation

Copy of Diplomas

Copy of official transcript

Work experience

Other relevant documents

All these documents should be compiled as one pdf file and applications should be done through application portal from November 14-18, 2022.

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