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General Practitioner – Redat Healthcare PLC

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General Practitioner – Redat Healthcare PLC, November 15 2022
Organization: Redat Healthcare PLC
Position: General Practitioner
Deadline: 11.21.2022
Employment: Part time
Salary: Negotiable
Location: Addis Ababa

Job Description:

About Redat Healthcare Company

Redat is a home and in-clinic healthcare company committed to bringing the highest standards of healthcare and healing to the communities that the company is going to serve in the premises of our clinics and in the comfort of their own home.  Our ability to create an easy and customized healthcare alternative for its clients comes from our leadership’s many years of experience in the Ethiopian health sector and our numerous partnerships with renowned medical facilities. We are committed to bringing its clients the best doctors, nurses, therapists, and technologically advanced homecare available. The company’s focus is its clients and their unique needs, and it looks forward to supporting you on your health and healing journey by providing our wide range of home health and disease management services.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To practice as an Emergency Care Practitioner within the Paramedic Acute Visiting Service.
  • To assess, plan, treat and refer patients appropriately, as part of a face to face consultation.
  • providing emergency medical care to: ü assist in emergency childbirth, ü manage general medical complaints of altered mental status, respiratory, cardiac, diabetic, allergic reaction, seizures, poisoning behavioral emergencies, environmental emergencies, and psychological crises. Additional care is provided based upon assessment of the patient and obtaining historical information.
  •  treat any injuries, infections, or other conditions to stabilize patients.
  • Accompanies critical patients during prehospital transport and communicate with liaison of the hospitals
  • request medical tests for patients, create treatment plans, and recommend patients to appropriate specialists.
  • Take responsibility for the overall planning of care for patients. This includes determining the most appropriate care pathway, liaising with other services and specialists, ensuring the patient have the best clinical outcome.
  • Oversees patient care, treatment, and recovery
  • To recognise the need for and initiate where appropriate relevant diagnostic investigations.
  • Maintains clinical records in line with regulations and standards
  • Prioritise workload according to the needs of patients,. Manage demand for the service based on clinical need. · To maintain appropriate clinical records, ensuring that documentation clearly demonstrates the relevant Standards and Guidelines for Records and Record keeping
  • Clears patients for discharge or further procedures with specialists
  • Conducts follow-up to monitor patient’s condition
  • Coordinate the emergency medical dispatch team.
  • Conduct other additional related activities given by supervisor.
  • Works in accordance with the rules and regulations of the health care system of the country.
  • Can be assigned on other redat health care systems.

Report to: Medical Department


Job Requirements:

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  • Doctorate degree in medicine
  • Updated license to practice medicine in Ethiopia from responsible Authority.
  • Having relevant certificates particularly in medical emergency service is preferable.

How To Apply:

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Interested candidates are invited to submit their application or motivation letter enclosed with detailed CV written in English, educational document and Certificate of Conformity.

Please send the entire documents via our e-mail address in combine PDF.

Only applicant who meets the above qualification will be considered.

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