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National Technical Advisor, GF-C19RM, ICAP

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National Technical Advisor, GF-C19RM; ICAP, October 23 2022
Organization: ICAP
Position: National Technical Advisor, GF-C19RM
Deadline: 10.30.2022
Employment: Full time
Salary: Negotiable
Location: Addis Ababa

Job Description:

Job Description

ICAP National Technical Advisor, GF-C19RM

Required Number: One

Duty Station:  ICAP in Ethiopia, Seconded to Ministry of Health (MOH), Addis Ababa


Position Summary

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has received funding support from the Global Fund to strengthen its response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The focus for the Global Fund Covid-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM) grant is integration of the Covid-19 prevention and treatment into the existing essential health care services at hospitals and health centers and mitigation and containment of Covid-19 effects on HIV, TB and malaria services and programs. As this will be coordinated by the MOH, ICAP at Columbia University (ICAP) will provide technical assistance (TA) to MOH/Global Fund to realize the implementation the project. ICAP will facilitate support to MOH through secondment of a competent and experienced technical advisor with clinical and public health management background.


Duties and responsibilities

Under the administrative supervision of the Global Fund Coordinator, MOH, and technical guidance from ICAP in Ethiopia, the incumbent will:

·         Assist the MOH in developing and updating of relevant policies, programs, implementation strategies and workplans on integrated Covid-19, HIV, TB, and malaria services

·         Support the MOH in prioritizing activities that are critical to the continuity of essential health services and can help ensure that direct COVID-19 responses are embedded into the health system and are aligned with relevant national and international technical frameworks

  • Support the MOH in engaging partners in the national Covid-19 program and services coordination and decision-making platforms and processes
  • Provide TA to the MOH in critical HIV program adaptations involving changes to standard service delivery models to prevent or limit disruption, or simultaneously support HIV, TB and malaria objectives and help contain Covid-19 epidemic.

·         Provide TA to the to establish national dashboards that track and visualize trends in uptake of essential health services, and develop and use data dashboards to track Covid-19 results from laboratories, facilities, and at-home (self-reported) tests

·         Provide TA to the MOH to improve capabilities of MOH/ Global Fund, to implement Covid-19 risk mitigation measures for HIV, TB, and malaria services and programs, particularly through application of differentiated service delivery models

·         Provide TA to the MOH to improve collaboration with community partners and mobilize communities to generate demand for essential health services (e.g. MCH) that were disrupted by Covid-19

·         Provide TA to the MOH to develop bulletins, reports, and a best practices documents

·         Provide TA to Global Fund and MOH develop an educational series on Covid-19 testing demand creation strategies for specific populations/age and sex bands

·         Assist the MOH in defining a risk stratification algorithm/SOPs to determine eligibility for Covid-19 treatment

·         Provide TA to the MOH to develop a task-shifting training for case managers and adherence supporters in Covid-19 testing, risk stratification, follow-up, contact tracing, and household IPC

·         Asist MOH in regularly disseminating updated information and evidence, and in training the health workforce in the management of Covid-19, using protocols based on the national standards guidelines

·         Provide TA to the MOH to design locally tailored demand creation messages and campaigns for COVID-19 vaccination

·         Provide TA to the MOH in the national vaccine delivery strategic and operational planning, including logistics planning for mobile vaccination campaigns

·         Provide TA to the MOH to implement automated reminder systems for people due for a second dose or booster

·         Provide TA to the MOH for continued vaccine data collection and analysis using available tools to identify and respond to programmatic issues in real-time

·         Collaborate with Global Fund and MoH to support and participate in quarterly Covid-19 vaccination review meetings

·         Assist in compiling quarterly and semi-annual project reports and carry out other related tasks as directed by immediate technical supervisor


Job Requirements:

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·         MD and MPH or PhD in a public health related field

·         Seven years of relevant experience in HIV/TB/Malaria/NCDs public health program management

·         Proven experience in the provision of capacity building activities to MOH, RHBs,                  Zonal Health Departments, Woreda Health Offices, or health facilities

·         Good interpersonal skills and experience in team building and teamwork

·         Strong oral and written skills in English and Amharic and/or Afan Oromo

·         Experience in computing and use of statistical software for data analysis and reporting


How To Apply:

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Only online applications are received

Click here to apply

NB – Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

Closing date for receiving applications is – October 30, 2022

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