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Epidemiology Activity Manager, Medicins Sans Frontiers – Holland

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Epidemiology Activity Manager, Medicins Sans Frontiers – Holland; October 22 2022
Organization: Medicins Sans Frontiers – Holland
Position: Epidemiology Activity Manager
Deadline: 10.31.2022
Employment: Full time
Salary: 53856.00
Location: Wardher, Somali

Job Description:

Médecins Sans Frontières-MSF-Holland

Internal/External Vacancy Announcement



·       Position title:   Epidemiology Activity Manager

·       Place of work:   Somali region, Jigjiga base with at about 50% travel to the projects

·       Position holder report to(direct and functional supervision): Medical Team Leader (MTL)/ Medical coordinator and Epidemiology Adviser

·       Positions that report to this position holder (if any)Clincical Officer, Nurse, Nurse Aid, Community Health workers.

Remuneration and Benefits:

–          Starting gross salary(N+0) 53,856 ETB

–          Medical cover: as per the organization policy

–          Hardship allowance = 5,500 capped

–          Relocation allowance- only for relocated positions

Date(10 working days):__19-Octoberl-2022__________ closing date__31-October-2022____________________



Médecins Sans Frontières (also known as Doctors without Borders or MSF) is a private, non-profit, international humanitarian medical organization that intervenes in emergencies and crisis situations to relieve human suffering resulting from unmet medical needs. MSF observes strict neutrality with respect to politics and provides its assistance without discriminating on the basis of race, religion, ideology, or political affiliation. MSF’s members are required to respect humanitarian principles and principles of medical ethics at all times.


MSF-Holland in Ethiopia currently operates in four projects (North Gonder, Abdurafi project, in Tigray-Shire project, in Somali region- Wardher project, in Gambella region; Kule project with diversified workforce.


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Main Purpose/Job Summary :-

Define, implement and follow up epidemiological activities, carry out investigation, implement assessment and epidemiological surveillance systems / monitoring according to MSF protocols in order to contribute to appropriate evidence-based decision making using well managed health data in outbreak and emergency MSF program.


§  Carry out key epidemiological activities in outbreak investigation (description including time, place, people with emphasis on mapping when it is needed) and advise on the operational response

-Maintain a surveillance system to monitor epidemiological trends of relevant outbreak-prone diseases

-Guide activities of medical staff for surveillance and/or active case finding, including ensuring understanding of the need for consistent case definitions and data recording (briefing of all new staff)

-Manage data systems and ensure accurate, high quality databases

-Prepare regular written reports on progress and findings for medical coordinator/HQ and when appropriate to external collaborators/networks (MoH, other NGOs)

§  Implement initial Assessment (for emergency situation), rapid health assessment and (baseline or follow-up) surveys:

– Where standard protocols are not available or appropriate, develop a protocol seeking extensive feedback and pilot testing of tools to ensure the objectives will be met robustly with support of HQ epidemiologist

–    Prepare / adapt routine documentation (survey forms, training materials, letters of request/notification, locally appropriate consent forms etc.) with support of HQ epidemiologist

–    Prepare an appropriate sampling frame and sample selection guidelines with support of HQ epidemiologist

–    Hire, train and supervise survey staff, including ensuring staff exhibit required skills after training and pilot test

–       Manage data systems and ensure accurate, high quality databases

–    Analyze results and report on findings

§  Implement/maintain relevant epidemiological surveillance systems/monitoring

§  Provide training sessions to medical teams on relevant aspects of epidemiology to enhance team response capacity


MSF Section/Context Specific Accountabilities
Project overview

MSF has been operating in Somali region since 2007 in Dollo Zone, Somali Region. Somali region is among the most neglected and least developed regions in Ethiopia. There are large health gaps in the health system and disease outbreaks are taking their toll on the health system and the population. Currently the region is experiencing drought and high levels of malnutrition as well as regular outbreaks and population displacement. Drought impacts have been animal’s deaths, scarcity of water including higher levels of malnutrition.

In Dollo zone MSF supported Warder hospital; Yucub and Danod health centre for more than 10 years and has left from December 31st 2018. For 2022, MSF is focusing on restructuring their project activities in Somali region with a goal of creating an emergency response capacity to respond to specific scenarios – disease outbreaks, malnutrition and population displacement. This team will be mainly based in Jigjiga with frequent travel for assessment and response across the region (expect at least 50% travel)




This position is therefore meant to develop and strengthen the surveillance capacity of MSF to ensure early identification of acute public health events and investigation. The Epidemiology Activity Manager will be responsible for assessing, implementing and maintaining the epidemiological surveillance systems/monitoring according to MSF protocols, standards and procedures in order to contribute to appropriate evidence-based decision making using well-managed health data in outbreaks and emergency responses.


This role is expected to support in the prioritisation of activities based on alerts identified, a pro-active can do attitude is therefore required and ability to work independently. Due to the emergency response, nature of the project flexibility in work and geographical location is necessary.


•       Support the design and implementation of a Somali Region Surveillance System for early identification of acute public health events. This includes ensuring the SOP is up to date, epidemiological tools (data collection, database and analysis) are available and ready for deployment

•       Develop and implement the active surveillance component of the regional surveillance including reviewing data flow and iterating the process to ensure actionable data is collected and triangulated.

•       Responsible for weekly epidemiological bulletins and contributes with inputs for the project Monthly Medical Report (MMR).

•       Together, with the project team, design and implement appropriate control or response interventions. Contribute to emergency preparedness and support the ongoing development of the emergency response unit.

•       Maintain the data collection, data management and reporting system. Focal point for all project data collection tools to ensure correct MSF tools are used.

•       Ensure data quality through training of all staff on data collection tools and basic analytics as needed.

•       Provide trainings focused on data encoders/managers through on job training and wider training on epidemic prone diseases and MSF reporting mechanisms

•       Engage with local public health actors and stakeholders working on emergency response to understand better their capacity and activities.

•       Routine visits to Somali region zones as part of engagement with other actors or as part of emergency assessment and/or response.

•       If needed develop vaccination coverage, mortality or morbidity survey including concept note, following MSF and Ethiopian ethics review processes.

•       Ensure all data collected and data sharing is in accordance with MSF and Mission data protection processes


Job Requirements:

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Education ·        Nurse, Clinical officer, Medical Doctor , Surveillance officer or Public health officer with a post graduate training in Epidemiology or field epidemiology (FETP)
Experience ·     At least 3 year experience in field epidemiology or applied epidemiology and disease surveillance (including response activities)

·     Experience with NGO’s essential

·     Experience in emergency/outbreak responses essential

Languages ·       English and Somali is essential
Knowledge ·      Use of epidemiology related analytical software e.g. Excel, Epi-info, ENA, DHIS2/Health Information systems, R/STATA essential
Competences ·       Flexibility

·       Results oriented

·       Teamwork and people management

·       Proactive can-do attitude

·         Independent working Behavioral and Flexibility

·         Commitment to MSF Principles and values

·       Stress management


How To Apply:

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Application Instruction:

Interested applicants shall submit their non-returnable up to date CV and application letter including supporting documents to the address given below:


2. HR & Administration Department, MSF Holland Jigjiga & Wardher offices

Dear applicants: – Please Note that we only contact short-listed candidates.Only Short listed candidates with the required documents allowed to attend further assessment.

Sincerity of Declarations and Documents Submitted to MSF

Use of false documents to gain employment with MSF will lead to automatic cancelation from the recruitment process and if found after employment it will lead to termination.


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