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Infection Prevention Supervisor – Medicins Sans Frontieres-Belgium (MSF-Belgium)

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Infection Prevention Supervisor – Medicins Sans Frontieres-Belgium (MSF-Belgium), October 7 2022
Organization: Medicins Sans Frontieres-Belgium (MSF-Belgium)
Position: Infection Prevention Supervisor
Deadline: 10.17.2022
Employment: Full time
Salary: As per the salary scale of the organization
Location: KONSO, SNNPR

Job Description:

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an independent international medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid in more than 60 countries to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural or man-made disasters or exclusion from healthcare.
Main Purpose
Implementing and supervising an infection control program in a project or health facility, according to MSF protocols, safety and IPC measures, in order to ensure quality of care and safety of patients, caretakers and staff.



•            In collaboration with each service activity manager, maintaining and supporting the day to day implementation by the ward supervisor of the standard precautions in health structures in all departments including sterilization, laundry and kitchen, and providing technical supervision, training and support to the staff on IPC related issues using existing tools such as audits, checklist, surveillance.

•            Implementing and monitoring adherence to additional precautions for air, droplet and contact transmissible diseases when indicated. Based on a given patient-diagnosis, evaluating the need and supporting the implementation, if needed, for additional precautions in collaboration with the medical team and act accordingly

•            Supporting in the implementations planned, the correct ‘clean and dirty flows’ inside the health facility. Ensuring that environmental standards and administrative measures in the facility are respected (bed spacing, number of handwashing stations etc.) and together with the Hospital Facilities Manager and WHS Supervisor, that the essential requirements are available in the health structures

•            Guaranteeing compliance to aseptic care techniques and to the correct use of antiseptics, disinfectants and detergents, through trainings and audits.

•            Checking the consumption and the quality of IPC materials and equipment, including cleaning materials and equipment, PPE, etc.

•            As member of the Infection Control Committee, participating actively in the lively and pro-active tenue of the meeting, supporting the development and following up the Infection Control Action Plan.

•            Supervising the team under his/her responsibility and participating in the associated HR processes (e.g. recruitment, training/induction, evaluation, potential detection, coaching, development and communication) in order to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required.

•            Reporting any irregularities to NAM or IPC managers or PMR and producing reports with information recommendations for the monthly medical reporting

•            Note :

•               IPC standard precautions include Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), hand hygiene, prevention of accidental exposure to body fluids, safe and appropriate treatment of re-usable medical devices, waste management, cleaning and disinfection of surface and environment, respiratory hygiene and individual hygiene for staff, caretakers and patients. IPC essential requirements include water supply, solid waste and wastewater treatment/disposal, latrines and shower facilities, dead bodies management, vector control and medical waste management.

•               Transmission-based Precautions (TBP): are the second level of basic infection control and are to be used in addition to standard precautions for patients who may be infected or colonized with certain infectious agents for which additional precautions are needed to prevent infection transmission (contact, droplet, airborne).



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MSF Section/Context Specific Accountabilities
•            Provide daily technical support on implementation of priority IPC pillars of hand hygiene, transmission based precaution & cleaning/disinfections among health care workers in  Aylota, Haybena, Berek & Alfecho health center working in ER, Under 5 OPD, inpatient department, ANC, PNC, EPI, delivery & other areas in collaboration with the rest of Medical team as per MSF and relevant guides through daily visit.

•            Evaluate & build capacity of health and paramedical staff in Aylota, Haybena, Berek & Alfecho health center on Ward layout and bed spacing

•            Design of the flow of material, patient, waste and staff and that health center area are clearly bounded

•            Ensure availability of dedicated space for isolating patients with communicable diseases, for clean storage, for dirty room and sluice area and dedicated patient equipment for high risk wards

•            Ensure regular availability of Sufficient supply and quality of material and equipment (ABHR, PPE, detergents, cleaning material)

•            Asses the needs for infection prevention and control training of health care staff of Aylota, Haybena, Berek & Alfecho health center and provide based on identified needs

•            Ensure recommendation of waste segregation & waste management according to MSF and relevent guides is respected and followed throughout Aylota, Haybena, Berek & Alfecho health center supported areas

•            Ensure establishment of IPC multi-disciplinary committee with follow up of IPC facility-based action plan

•            Support & provide technical supervision of sterilization, laundry and kitchen activities with MSF nursing team & Health center nursing/midwifery staff

•            Work with Health center supervisors to ensure assignment & presence of adequate number of environmental health professionals in working stations and units

•            Ensure IPC improvements are undertaken in stepwise approach

•            Organize and provide regular weekly, monthly, quarterly and Annual report in collaboration with the Nursing Activity Manager

•            Ensure monitoring systems such as SIPCA, HMIS, and other follow up MSF data tools are implemented, regularly evaluated across each health center in collaboration with the Nursing Activity Manager

•            Engage & support in rapid deployment for emergency assessments, explo action and interventions, provide daily reports & periodic reports.




Job Requirements:

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Education Essential: Nursing, Public Health, Environmental health or midwifery Degree with a valid & renewed license is essential

Preferable with IPC background experience

Experience •             Minimum 2 years’ experience in IPC related activities

•             Previous experience as IPC Supervisor or IPC related activity with MSF or other NGOs for at least 1 year

•             Experience in OT, Intensive Care Unit is an asset

Competencies Commitment to MSF principles and honesty.

Flexibility and ability to adapt to change in schedules.

Stress Management

Ability to work at both team and independent levels



How To Apply:

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All applicants should send a CV with 2 references, a cover letter, educational records, work certificates, valid and renewed license and a copy of national ID.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted, and only short-listed applicants will be contacted. Selected candidates will be contacted by email.

If you do not write on the subject part of the position you are applying for, you will be rejected.

Application can be submitted by email only:to [email protected] (please indicate on the subject box: the vacancy title and your name). Physical applications won’t be considered.


Posting date: 07/10/2022

Closing date: 17/10/2022 h.4pm No application received after that time will be considered


MSF Belgium promotes the EQUITY, DIVERSITY & INCLUSION. We strongly encourage women and people with reduced mobility (able to work in remote places) to apply.

Please note that only short-listed applicants will be contacted.

Phone calls are not allowed.

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