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Nursing Team Supervisor – Medicins Sans Frontieres-Belgium (MSF-Belgium)

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Nursing Team Supervisor – Medicins Sans Frontieres-Belgium (MSF-Belgium), September 29 2022
Organization: Medicins Sans Frontieres-Belgium (MSF-Belgium)
Position: Nursing Team Supervisor
Deadline: 10.14.2022
Employment: Full time
Salary: As per the salary scale of the organization
Location: KONSO, SNNPR

Job Description:

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an independent international medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid in more than 60 countries to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural or man-made disasters or exclusion from healthcare.
Main Purpose
Plan, organize, and evaluate the activities concerning nursing and the team associated, according to MSF values, policies and protocols and universal health standards, in order to warrant the quality and continuity of the health care and the development of the plan of action.

Carry out the functions and tasks associated to nursing i.e. perform as a nurse or anesthetist, whenever required or needed, in order to optimize the resources, contributing with his/her knowledge and experience.

·        Implement all the protocols and hygiene procedures and supervise his/her team follow the same standards, in order to warrant the quality of the care and service in his/her speciality.

·        Organize and coordinate the activities of his/her team (week’s schedule, annual leave, absences, etc.), evaluate their performance and define and ensure the needs for training of staff, in order to ensure the coverage of the human resources needs and maintain high standards of quality.

·        Carry out and/or supervise the ( decentralized) pharmacy and medical equipment management (drugs orders, follow-up of the stock, storage conditions, inventories, follow-up of expired drugs and their destruction, drugs consumption, etc.)in his or her department, in order to satisfy the needs of material with efficiency and effectiveness.

·        Ensuring that all staff using medical devices are qualified and trained.

·        Ensuring that cleaning and minor maintenance tasks are performed according to the protocols.

·        Reporting any malfunction to the project biomedical service.

·        Carry-out and/or coordinate administrative (exit-paper, transfer-paper, etc.), information and data collection (patient files, forms, statistics, etc.) tasks, and elaborate regular reporting, in order to have updated and reliable information about the day-to-day activity in the project, output/ outcome and support decision-taking.

·        Give feedback/ reports to medical focal point.


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·      Provide daily technical skill supervision of Aylota, Haybena, Berek & Alfecho health center nursing staff working in ER, Under 5 OPD, inpatient department & other areas in collaboration with the rest of Medical team as per MSF and relevant guides through daily visit.

·      Evaluate & build capacity of nurses in Aylota, Haybena, Berek & Alfecho health center on patient assessment, medication & fluid administration, nutritional care, elimination, as per MSF and relevant guides.

·      Appraise & build capacity of nurses in Aylota, Haybena, Berek & Alfecho health center on Patient hygiene and comfort, wound care & care for dying patients as per MSF and relevant guides.

·      Support the capacity of nurses of Aylota, Haybena, Berek & Alfecho health center on working with vascular access devices, diagnostic kits & procedures as per MSF and relevant guides.

·      Ensure the Nursing Care Assessment Tool (NCAT) is implemented regularly in Aylota, Haybena, Berek & Alfecho health centers with step wise improvements done on periodic basis.

·      Asses the needs for training of nursing & other staff of Aylota, Haybena, Berek & Alfecho health center with MSF and MoH nursing care, skillset & Knowledge to maintain high standards of quality as per MSF and relevant guides.

·      Engage & support in rapid deployment for emergency assessments, explo action and interventions, provide daily reports & periodic reports.

·      Ensure recommendation made by IPC team regarding hand hygiene, use of PPE, disinfection, cleaning, waste segregation according to MSF and relevant guides is respected and followed through out Aylota, Haybena, Berek & Alfecho health center supported areas, support IPC supervisors in implementation of IPC standards

·      Support & provide technical supervision of sterilization activities with MSF IPC team & Health center nursing staff

·      Work with Health center supervisors to ensure assignment & presence of adequate number of nurses in working stations and units


Due to the context, the SNNP Region experiences a substantial displacement of people, bouts of outbreaks and therefore an increase on medical need. On a regular basis, we assess the needs in terms of prevention (wash activities, health promotion) and health care. MSF reorients its strategy and organize the activities consequently. There are still many challenges in the area that will require from our team a big flexibility to adapt to the needs: changes in the location or the specific tasks that the staff was performing, extra hours, etc.


MSF is an independent, neutral and impartial organisation that provides quality medical care free of charge regardeless the ethnic origin of our patients, so to both local and refugee population. It’s mandatory that all our staff is aware and respect the cultural differences of our patients and colleagues. The NTS will be requested to enbody the MSF concept of humanity, respect and kindness when dealing with colleagues and beneficiaries

All MSF employees must obey to the Ethiopian Labour Law and the MSF Internal Regulation document. As well as this, they commit to follow and comply with all the MSF fundamental documents (MSF charter, Behavioural Committment and MSF code of conduct). These documents describe the rights and the duties of every MSF employee. Going against the provisions of these documents may lead to disciplinary measures and to dismissal.  Unawareness of these provisions won’t be accepted as an excuse for inappropriate and unprofessional behaviour.

Job Requirements:

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Nursing Degree or higher with a valid & renewed nursing license is essential.


Essential 3 years of previous experience with MSF as a Nurse.


Mandatory: Amharic and English


Commitment to MSF principles and honesty.

Flexibility and ability to adapt to change in schedules.

Stress Management

Ability to work at both team and independent levels



How To Apply:

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All applicants should send a CV with 2 references, a cover letter, educational records, work certificates, valid nursing license and a copy of national ID.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted and only short-listed applicants will be contacted. Selected candidates will be contacted by email.


Application can be submitted by email only:to [email protected] (please indicate on the subject box: the vacancy title and your name). Physical applications won’t be considered.


Posting date: 29/09/22

Closing date: 14/10/2022 h.4pm No application received after that time will be considered


MSF Belgium promotes the EQUITY, DIVERSITY & INCLUSION. We strongly encourage women and people with reduced mobility (able to work in remote places) to apply.

Please note that only short-listed applicants will be contacted.

Phone calls are not allowed.


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