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Senior SBC Advisor – Oxford Policy Management (OPM)

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Senior SBC Advisor – Oxford Policy Management (OPM), September 22 2022
Organization: Oxford Policy Management (OPM)
Position: Senior SBC Advisor
Deadline: 10.03.2022
Employment: Contract
Location: Addis Ababa

Job Description:


The Government of Ethiopia (represented by Federal Ministry of Finance) and Government of United Kingdom (represented by FCDO) signed a memorandum of understanding for a three-year technical assistance (TA) project named Building Resilience in Ethiopia – Technical Assistance (BRE-TA). The TA supports ‘the Government of Ethiopia in leading and delivering an effective, more self-financed and accountable response to climate and humanitarian shocks.  BRE-TA works with the government of Ethiopia to establish capacity for managing crisis in a sustainable way. Funded by FCDO and USAID, the programme delivers high-quality TA in four key areas: Public Health Emergencies (PHE), Disaster Risk Management (DRM), Shock Responsive Safety Nets (SRSN); and Disaster Risk Financing (DRF) – each with respective government lead sectors. Oxford Policy Management (OPM) is the Managing Agent and works closely with each of BRE-TA’s government counterparts in the implementation of this TA program.

The PHE workstream supports the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) and the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) and extends technical assistance (TA) to Regional Health bureaus and Public Health Institutes upon the request of FMOH-EPHI to build a resilient health system capable of preparing for and responding to public health and nutrition emergencies. These emergencies could range from infectious diseases, mass causalities, to acute malnutrition from manmade and/or natural disasters. The technical input aims at strengthening capacity of the government system to assess and identify risk, predict, prepare, and prevent likely events; and respond to emergencies faster and effectively to reduce morbidity and save lives.

One aspect of the above TA is improving surge capacity of the federal and regional public health sectors through embedded technical support by deploying experts to facilitate implementation of jointly agreed and prioritized activities within the scope of BRE-TA programme. The Building Resilience in Ethiopia (BRE) project is supporting the public health emergency responses at national and regional level.


This position will provide technical advice and support to improve capacity for preparedness and response including for Covid-19 and other emergencies led by the Ethiopian Public Health Institute in close collaboration with Ministry of Health, Regional Health Bureaus, and Regional Public Health Institutes.

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 General objective of the TA

To strengthen institutional capacity for preparedness, response and recovery from health emergencies including Covid-19 and other shocks through providing TA to improve capacity for risk communication and community engagment to impart positive socio-behavioral change. This will shape the response and recovery efforts to be on the right path which in turn attribute to bring the desired outcome aligned to the principle of ‘Building Back Better’.

Main responsibilities and tasks 

  • Provide strategic leadership over the design and implementation of SBC/RCCE activities across the Public Health Emergency Management Directorates and PHEOC in EPHI.
  • Lead the development of a project SBC strategy and implementation plan to address COVID-19 and other public health emergencies risk behaviors and risk factors
  • Oversee programmatic and technical aspects related to comprehensive, multi-layered SBC activities, ensuring SBC efforts are evidence-based, community-driven and in line with provisions of the award
  • Lead the development of SBC tools and materials
  • Oversee monitoring of activity progress related to SBC to ensure activities are on-track to meet targets
  • Coordinate SBC interagency integration and collaboration including with regional bureaus, government sectors, international NGOs, UN agencies, multilateral organizations, and the private sector
  • Technical lead the work of national PHEOC consultants pertaining SBC and others as required
  • Develop and implement training courses on SBC and other capacity strengthening activities.
  • Support media (social and mainstream) engagement, outreach campaigns and briefing activities
  • Work other SBC activities as assigned by DDG office, Directorates, and teams of EPHI and MoH

Reports to: Deputy Director General (EPHI) and PHE Lead

Duration: 6 months (with possible extension)

Location: Ethiopian Public Health Institute, Addis Ababa


Modality: Individual Contract


Job Requirements:

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Core competencies required
  • Able to work well both independently and with diverse teams to deliver desired results.
  • Good communication, networking, and organizational skills
  • Effective verbal and writing and presentation skills.
  • Respecting and promoting individual and cultural differences

Functional Knowledge and Skills

  • Hands-on SBC experience in emergency settings such as disease outbreak and disasters at national level.
  • In-depth knowledge of PHE management, national health policies, and strategies
  • Excellent negotiation skills and ability to engage with health authorities and donors
  • Excellent written and verbal English communication skills is required
  • Mentoring, capacity building and facilitation skills preferred.
  • Ability to work independently with initiative to manage high volume workflow.

Educational Qualifications

  • Undergraduate degree (BSc) in Public Health/Nursing with Masters or PhD in Public Health, Communication; or Health Education and Promotion from an accredited institute.  Training in SBC is advantage.

Experience and Skills

  • At least five years work in socio-behavioral change communication, health education and promotion, communication for development/C4D/ with senior level expertise in SBC/RCCE/C4D
  • Demonstrated understanding and mastery of a range of SBC/RCCE approaches that addresses social norms, policies, services, and structures to impact behaviors at households and communities.
  • Knowledge of state-of-the-art SBC models, strategies, and practical application at community level to achieve measurable improvements in strengthening participation and real time communication to build trusts and dispelling rumors, misinformation, or disinformation.
  • Understanding and functional proficiency of widely accepted formative research, pretesting, and monitoring and evaluation methodologies for effective SBC interventions.

Language: Excellent knowledge of spoken and written English and Amharic.


How To Apply:

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Those who meet the above criteria should send their letter of application addressed to BRE-OPM Operations/Human Resources and an updated CV and cover letter to Rahel Wondie at [email protected]

Closing date for application: October 3, 2022

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