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H for hand washing campaign – Call for Volunteers

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H for hand washing campaign – Call for Volunteers, September 15 2022






Lifebuoy’s Social Mission programmes and communications is helping people to develop better handwashing habits, improving hygiene, protecting against illness and helping to prevent childhood deaths.

‘H for Handwashing’ was built on the premise that effective behaviour change must start at an early age. We took inspiration from UNICEF’s early childhood development research, which demonstrates that the right support and interventions in the early years of life can significantly boost child development, helping them to grow, learn and thrive.

For generations, children have been taught letters of the alphabet through simple associations such as ‘A’ is for apple, ‘B’ for ball and ‘C’ for cat. From Global Handwashing Day 2020, no longer will ‘H’ stand for horse, hat or even home. ‘H’ must stand for Handwashing.


Lifebuoy is a founding partner of the Global Handwashing Partnership. And each year on 15 October, over 200 million people worldwide take part in celebrating Global Handwashing Day across more than 100 countries. The launch of our €30 million H for Handwashing campaign in 2020 reached over 124 million people across 30 countries.



Lifebuoy in collaboration with WeCare Digital Health and other stakeholders has organized the annual H for hand washing campaign to be held throughout October 2022 within multiple schools in Ethiopia in an effort to reach and educate more than 950,000 students in more than 20 cities.

Event:  H for hand washing campaign

Organized by: Lifebuoy in collaboration with WeCare Digital Health and other stakeholders

Date: Throughout October

Location: more than 20 cities in Ethiopia

Volunteers needed:-

We are looking for enthusiastic residents , general practitioners and medical interns. Help us by participating in the campaign and  make a difference.

Reward: Certificate of gratitude  and daily allowance will be given to volunteers at the end of the campaign.


How to Apply (Application is Closed )

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Application is closed

Please register on the google form and join our telegram using the links below

Registration Form:-

You can use the telegram group below to get updates after registering here


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