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Publishing a Paper on Millennium Journal of Health (MJH)

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Publishing a Paper on Millennium Journal of Health (MJH), September 16 2022






You are Invited to contribute a paper for publication in our upcoming issue of the Millennium Journal of Health (MJH). MJH is open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on clinical medicine, public health, nursing, biomedical sciences, global health, policies, practices, interventions, social determinants of health, environmental, behavioral, and occupational correlates of diseases and one-health. It is published twice per year in January and July.

Original research/Review/Case Reports or Case Series/Short Communication, commentaries, video articles, and systematic reviews with or without meta-analysis are welcome for possible publication in this issue.


Before submitting a manuscript:

Before submitting articles to MJH for publication, authors are highly advised to read the overall editorial policy of the journal and the guidelines below. The specific requirements of MJH are summarized here and in the editorial policy.

All manuscript submissions to MJH will be screened against the Crosscheck database using plagiarism detector software.


Submission checklist:

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1. The manuscript is prepared conforming the MJH policy and guidelines. (You can find the documents below)

2. The word count of the title, abstract and text is within the journal’s maximum limit.

3. The full Title of the manuscript is repeated in the Abstract page of the manuscript

4. Keywords are listed in alphabetical order.

5. The title of Tables and legends of Figures is complete/describing the content, study area and year of study.

6. Tables and Figures are placed after the reference list or provided as a separate file.

7. Figures and Table citations in the text match with the names provided. Similarly, all references listed are cited in the text in ascending order.

8. ‘Spell check’ and ‘grammar check’ is done.

9. No abbreviation is used in the title and abstract. All abbreviations are initially defined and consistently used.

10. Punctuation marks in the reference listing are checked.

11. Page numbers are put at the bottom of each page starting from the Title page.

12. No identity of the authors is revealed with the exception of the Title page.

13. The registration number and date of registration of controlled research trials is described.



How to Submit

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Manuscripts should be submitted only through the ScholarOne electronic submission system. Since the electronic submission system is designed for authors’ stepwise response, it is not possible to jump to the next step before responding to the compulsory requests in each page. All sections of the manuscript (text, Tables, Figures and any
artwork) should be submitted electronically.
. Anything impossible for electronic version submission through the ScholarOne system needs ahead communication to the editorial office.

Authors can follow their manuscript status by logging in to the ScholarOne submission system.

Receiving your submission as early as possible is highly appreciated by the editors.
Please visit the MJH website at and use to submit your manuscript.
Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


Manuscript Editorial policies PDF


Manuscript Preparation Guideline PDF


Official Website

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