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Medical Director – Bethzatha Health Service PLC

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Medical Director – Bethzatha Health Service PLC, September 14 2022
Organization: Bethzatha Health Service PLC
Position: Medical Director
Deadline: 09.24.2022
Employment: Full time
Location: Addis Ababa

Job Description:

1.   Planning and budget

1.    Prepares annual plan, and submits weekly, monthly and quarterly performance report to the Managing Director.

2.    Participates in the facility of budget process to assure the availability of resources for medical services; he/she develops and manages the technical sector budget and submits its performance.

3.    Based on Ministry of Health policy propose new and update existing medical policies and guidelines/protocols of the BHS and ensures proper implementation after endorsement by the Managing Director.

4.    Prepare and submit annual budget and work plan of the Hospital and implement upon the approval of the organization Board and or Managing Director.

5.    Ensure efficient utilization of resources of the Hospital

6.    Ensure efficient and effective service delivery.

7.    Responsible for efficient and effective utilization of human, financial and material resources.

8.    Organize, coordinate and monitor the activities of the technical staff and ensure the quality and appropriateness of services meet the given standards.

9.    Participate in decisions on the kind of medical equipment and supplies that are to be kept available to meet customers’ needs.

2.   Professional Services

1.      Setting the standards of care and assuming responsibility for their implementation and assuring the quality of all health services

2.      Ensure proper policies and guidelines are in place to provide quality medical service; provide guidance in implementing medical policies as well staffing of the Hospital.

3.      Ensure the medical facility is in compliance to the medical polices.

4.      Responsible for revalidation of medical staff in accordance with MOH legislation ensuring that systems of clinical governance and appraisal are working appropriately.

5.      Provide professional advice to the Board and Managing Director on key Medical service and medical staffing issues.

6.      Ensuring all healthcare professionals are informed of and follow the hospital by laws, the clinical policies and procedures, and that an orientation program is established and implemented in the hospital.

7.      Lead the hospital organization in its commitment to improve performance by managing near misses, incidents, complaints and feedback; follow the hospital demonstrates an incident reporting policy and system,

8.      Follow and provide direction on the annual, quarterly and monthly hospital data and statistics are properly recorded and submitted to the concerned bureau as per the requirement of MOE

9.      Responsible and play leadership role on a quality assurance program that encourages self-evaluation, anticipates and plans for change and meets goals as per the given standards.

10.   Responsible in establishing affiliation agreements with other health care institutions promote rapport between the hospital and regulatory agencies, professional groups, ambulance and emerge groups, and individual health care services.

11.   Participate in the treatment of patients and engage in other clinical services.

12.   Facilitate and provide direction to the activities of the interdisciplinary team.

13.   Responsible for the recruitment, selection, placement and performance evaluation of qualified professionals/specialists

14.   Ensure the medical record systems meet the needs of patients and that of the standards of MoH.

15.   Develop and periodically review policies that govern the practice of physician assistants and nurse practitioners in the facility.

16.   The medical director makes summary decisions when admissions, orders and/or transfers are considered inappropriate.

17.   Responsible on the regular communication and meetings with medical staff, in conjunction with operational senior managers, ensuring they are engaged with the development and implementation of service plans and policies.

18.   Leads the induction of new medical staff based on policies, procedures and statutory/regulatory bodies’ requirements.

19.   Promotes an organizational culture committed to learning from complaints, incidents, audit, research and development.

20.   Ensures there is a system to work with the Chief Pharmacist on the development and implementation of prescribing policies.

21.   Promote an organizational culture that facilitates team-work in the design, management and delivery of clinical services, ensuring medical staff are both cognizant of and active in ensuring holistic models of care and promotes user empowerment values.

22.   Build strong relationships with external parties to enhance the sustainability of health services in the Sector.

23.   Conducts regular meetings with the management team.

24.   Develops and monitors a policy for helping maintain the health and safety of patient and visitors.

25.   Establishes a schedule of regular physician visits, lead morning session as well and Provides guidance and leadership for performance of individuals;

26.   Handles clinical patient complaints; address emergency issues oversees clinical peer review


3.     Quality Standards 

1.        The medical director ensures that the facility meets the minimal acceptable standards of care.

2.        Ensures whether units under the Medical Service Units are equipped with appropriate facilities and guidelines/protocols.


3.        Ensures the overall system of patient care (from start to end) is client focused.

4.        Supervises and ensures the service quality of all medical services provided by the Hospital

5.        Responsible to abide by the BGH and MOE policies, procedures and laws to ensure that the best interests of the organization are kept in mind while providing quality service.

6.        Ensures medical policies and guidelines are in line with the government policy and guide line.

7.      Monitors physician’s performance and involves the attending physician in the setting of quality assurance standards.

8.      The medical director utilizes the quality assurance program to effect changes in policies and procedures.

9.      The medical director participates in quality review of care within the hospital.

10.     The medical director reviews periodically admission transfers, and discharges of patients.

11.     Monitor quality and appropriateness of medical care,

12.     Plans for acquisition of new or improved medical technologies in the field to up-grade the existing facilities or introduce new health service lines.

4.      Training and education

1.          The medical director participates in the development, organization, and delivery of training programs and shares educational resources (books, periodicals, articles) with other professional staff members.

2.          The medical director participates in the development and conduct of educational/training programs.

3.          The medical director promotes his or her professional development through self-directed and Continuing education.

4.          The medical director assists in developing mechanisms for ensuring a regular flow of educational materials to internal and external audiences.

5.          The medical director assures time and access to in-service training for staff.

6.          The medical director encourages institution-sponsored membership in professional organizations.

7.          The medical director encourages special certification of staff members when appropriate.

8.          Monitors the training and currier development of the entire medical team to keep the standard of the BHS General Hospital up to date.

5.      Administrative

1.          The medical director participates in administrative decision making and gets approvals of appropriate policies and procedures

2.          In line with national requirements ensure arrangements are in place for appraisal, job planning, continuing Professional Development, and revalidation of doctors employed by the BGH.

3.          Leads on resolving issues relating to the poor performance of medical staff and the implantation of disciplinary procedure.

4.          The medical director keeps staff members informed of potential hazards to their health and Ensures safe working environment for the staff

5.          Sets performance standards for the medical and administrative staff evaluation and undertakes continuous monitoring, assessing and reviewing and for further improvement.

6.     Staffing

1.          Provides advices in the selection, promotions, awards and corrective actions as needed within the BGH

2.          Ensures that there is adequate staff with appropriate training in the BHS to General Hospital deliver quality service.


Job Requirements:

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Education and work experience

  • ·A degree in medicine is highly imperative which means the person needs to be a doctor.
  • Medical Doctor/Specialist (Preferably with management training)
  • 10+ years of experience as a doctor in a general hospital

Clinical Experience

  • Health service service Management experience
  • Medical Director/Deputy Director or Chief Medical Officer
  • Good standing with the regulator and professional bodies. 

Other experience;

  • Strategic and business planning experience
  • Experience of managing budgets
  • Leadership experience

Skills/Ability/Knowledge Excellent interpersonal skills.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Capability in planning and organizing
  • Good team player
  • Adequate leadership qualities.
  • Good organizational ability.
  • Decisive leader, capable and committed to translating policy and analysis into practical actions.
  • Significant organizational change experience / managing difficult and complex change
  • Innovative, with strong service focused approach, communication, interpersonal, negotiating and influencing skills.
  • Ability to think and act strategically and to articulate a clear sense of direction and vision to a wide audience.
  • Ability to contribute to policy development.
  • A good understanding of the health and social care management environment and of roles and responsibilities within it.
  • High degree of report writing skills
  • Able to enthuse, lead and motivate others.

How To Apply:

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Interested and qualified applicants can submit their CV through email address [email protected] or in person through the following address :

Bethzatha Hospital Administration office

Location:- Around Stadium

NB. Email applicants should write the position title on the subject line of their email. Otherwise their application should not be considered.

Only short listed candidates will be conducted.

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