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How to become a licensed physician in the UAE – DHA Exam

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How to become a licensed physician in the UAE, September 8 2022





What’s DHA?

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) Exam is a Licensing exam that all medical professionals must pass if they wish to serve in the healthcare sector of Dubai and UAE.

With the boost in the qualitative lifestyle, the inauguration of the world-class healthcare sector in Dubai requires experienced healthcare practitioners. Working in Dubai brings forth many benefits including free accommodation facilities, travel allowance, and health and life insurances. Before one can relish the joys of working as an expatriate in Dubai, many obstacles need to be overcome. The greatest of all is the DHA exam.

A healthcare professional license is mandatory to work in healthcare sector in UAE, the eligibility to practice as a licensed healthcare professional is different based on their profession and license title applying to all categories ranging from Physicians, Dentists, Nurses, Midwives, to Allied Healthcare. All the healthcare regulatory bodies across UAE (DoH, DHA, MoH) comply to the same Unified Healthcare Professional Qualification Requirements but issues different licenses for the region (Emirates) you are planning to work. However, some terms and conditions may differ when it comes to examination & activation of the license.

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Who is eligible for the DHA test?


For GPs

  • Candidate should have graduated from recognized medical school.
  • Non-UAE nationals should have at least 2 years clinical experience post internship out of which one year must be in general practice setup. But those who graduated from a UAE medical school accredited by MOSHER, additional experience as clinical trainee is required for one year after internship

For specialist and consultant

  • Candidate should have graduated from a recognized medical school and should have completed recognized speciality certificate. Allocation is based upon experience from tier 1(no experience required) to tier 3 (2 years’ experience required) for specialist and tier 1 (2 years’ experience) to tier 2 (8 years’ experience) for consultant.
  • For specialist physician who don’t meet the experience requirement, a provisional license will be issued for the candidate by the name of ‘specialist under supervision’.

Documents required

According to the DHA license requirements, you need to submit the following documents for initial processing

  • A recent photograph (passport size)
  • Copy of your valid passport
  • Your educational qualifications
  • Your experience certificates
  • Practice license or registration of the country of last employment
  • The Good Standing Certificate (GSC) issued by the local medical council of the country of last employment
  • A 2-year surgical logbook (for surgeons)
  • A medical fitness test in case the applicant is aged 65 and above. You can get this done at any of the visa medical centres in Dubai

When your DHA license application is approved you also need to submit

  • An offer letter from your recruiting facility
  • A malpractice insurance certificate from your recruiting facility

Contents of the DHA test

The Dubai Prometric exam is a 2 hours multiple-choice question with one best answer. It consists of 70 questions and you are expected to score at least 60% (42 questions). Results are usually released within 5 working days.

Note that you have just three attempts to pass this exam else you will have to show evidence of further studies before you will be allowed to retake it for the fourth time.

N.B: In most cases, completing your lengthy application procedures and appearing in the test takes approximately 2 months to accomplish. While you can get hands-on your valid DHA license within 4-6 months after applying.

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Test centres


There’s no test centre in Ethiopia currently. The following are the nearest centre available.

Computer Pride Limited 1st Floor, JKUAT Towers (Previously known as ICEA Building) Kenyatta Avenue




For applicants who are able to take the exam in Dubai can use the following address:


BLD 2B – Dubai – United Arab Emirates


DHA license fee structure

There are several payments required during the different the DHA licensing process. Here is a step-wise breakdown of DHA license fees for your convenience.

Application and registration fees

  • Self-assessment tool: free
  • Manual review (if required): AED 200
  • Apply for registration: AED 200

License activation fees full-time:

  • Dentists/ physicians: AED 3000
  • Others: AED 1000

License activation part-time:

AED 4000

License delivery charges:

AED 20

PSV fees

  • Routine verification:
  • dentists/ physicians: AED 1,235
  • Others: 935
  • Extra documents: AED 300

Oral assessment fees

  • Dentists/ physicians: AED 500
  • Others: AED 250
  • If urgent: AED 2000

CBT fees:

  • Dentists/ physicians: USD 220
  • Others: USD 180

Test Day Check-in Items

Prior to testing, verify the emails sent by the test sponsor to ensure that you have everything you need.

Here are the two important test day check-in things you’ll need:

  • Valid Identification
  • Test confirmation Number

N.B Any test taker who arrives at the testing centre without an approved mask will be denied the opportunity to take the exam, will be marked as a “no show,” and will not be entitled to a free and new DHA exam schedule.

Summarized steps

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Let us sort things out first so that you may fully understand the terms/vocab that you will encounter when you apply.

  • Dubai Health Authority – think of this as the DOH for Dubai. (HAAD for Abu Dhabi, MOH for the entire UAE)
  • Prometric’s– this is the organization that caters the examination for the DHA applicants. (NCLEX and HAAD have Pearson Vue)
  • Primary Source Verification (PSV)– this credentialing body that ensures your documents and claimed educational background and work experience are all genuine.

STEP 1: Prepare All Required Documents

STEP 2: Create a Sheryan Account

  • A Sheryan is an online account where you will process and monitor everything that is relevant for you license application. Create your account and then you will be directed to the Online Registration and Licensing Upload your documents with the document title that generally describes the file e.g. Passport, Passport Photo, Transcript of Records etc.

Go to this site to create your account:  CLICK HERE 

STEP 3: Wait for Your Eligibility ID

  • It will take up to 6 weeks for you to have such so that you can start your next process (PSV and Scheduling of Prometric Examination). With this, you can monitor the credentials evaluation process that they are doing on the documents that you have uploaded.
  • Make sure that you will use a UAE-based credit card for paying the fee at the end of your DHA application. This is only the phase where you will have to use the particular sorts of credit card.

STEP 4: Apply for PSV

  • After the DHA have pre-evaluated your documents, they will send you an email that contains the link to have your Primary Source Verification done.
  • Pay your fees using internationally accredited credit cards e.g. Visa, Mastercard. Then wait for your PSV report that may take up to 6 weeks again.

STEP 5: Schedule Your Prometric Exam

  • Once you have your DHA Reference No. that you will get at the end of your STEP 3, you can now schedule your exam. It is now time to prepare for your test!!!

STEP 6: Go to The Test Centre

  • Be at the test centre 1 hour before the scheduled test to have room for preparation.

STEP 7: Wait for the Result

  • Results will be out two (2) to five (5) days after you have taken the test.
  • Once you have passed the examination, your Sheryan Account will indicate that you have made it.

STEP 8: Go to Dubai

  • Once you have passed the exam, it is time for you to get your papers ready to travel abroad. Your license will be processed once you have successfully got a job. You will present your eligibility letter to your employer and they will process the license for you.

Visit the official site through the following link:




Article Credit – Bezawit Girma (Med In Ethiopia Team)




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