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Chief Medical Center officer – Mary Joy Ethiopia

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Chief Medical Center officer – Mary Joy Ethiopia, August 30 2022



Organization: Mary Joy Ethiopia

Position: Chief Medical Center officer

Employment: Contract

Location: Hawassa

Deadline: September 5 2022




Job description

JOB TITLE: Chief Medical Center Officer

CONTRACT TYPE: Full time employee

LOCATIONS: Hawasa Medical Center

Mary Joy Ethiopia Medical center has been serving the community since 1996 with different modalities from complete charities to cost recovery basis. Currently, MJE has aspiration to transit the facility as one of MJE financial sustainability of the organisation through establishing business entity. The new aspiration and dynamics required the new structure and working modalities and customized plan.

In order to implement this transition plan, MJE would like to remit Chief Medical Center Officer and invite you to apply for the vacant post.

Description of the Position

The Chief Medical Center Officer is responsible for ensuring that the facility operations run efficiently and overseeing the operations of the entire facility. His/ her job involves planning, organizing, directing controlling the day to day operation of the medical center and creating and implementing all working modalities and plan designed for the purpose. The Chief Executive has the responsibility to lead a team of fellow supervisors that includes chief of the tchnical lead of the facility, head nurse, pharmacist, laboratory, finance section. store and supporting staff and sections for the achievement of the plan.

Without prejudice to powers and duties provided in relevant laws, the medical center chief executive officer shall be responsible for;

• Ensuring the best quality of patient care

• Demonstrating leadership

• Maintaining staff appropriate to meet patient needs;

• Hiring and retaining qualified staff

• Creating a positive and productive culture

• Delivering strong financial performance

• Setting and following standards for operational excellence

• Implementing clinical procedures and policies

• Safeguarding required compliance with state, federal and FMHACA regulations and policies

• Developing a relationship with outside Organizations, including the medical community, referring hospitals and the media

• Develop the business plan and properly lead and implement the transitional plan

• Responsible to lead the change process and build team among staff for effective implementation of the plan.

• Ensure health care standards and protocols are met, national health policies and strategies are respected

• Ensuring appropriate response to reports from the appropriate organ other duties and responsibilities given by the management committee.

Skills needed to work as a Chief medical center officer:

Being Medical center Chief Executive officer requires a combination of healthcare knowledge and management abilities. Here is a list of skills that a health medical center Chief officer needs:

• Organization: As oversee many tasks and business processes in a facility with many different sections, so it is important to stay organized to make sure things run smoothly.

• Attention to detail: Everything in a facility does affects patients and staff, whether its related to finance, equipment or patient care, so they need to have strong attention to detail to ensure their work is accurate and make any necessary improvements to business processes.

• Interpersonal skills: Health Facility Chief Executive is constantly working with others within the facility, and also interact with the public and outside parties, so it is important to be able to communicate with others effectively and have strong empathy, sound communication skills.

• Leadership and management: As the Chief Executive of the facility, he/she must be able to lead and manage a team of fellow executives as well as all other employees.

• Healthcare knowledge: In order to make decisions about facility and oversee all sections must have sufficient knowledge about the healthcare industry.


Job requirements

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Professional competency or Job Requirements

• A minimum of Two (2) years MD/MPH or six(6) years degree BSc in public health & Nursing professional experience including significant relevant experience with health center manager or leadership in general, and particularly with health services, management, and governance.

• Excellent communication skills

• Excellent documentation and excellent computer skills, including all Microsoft applications.

• Good knowledge and experience of public health in Ethiopian context

• Able to function effectively in a complex work environment, setting appropriate priorities and manage competing priorities

• Strong organizational and supervisory skills.


How To Apply

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• Interested applicants should send resume and application letter within 7 consecutive working days of the announcement through Mary joy Ethiopia Hawassa office located Around Filadelfia/ old air port or in the following email address [email protected] before/ on September 5 2022.


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