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Medical Doctor – Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia – FAGE

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Medical Doctor – Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia – FAGE, August 23 2022
Organization: Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia – FAGE

Position: Medical Doctor

Deadline: 08.28.2022
Employment: Contract
Salary: As per FGAE salary scale
Location: Bahir Dar, Amhara

Job Description:



The cumbersome have the prime responsibility to Improve the Quality service provisions by:

1.1     Leading the Quality Assurance Audit (QAO) by ensuring the provision of comprehensive SRH services, preventive and curative health care services;

1.2     Treating clients during STI/OI management, prenatal safe delivery, and postnatal care provisions of diagnosis and treatment. (provide comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services)

1.3     Provide user/youth-friendly comprehensive Abortion care services;

1.4     Ensure observance and institutionalized of standard Infection prevention practices and protocols in all service delivery points (SDPS)

Participating in capacity building initiatives and operational research activities to raise the service providers’ professional.


.  The cumbersome have the  PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES of :

2.1  Provide Basic and comprehensive EmONC services:

2.1.1        Administer parenteral antibiotics

2.1.2        Administer parenteral oxytocic drugs

2.1.3        Administer parenteral anticonvulsants for pre-eclampsia and eclampsia

2.1.4        Perform manual removal of placenta

2.1.5        Perform removal of retained products (e.g., manual vacuum aspiration)

2.1.6        Perform assisted vaginal delivery

2.1.7        Caesarean section (Surgery) and

2.1.8        Safe blood transfusion

2.2  Provide Safe motherhood services:

2.2.1        Provide ANC services

2.2.2        Provide skilled delivery services

2.2.3        Provide PNC services

2.2.4        Provide neonatal care services

2.2.5        Provide immunization services to pregnant ladies and under-one children

2.3  Provide comprehensive abortion care services as per the provisions of abortion law:

2.3.1        Provide safe abortion services using MVA

2.3.2        Provide medication abortion

2.3.3        Treat and manage complications of incomplete abortion

2.3.4        Provide post abortion FP

2.4  Provide comprehensive FP services:

2.4.1        Provide long term family planning methods including implants and IUCD

2.4.2        Provide surgical contraception methods including VSC and Tubal Ligations.

2.5  Provide other medical/gynecological services:

2.5.1               Treat and manage STIs cases as per the national guideline

2.5.2               Provide HIV/AIDS counseling, testing and care and support services

2.5.3               Treat and manage OIs

2.5.4               Provide ART for PMTCT for pregnant ladies as per the national guideline

2.5.5               Provide medical and psychosocial services for rape survivors

2.5.6               Provide medical/surgical and psychosocial services for infertility, impotence, fistula and other gynecological problems

2.5.7               Provide referral services to clients and follow-up of referred clients

2.5.8               Provide other clinical and medicals services as required

2.6   Other duties and responsibilities:

2.6.1         Assist the Clinic Coordinator in undertaking Planning, organizing and coordinating the Clinic activities

2.6.2         Participates in capacity building initiatives such as training of health workers

2.6.3         Conduct operational researches to improve quality of services

2.6.4         Conduct regular monitoring and evaluation of clinic and outreach based activities to identify any gap/challenge and propose timely solutions

2.6.5         Provide the necessary technical assistance to health workers

2.6.6         Act as a team leader for health workers and enforce the team work sprit

2.6.7         Represent the AO/FGAE at regional meetings and technical working groups.

2.6.8         Ensure patient privacy and confidentiality of information including use and keeping medical records in proper places

2.6.9         Ensure adequate and appropriate medical and clinical supplies are provided to clients

2.6.10     Ensure standard infection prevention precautions are practiced and the clinic environment is friendly both for the providers and users.

2.6.11     Ensure the adequate availability of medical equipment, supplies and pharmaceuticals necessary to provide comprehensive SRH services at the clinics

  1. Perform other duties as assigned by immediate supervisor.

Job Requirements:

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MD -General Practitioner

4 years after graduation MD , Shall posses an extensive expereince provision in SRH services with 2 of those experiences in hospital or health centers ,medium clinics will be required.

Previous Working Expereince in Specialist or referal clinic as an expereinced in Specoialized SRH will be required. Must have a valid lisense to Operate phsycian. Membership of local & international professional association is an advantege. computer skill in relevant software desired

How To Apply:

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Interested applicants should send no-returnable applications with CV and copies of credentials and other supporting documents with in 10 calendar days of this announcement to the following address:
Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia, North West Area Office
Finance &  Admin Service P.O. Box: 174 Bahir Dar Or
Apply through
You can apply also in person by presenting your CV, application  & nessasary documents to North West Area Office Bahirdar, D/Markos SRH Clinic , & Gondar SRH Clinic
Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia is an equal opportunity employer and female applicants are highly encouraged to apply.

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