You are currently viewing 3 Vacancy Announcement for Specialist Physicians Compiled

3 Vacancy Announcement for Specialist Physicians Compiled

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3 Vacancy Announcement for Specialist Physicians Compiled, August 19 2022
Organization: Heal Africa Health City S.C
Position: Internist
Deadline: 08.20.2022
Employment: Permanent
Salary: Attractive and Negotiable
Location: Addis Ababa

Job Description:


Heal Africa Health City S. Co. is established by highly honored professionals from various fields, mainly medical and health specialists and sub-specialists who have excessive experience in the field of medical services. Under its supervision, Heal Africa Health City, have established Internal Medical and Dialysis Center located at Enkulal Fabrica around Embilta Hotel to improve the level of the service by providing the best of diagnosing and treating patients.

We are looking for an Internist with at list 6 months of additional training on dialysis with one year of relevant clinical work experience to be responsible for diagnosing and treating patients. The responsibilities of Internist include performing diagnoses, establishing health care plans, and managing patient care. Ultimately, a top-notch nephrologist/Internist should be compassionate, committed to delivering high-quality care and have good communication skills.



  • To be involved in day-to-day patient management
  • Before starting dialysis: Assess hemodynamic status, indication of dialysis, vascular access, and any comorbid illness
  • During dialysis: Overall direct monitoring including dialysis prescription, care of vascular access, adequacy of flow, complications, and maintain liaison with and follow instruction of the nephrologist
  • At the time of closure: Check access site, hemodynamic status, any complication, and give specific instruction if needed
  • For inpatients: Assess the patient at least once in the ward after dialysis
  • Accompany the patient to the ward, if critically ill
  • Handle/supervise/guide supporting staff in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  • Have working knowledge of the dialysis machine, water treatment plant, ventilator, defibrillator, and other equipment in the unit
  • Act as the team leader during the day-to-day functioning of the unit
  • Ensure implementation of all guidelines
  • Look after the safety and security of the supporting staff
  • Give regular teaching sessions for the dialysis staff.

Required: One


Employment type: Permanent


Job Requirements:



  • Doctor of medicine degree/ MD Specialized Internist
  • Certified in advanced cardiac life support (ACLS)
  • Experience in central line placement
  • Experience in critical care management
  • Trained under the care of a nephrologist for a period of 6 months or more.
  • 6 months work experience on Dialysis is Mandatory.

How To Apply:

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To apply, please use the following emails to submit your application: [email protected]. Please specify the position title as the subject line in your application and submit no later than August 20, 2022. No telephone inquiries, please. Finalists will be contacted.

Heal Africa Health City S.C

“Healing Hands, Caring Hearts, For a Prosperous Life”

Organization: Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia – FGAE
Position: Gynecologist & Obstetrician Specialist
Deadline: 08.27.2022
Employment: Full time
Salary: As per the Scale of Association
Location: Addis Ababa

Job Description:

Gynecologist & Obstetrician Specialist is responsible for the sexual and reproductive health care for youth, women and man. She/he is concerned with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of reproductive health problems.  Leading the Quality Assurance Audit (QAA) by ensuring the provision of comprehensive SRH service preventive and curative health care services. She/he focus on FP, women during antenatal, natal ,postnatal, Infertility, delivery  Service, HIV/AIDS ,CAC, etc.


  • Direct  and coordinate activities of SRH in the clinic/hospital
  • Examine clients, interpret diagnostic laboratory test, and obtain medial history.
  • Diagnose disease and prescribe and administer therapy, medication for client
  • Examine Patient on breast, cervical cancer and provide medical care and  treatment
  • Analyze records, test results to monitor client conditions and progress and take appropriated action as required.
  • Ensure quality of care in place in the clinic/hospital.
  • Perform Cesarean Sections and SRH surgical procedure as needed
  • Manage and treat complication on SRH service like delivery, abortion, family planning service
  • Provide SRH training for medical person.
  • Instruct and monitor trainees in SRH training clinical attachment.
  • Diagnoses HIV/STI and provide counseling and treatment as required
  • Provide medical and psychological services for rape survivor
  • Provide medical and psychological services for infertility, impotency, and fistula
  • Coach co-workers how to do procedures
  •  Refer clients to higher hospital
  • Determine the kind of medical tools, equipment’s and medical supplies as needed
  • Conduct Supportive Supervision for FGAE service delivery outlets
  • Provide long term and permanent FP service
  • Participate on development and review on SRH training curriculum
  • Develop FGAE SRH service outlet standards
  • Conduct research on SRH
  • Perform other duties as assigned by immediate supervisor

Job Requirements:

Educational Background: MD + Specialty in Gynecology and Obstetrics

Minimum Years of Relevant Experience: 3 years Extensive experience in SRH/clinical service provision with 2 of those years of experienced obstetrician and gynecologist will be required.

Desirable: Previous working experience in a specialist or referral clinic as an experienced obstetrician and gynecologist will be required. Must have a valid license to operate as a Physician. Membership of local and international professional Associations is an advantage. Computer skill in relevant software is desired.


How To Apply:

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Interested applicants should send no-returnable applications with CV and copies of credentials and other supporting documents with in 10 calendar days of this announcement to the following address:

Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia

Human Resource and Organizational Development Division

P.O. Box: 5716

Addis Ababa


Apply through

Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia is an equal opportunity employer and female applicants are highly encouraged to apply.

For more information about the Association, please visit


3. Sana Primary Hospital

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