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Woreda Monitoring Assistants – Common Vision for Development Association

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Woreda Monitoring Assistants – Common Vision for Development Association, August 17 2022
Organization: Common Vision for Development Association
Position: Woreda Monitoring Assistants
Deadline: 08.23.2022
Employment: Contract
Salary: As per the scale of the organization
Location: Sidama and SNNP Regions

Job Description:



CVDA has been re-registered and licensed by the Ethiopian Ministry of Justice, Charities and Societies Agency, on November 30, 2009 as an Ethiopian Residents charity in accordance with the Charities and Societies proclamation No. 621/2009 with registration No. 0588. As per 1113/2019 proclamation also re-registered on July 30, 2019.

CVDA has permission to work at the national level however so far operates marginal parts of Benshangule Gumuz Region,  Sidama region (Hawassa, Boricha, Dara, Dara Olticho, Bilate zuria, Derara, Hawassa Zuriya, Yirgalem, , Yergachefe, Aletawondo, Wondo Genet, Chuko & Boricha )  SNNPR Gedio zone ( Dilla, Bule, and Gedeb)  Gurage zone( Gumer and Cheha)  Silite zone (MirabAzernet & Alicho)    Oromia Region West Showa Zone(Muger), Borena Zone (Hageremaireyam, Yabello & Moyale), Guji Zone( Adola, Shakiso & Borena Negele), West Arsi Zone (Shashemene, Arsi Negele, Adaba, Nensebo, Kokosa, Shala, Siraro, and Kore woredas) Afar Region;  Zone 5; Delifage, Dewe, Telalek, Hadele Ele and Sumu Robi  Zone 3; Gewane and Gelalo  and City Government of Addis Ababa; Gulele and Kolfe Keraniyo sub city.

It is member of Consortium of Reproductive Health Association (CORHA), Union of Ethiopian Women Charitable Association (UEWCA), Ethiopian Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative/EEITI/, Ethiopia Civil Society Coalition for Scaling up Nutrition/ECSC-SUN/ and Afar Region Health Partner Forum.

Common Vision for Development Association /CVDA/ currently signed agreement with world food program(WFP) to conduct Third Party Monitoring(TPM) activity in in targeted nutritious food supplementation sites in 8 woredas of Sidama and SNNP regions. For implementation of third-party monitoring, CVDA needs to hire the following qualified personnel who fulfils the requirement.

Key Job Description

  • Under the direct supervision of CVDA Monitoring Coordinator and WFP Nutrition focal point at Hawassa  Area/Sub office (A/SOs), the wFMAs will support the monitoring and verification ofWFP supported nutrition (TSFP) intervention, implemented by cooperating partners (GoE and NGOs) in the respective Region.
  • The woreda Monitoring Assistant (wMA) through the following tasks will contribute to strengthen the skills and build capacities of cooperating partners project staff at woreda/food distribution centre level, through mentoring, coaching and on-the-job training:

Detail Responsibilities

  • Support in monitoring and supervision of WFP nutrition interventions implemented by CPs (Govt. and NGOs) at woreda level.
  • Provide and report the monitoring findings using the WFP standard monitoring checklist through online tool installed in tablets, upload and share with WFP CO.
  • Maintain close coordination with WFP nutrition focal point at Hawassa area/sub office level and adherence to follow the jointly developed weekly/monthly monitoring plan for monitoring the TSFP interventions,
  • Provide assistance in food storage, reporting and food assistance/distribution to beneficiaries at woreda/FDCs in SNNPR and Sidama region.
  • Support identifying the programmatic issues and establish coordination mechanism at woreda level with Govt. and NGOs in fostering efficient implementing the WFP TSFP operations, discussions on gaps identified and options for improvement in services delivery at woreda/FDCs level.
  • Regular inspection of warehouses and collect information on the stock inventory, warehousing practices, food quality and management by CP.
  • Report to WFP Logistics and Programme team on food quality issues (spoilage, infestation, damages) at CP warehouses.
  • Capacity building of CP staff on waybills receipt information completion and certification with signature and stamp including capacity building of CP staff on warehouse management and commodity management.
  • Ensure rational and responsible use of WFP assets (tablets, GPS helmets etc.) allocated to efficiently develop his/her tasks.
  • Undertake other duties assigned by supervisor as may reasonably be allocated, which may involve providing assistance to district government, cooperating partner in any area of the Project as may be required from time to time.

Duty station: 8 woredas (Blate zuria, Gedeb, Abela Abaya, Kena, Zala, Hamer, Benatsemay and Dasenech woredas ) in sidama and SNNP Regions

Reports to: Regional Monitoring coordinator


Required Number: 8

Duration of contract: 1 year with possibility of Extension

For More Information Click Here: Wored_Monitoring_ Assistants.doc


Job Requirements:

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  • First degree in any of the following disciplines: Nutrition, Health science, Statistics, Economics and social sciences and 2 years of experience in Nutritional program
  • Experience in TSF program and data collection is essential
  • Willingness to travel using food distribution points at kebele level is mandatory


  • Literacy in Computer especially Microsoft Word and Excel.


  • Fluency in both oral and written communication in English and local language.

Driving License

  • Official Driving license for motor bikes is advantageous


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How To Apply:

N.B Applicants should complete summary table listed below and should clearly state minimum salary expectation even the organization has its own salary scale. Also applicants applied for woreda level SA officer should mention for which woreda they are applying specifically. Applicants who did not comply this instruction will not considered for further selection


Application procedure: applicants should submit only application letter and CV through email: [email protected] CC  [email protected][email protected] and [email protected]. and Write on subject of the email; position & also attach summary sheet with seven days from the date of announcement or until August 23, 2022.

Registration place: submit summary of your profile as per format below, copy of application letter, C.V stating 3 work related reference & minimum salary expectation and other confidential: Head office;   Bekele Eshte Tower, which is along Torhailoch Total road 5th floor, Room No.504  For further information contact 0113691051

You can deliver in had or submit through email.


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