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Chief of Staff – Healthcare System Impact Syndicate Africa

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Chief of Staff – Healthcare System Impact Syndicate Africa, August 9 2022
Organization: Healthcare System Impact Syndicate Africa
Position: Chief of Staff
Deadline: 08.23.2022
Employment: Full Time
Salary: Negotiable
Location: Addis Ababa

Job Description:

Healthcare System Impact Syndicate Africa (ACSIS) is a nonprofit nongovernmental organization registered under the civil society organization proclamation of Ethiopia. ACSIS works to bring quality healthcare to Africans everywhere at all times by supporting transformation of  the healthcare delivery system, generating evidence for innovative approaches, advocating/advising policy change and its robust translation to enhance trust of the community in healthcare. ACSIS values professionalism, innovation, teamwork, contribution, individuality and cultural diversity.


The position for chief of staff of ACSIS entails all activities pertaining to coordination and management of all human resource affairs; organization, leadership and coordination of the office of the country director; run and maintain all ACSIS offices; lead and manage all formal communications, web site and social medial pages; leadership and management all other ACSIS office functions; lead the coordination and communication among all departments

Duties and responsibilities:

  • ACSIS chief of staff has the following duties and responsibilities
  • Organize manage and lead main office and branch offices
  • Prepare  organize in person and schedule  meetings, travels, trainings and workshops
  • Prepare annual work plan and follow timely execution
  • Ensure all reports are timely prepared, compiled according to ACSIS standards and delivered by all departments punctually
  • Manage to and from letters; manage official seal of the institution
  • Keep minute of management and partner meetings
  • Plan and ensure availability and efficient utilization of office and communication amenities
  • Manage website, social media pages; ensure the former are well maintained and updated
  • Organize all ACSIS communications, events, press and publicity functions
  • Make sure performance evaluations of each personnel is regularly submitted and feedback provided
  • Ensure optimal office etiquette are kept at all times and the work environment is well maintained
  • Organize team times and events to keep collegial motivated and energetic spirit in the office
  • Make sure core values are reflected in day to day office functions
  • Undertake other responsibilities given to her/him by the country director

Accountability: The chief of staff of ACSIS is accountable to the country director of ACSIS

Employment type: Full time Contract renewable annually

Number of positions: 01

Location of work: Main office in Addis Ababa with frequent field work to regions

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Job Requirements:

  • Minimum of first degree in Medicine/MPH or MD/Project Management with Greater than or equal to 3 years of related experience; working in a leadership position;, additional training in communication, information technology and Team development are commendable

Skill competencies

  • Extraordinary communication competency with excellent writing and speaking fluency in English
  • Commendable experience in Health system improvement and voluntary activities
  • Experience in managing Websites, social medical pages
  • Commendable team work, leadership and organization skills with ability to work under stress
  • Familiarity and experience with office management, organization and communication applications
  • Photography and editing experience and skills highly considered
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How To Apply:

Application must be sent to the following address within 10 working days of issue of the advertisement

Email: [email protected]

Note: Use “Chief of Staff ” as the subject line of your email !

Phone no: +251911482646

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