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Physiotherapist – Redat Healthcare PLC

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Physiotherapist – Redat Healthcare PLC, August 2 2022
Organization: Redat Healthcare PLC
Position: Physiotherapist
Deadline: 08.06.2022
Employment: Full time
Salary: Negotiable
Location: Addis Ababa

Job description

Redat Healthcare a home and in-clinic healthcare center committed to bringing the highest standards of healthcare and healing to you in the premises of our clinics and in the comfort of your own home. Our ability to create an easy and customized healthcare alternative for you comes from our leadership’s many years of experience in the Ethiopian health sector and our numerous partnerships with renowned medical facilities. We are committed to bringing you the best doctors, nurses, therapists, and technologically advanced homecare available. Our focus is on you and your unique needs, and we look forward to supporting you on your health and healing journey by providing our wide range of in clinic, home health, and disease management services.

We are searching for a reliable and compassionate Physiotherapist to join our team. Criteria and Responsibilities include

Job Summery

Physiotherapists assist patients in rehabilitating physical problems caused by illness, injury, disability or aging, through treatment. The responsibilities of physiotherapists include planning treatments, reviewing recovery, and conducting therapeutic exercises with patients. As a physiotherapist you’ll meet with patients to assess their physical problem/disorder. Having made a diagnosis, you’ll then design and review appropriate treatment programs using a range of techniques, including manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and electrotherapy. As well as treating patients, you’ll also promote their health and wellbeing and provide advice on how to avoid injury and self-manage long-term conditions. Patients can include children, the elderly, people with sports injuries, intensive care patients who require chest physiotherapy and stroke patients.


  • Making assessments of patients’ physical conditions in clinic and at patients home as required.
  • Formulating treatment plans to address the conditions and needs of patients.
  • Conducting complex mobilization techniques.
  • Assisting trauma patients with how to walk again.
  • Educating patients, family members, and the community on how to prevent injuries and live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Referring patients to doctors and other medical practitioners.
  • Planning and organizing physiotherapy and fitness program
  • Meeting with patients to assesses what their physical challenges are and deciding on suitable treatment programs
  • Monitoring the process of patients and adjusting or changing treatments as needed
  • Liaising with other healthcare professionals, such as Occupational Therapists and general Practitioner and referring patients as needed
  • Involving the families and caregivers of patients in their treatment programs and delivery of care
  • Updating and maintaining accurate patient case notes and reports
  • Staying up to date regarding new physiotherapy technologies and techniques
  • Initiating and participating in evidence- based projects to improve the quality of patient care
  • Complying with government Physiotherapy regulations
  • Work with patients who have a range of conditions, including neurological, neuromuscular skeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory, sometimes over a period of weeks
  • Make a clinical assessment and diagnosis in order to treat their physical problem/condition
  • Design and review clinical management plans that encourage exercise and movement by the use of a range of techniques, and which may include specialist rehabilitation, life-style medicine, long-term strategies, and clinical techniques
  • Involve parents and careers in the treatment, review and rehabilitation of patients
  • Educate patients and their careers about how to prevent and/or improve conditions
  • Write patient case notes and reports, and collect statistics
  • Liaise with other healthcare professionals, such as GPs, consultants, occupational therapists and social workers, to exchange information about the background and progress of patients, as well as to refer patients who require other medical attention
  • keep up to date with new techniques and technologies available for treating patients
  • Supervise student and junior physiotherapists and physiotherapy support workers
  • Be legally responsible and accountable
  • Be caring, compassionate and professional at all times
  • Manage clinical risk

Required people: 1

Job Requirements:

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  • BA Degree in physiotherapy.
  • 3+ Years of proved Experience working as a physiotherapist.


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Time Management
  • Interpersonal skills to establish a rapport with patients and their families
  • Ability to explain treatments simply to patients and their families
  • Teamwork skills to collaborate with other healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, occupational therapists and social workers
  • Good manual skills
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Tolerance, patience, sensitivity and tact
  • Organizational and administrative skills
  • A firm but encouraging and empathetic attitude
  • A genuine concern for the wellbeing and health of patients
  • A real interest in anatomy and physiology
  • Ability to work under pressure and manage your time effectively.
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How To Apply:

  Interested and qualified applicants can apply through


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