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Social Service Workers – Integrated Service on Health and Development Organization /ISHDO/

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Social Service Workers – Integrated Service on Health and Development Organization /ISHDO/, July 27 2022
Organization: Integrated Service on Health and Development Organization /ISHDO/
Position: Social Service Workers
Deadline: 08.06.2022
Employment: Contract
Location: Adaberga, Becho, Dendi, Fiche, Kuyu, Holeta, Jeldu and Sululta

Job Description:

Job summary

Under the direct supervision of the Junior Care and Support Officer, the Social Service Worker will be responsible for coordinating, overseeing and supporting case management activities implementation in their catchment town. She/he is responsible to work closely with CCCs to prioritize and select the most vulnerable households. She/he is responsible to support caseworkers to implement the comprehensive OVC services for the beneficiaries enrolled in the program. She/he will mentor and supervises caseworkers based on their level of experience and workloads. She/he is responsible to document properly and report the performance to immediate supervisor. She/he is responsible to organize weekly meeting with case workers/volunteers on regular bases and document the discussion minute. The Social Service Workers are responsible to facilitate the training of primary prevention activities (Sinovuyo, Coaching boys into men and IMpower) for 14-19 years old adolescence girls and boys and the caregivers.

Job responsibilities

  • Coordinating, overseeing and supporting case management activities in their respective Kebele.
  • work closely with community care coalition (CCC/CCs) to prioritize and select the most vulnerable households.
  • Once households have been selected, they will assign each household to a Case Workers and will mentor and support the CW in enrolling each household, assessing their needs, and developing a care plan with the family.
  • Support Case Workers (CWs) during individual and group follow-up meetings with families.
  • Mentor and supervise at least twenty case workers depending on the CW’s level of experience and the level of risk of families in the CW’s caseload.
  • actively involved in cases where children/families are at very high risk and the CW is not very experienced.
  • reviewing and compiling the information submitted by CWs and submitting it to the supervisor and organization.
  • Support OVCs and families to achieve health, schooling, stability and safety goals, education, psychosocial support, child protection, legal support, nutrition, economic security services within the case plan achievement benchmarks.
  • Ensure OVC beneficiaries are identified and selected in a participatory manner with full acknowledgement of the kebele administration, the Community Core Coalition and other responsible stakeholders in the town;
  • Responsible to ensure the OVCs and caregivers’ ratio as per the standard and target plan
  • Register the target of 9-14 years old adolescent girls and boys enroll on single registration form
  • Provide training to 9-14 years old adolescent girls and boys as per the standard and quality
  • fully understand the program for Parents and caregivers’ philosophy, methodology, curriculum and collaborative approaches.
  • facilitate the parent-teen group meetings, as outlined by the weekly curriculum.
  • conduct home visits for families that miss sessions and provide continued support to families requiring additional support and maintain attendance record for group session
  • recruit and maintain group participants.
  • conduct pre and post home visits to undertake relevant assessments required by the programme.
  • liaise between the participants and the implementing partner ensuring that support to participants is provided and referrals made for services.
  • preparation of group session meetings ensuring venue, instructional materials and any additional logistics are in order.
  • provide a mechanism for referrals and additional support from other social services.
  • assure fidelity and quality of program delivery
  • Submit program and training reports and updates to area Care and Support Officer and ISHDO Sub program team regularly.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the immediate supervisor

Reports to: Care and Support Officer -ISHDO sub

Location: Multiple Position (Adaberga, Becho, Dendi, Fiche, Kuyu, Holeta, Jeldu and Sululta)

Required Number: 1 per each town

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Job Requirements:

Required education and experiences
  • First degree or Diploma in health, social work, sociology, social anthropologist, psychology, gender and related social field studies
  • A minimum of (4 years for Diploma and 2 years for degree holder) (preferably in NGO) with similar position.
  • Previous experience working with community members e.g., voluntary, faith-based organization, local govt structures, school, community groups on gender-based violence, parenting, HIV/AIDS
  • Familiarity with community dynamics of culture, social arrangement and any other related dynamics;
  • Desirable personality, willingness, and ability to work with vulnerable communities and populations without judging them;
  • Basic skill in English and knowledge of other local language is advantageous (Preferably Afan Oromo)
  • Ability to Coordinate and Support volunteers working in the community

Other skills

  • A person who can work with children and caregivers.
  • Familiarity with, sexual violence, gender-based violence and its origins
  • Comfortable leading or facilitating group learning
  • Critical Thinking – Able to observe and synthesize the pros and cons of a situation and use learning to implement a best course of action
  • Effective Communicator – Excellent interpersonal and Communication skills
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How To Apply:

Qualified and interested applicant can apply through: 

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