You are currently viewing Project coordinator for Prevention COVID 19 transmission through Improving Vaccine Coverage in Ethiopia Project – Amref Health Africa

Project coordinator for Prevention COVID 19 transmission through Improving Vaccine Coverage in Ethiopia Project – Amref Health Africa

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Project coordinator for Prevention COVID 19 transmission through Improving Vaccine Coverage in Ethiopia Project – Amref Health Africa, June 30 2022

Organization: Amref Health Africa

Position: Project coordinator for Prevention COVID 19 transmission through Improving Vaccine Coverage in Ethiopia Project

Job Time: Full-Time

Job Type: Contract

Place of Work: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Application Deadline: July, 09/2022 





Job description


Department: Diseases Prevention and Control

Reports to: Diseases Prevention and Control Program Manager

Direct reports: NA

Number Required: (01) One

Duty Station: Country office

Length of Contract: One Year

Job Purpose

To lead and coordinate the technical implementation of the COVID 9 vaccination project in All regions. Under the guidance of the program manager, Plan, coordinate, and execute Amref overall support to and coordinate regional project officers.

Key Responsibilities / Duties / Tasks

a) Planning and coordination

  • Plan and coordinate the implementation of national activities of the project.
  • Conduct project review and planning meetings to provide technical assistance in defining tangible targets in all regions,
  • Project objectives, and revision of indicators
  • Ensure that project schedules/plans are coordinated and completed timely and give support to the project officer in all regions
  • Coordinate and ensure that the project’s administrative processes, such as logistics, procurement, and policies are fully implemented according to Amref Health Africa and the donor organization.
  • Monitor and ensure timely and complete field monitoring of Amref-supported activities.
  • Ensure effective coordination for COVID-19 vaccination communication activities with all implementation regions, representatives, NGOs, and other partners to ensure coherent, complementary planning and support for the COVID-19 social mobilization activities at the sub-regional level.
  • lead in the micro-plan preparation for the COVID-19 vaccination program in Ethiopia.
  • Highlight gaps, using field reports and realistic data on performance and technical coverage.
  • Manage the human resources under his/her portfolio

b) Stakeholder Management

  • Build and maintain strong collaborative working relationships with the Woreda Health office, Regional health bureau, and other relevant regional officials.
  • Lead and coordinate and network relationships.
  • Liaise with regional project officers to promote, review/ develop track and use health indicators in health system planning and identify best practices that can be translated into scale-up activities.
  • Advocate and liaise closely with stakeholders and partners in the Region as a champion for increasing community-wide engagement on CVID-19 vaccination and overall response.
  • Maintain close working relationships with other COVID-19 interventions like WASH, LEAP

c) Capacity Development

  • Coordinate relevant stakeholder engagement to address training, on COVID 19 vaccination and capacity-building needs to deliver relevant interventions to the beneficiaries in the project areas.
  • Coordinate project officers to assess health facility infrastructure needs with regard to COVID 19vaccination and related interventions and plan for the provision of those within the project work plan and budget.
  • Coordinate project officers to deliver and document as well as lesson learning.
  • Support the development and use of appropriate IEC and other behavior change communication materials in coordination with the program manager, Woreda Health Teams, and health communication advisor and support appropriate translation into local languages, distribution, and utilization.

d) M & E

  • Monitor overall project activities according to the annual work plan using a variety of methods: a review of reports, site visits to review records, and interviewing stakeholders and beneficiaries.
  • Ensure that monitoring and reporting tools are in place and used in collaboration with project officers in all regions.
  • Ensure documentation, monitoring visit, and follow-up on action points.
  • Document improvement or changes recommended at the last monitoring visit.
  • Coordinate report submission to communicable disease program manager on project updates, issues, needs, problems, or ideas for improving the project performance

e) Financial Management

  • Manage the project budget for COVID 19 vaccination activities by developing activity work plans and budget plans
  • Ensure that financial utilization is in accordance with the approved budget and in compliance with Amref Health Africa and donor organizations.
  • Communicate with the respective program accountant and analyze the budget utilization to identify the implementation gaps


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Job requirements

Academic and Professional Qualifications

  • Degree degree in Medicine or Public Health or related health field from a recognized University.
  • And a master of public health.


  • At least five years of demonstrated experience in implementing public health and vaccination and related intervention.

Skills / Competencies:

  • Ability and self-discipline to work with minimum or no supervision;
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (verbal & written);
  • Computer literacy (MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, & MS Outlook) and the Internet application;
  • Able to work with people of diverse cultural backgrounds;
  • Can foster an open trusting work environment;
  • Ability to work effectively in a team-driven environment;
  • Accepts accountability for work assigned and performed;
  • Supports a customer-centered approach to programs, services, and systems;
  • Willing to travel to the field extensively;
  • Company, Policies, systems, procedures, and methods
  • The job requires sufficient knowledge of Amref Health Africa policies, procedures, and systems, and administrative and technical roles.
  • Other policies are those related to health systems, and how these relate to AMREF strategies, policies, and systems.

Problem Analysis

• The job entails determining the bottlenecks to effective implementation of the COVID 19 vaccination project in the community. This involves finding solutions to problems encountered in Vaccination hesitance, community engagement, stakeholder ownership, vaccine management, and reporting.


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How to Apply

To Apply for this vacancy Click on the ‘Apply Now’  button below. Please make sure that you have read the requirements section very well before you apply.

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