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DQA – Huawei Technologies Ethiopia PLC

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DQA – Huawei Technologies Ethiopia PLC, June 28 2022
Organization: Huawei Technologies Ethiopia PLC
Position: DQA
Deadline: 07.07.2022
Employment: Full time
Location: Addis Ababa


Job Description:

Main duties and responsibilities;

  • Immediate owner for the Health & Safety and Environmental Management.
  • Organise, coordinate, and monitor the establishment, implementation, and retaining of the Health & Safety and Environmental Management System, ensure that the project management complies with the EHS requirements, and ensure the occupational health and safety of employees.
  • Recognise and control the environmental aspects and risk sources in the project delivery, and popularise the EHS knowledge to employees by training and publicity.
  • Organise the evaluation and checking and report to the project manager about the operation status and improvement requirement of the Health & Safety and Environmental Management System.
  • Assist the project manager in communicating with customers, employees, and give the publicity about the Health & Safety and Environmental Management System.
  • Establish a comprehensive documentation system for the EHS management and record and document the management process.
  • Perform timely and effective handling on the EHS accidents to minimise the impacts of the accidents.
  •  Guide (or lead) the EHS audit.
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Job Requirements:

Education and major;

  • Bachelor degree in health-related courses

Project Experience;

  • 2-3 years experience on telecommunication and related projects.

Skills or certificates required;

  • Demonstrated experience in supporting activities at care and treatment clinics.

Language Skills;

  • Fluency in English

How To Apply:

All Interested and qualified applicants can apply through Applicants should mention the Position that they are applying for.

If you do not meet the necessary requirements i.e. Educational and Professional, or if you graduated in an unrelated field, please do not send your applications.

Thank you.

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