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Hygiene Promoter needed at Samaritan’s Purse

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Hygiene Promoter needed at Samaritan’s Purse, June 21 2022
Organization: Samaritan’s Purse
Position: Hygiene Promoter
Deadline: 06.27.2022
Employment: Full time
Location: West Guji/Gelana Woreda, Oromia

Job Description:

The Samaritan’s Purse (SP) WASH Program is currently carrying out WASH activities to reduce the incidence of water borne and hygiene related diseases among the most vulnerable populations in Gelana. The Sanitation & Hygiene Promoter/Trainer Hygiene Promoter Trainer is responsible for carrying out all Samaritan’s Purse (SP) WASH trainings and activities regarding hygiene and sanitation for the project. This will include but is not limited to community meetings, sanitation and hygiene workshops/promotions in both communities and schools and supervision of household and other latrine constructions.


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Job Requirements:

Job Requirements

§  Participate in field assessments and surveys to map areas requiring sanitation and hygiene needs.

§  Arrange and coordinate meetings with community leaders in collaboration with mobilizers and other WASH staff for trainings and other WASH activities.

§  Provide any technical advice that is necessary to communities related to latrine construction and environmental cleaning.

§   Prepare and deliver sanitation and hygiene (health and hygiene) training to community sanitation and hygiene (health and hygiene) committees.

§   Mobilize communities to construct household latrines as per the direction given by the supervisor.

§  Conduct water quality assessments and disinfect sources as required

§  Oversee any future water implementation project using community participation

§  Prepare and write internal activity reports

§  Request materials from the store as per the need and ensure correct usage

§  Ensure women and children’s active participation and involvement in the project implementation

§  Coordinate and supervise trained sanitation and hygiene (health and hygiene)committees periodically

§  With a generous and serving spirit perform all other tasks and responsibilities assigned for the benefit of Samaritan’s Purse

§   Assume other duties assigned by WASH Program Coordinator/Officer.

Education / Experience Needed

§  BA Degree in Public Health

§  BA in Education or Teaching is acceptable

§  Experience working as sanitation & hygiene/health trainer preferred

§  Minimum two years of experience in WASH preferred

§  Previous INGO work experience preferred

Skills Required

§  Fluency in English an Nuer language required

§  Excellent communication and analytical skills

§  Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively to large groups of people

§  Ability to think critically and creatively and answer unexpected or difficult questions

§  Ethiopian driving license and ability to ride a motorbike preferred

§  Ability to work in a remote environment with only basic necessities

§  Ability to work effectively in a team environment

§  Ability to work under little or no supervision

§  Ability to work under little or no supervision

§  Must be able to type and use Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook


How To Apply:

Interested applicants can send only updated CV and application letter to [email protected] no later than June 27,2022 . Please write the position title you are applying for in the email subject line, ”Hygiene Promoter ”.



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