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Epidemiologist needed at Medicins Sans Frontiers – Holland

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Epidemiologist needed at Medicins Sans Frontiers – Holland, June 21 2022
Organization: Medicins Sans Frontiers – Holland
Position: Epidemiologist
Deadline: 06.29.2022
Employment: Full time
Salary: 34240.00 Birr
Location: Wardher, Somali

Job Description:

Main Purpose/Job Summary: –

Carry out investigation, implement assessment and epidemiological surveillance systems / monitoring (if needed) according to MSF protocols in order to contribute to appropriate evidence-based decision making using well managed health data in outbreak and emergency MSF program.


·   Position title:  Epidemiologist

·   No. of positions:  One

·   Place of work: Dollo Zone

·   Terms of employment: Six Months with possible of extension

·   Position holder reports to : Medical Team Leader and PHO Advisor:


Remuneration and Benefits:

·   Starting gross Salary : 34,240.00 ETB

·   Medical cover: as per the organization policy

·   Hardship allowance 30% caped to 5,500 ETB

Date (8 working days):_20-June-2022 closing date 29-June-2022

§  Carry out key epidemiological activities in outbreak investigation (description including time, place, people with emphasis on mapping when it is needed) and advise on the operational response

-Maintain a surveillance system to monitor epidemiological trends of relevant outbreak-prone diseases

-Guide activities of medical staff for surveillance and/or active case finding, including ensuring understanding of the need for consistent case definitions and data recording (briefing of all new staff)

-Manage data systems and ensure accurate, high quality databases

-Prepare regular written reports on progress and findings for medical coordinator/HQ and when appropriate to external collaborators/networks (MoH, other NGOs)

§  Implement initial Assessment (for emergency situation), rapid health assessment and (baseline or follow-up) surveys:

– Where standard protocols are not available or appropriate, develop a protocol seeking extensive feedback and pilot testing of tools to ensure the objectives will be met robustly with support of HQ epidemiologist

–    Prepare / adapt routine documentation (survey forms, training materials, letters of request/notification, locally appropriate consent forms etc.) with support of HQ epidemiologist

–    Prepare an appropriate sampling frame and sample selection guidelines with support of HQ epidemiologist

–    Hire, train and supervise survey staff, including ensuring staff exhibit required skills after training and pilot test

–    Manage data systems and ensure accurate, high quality databases

–    Analyze results and report on findings

§  Implement/maintain relevant epidemiological surveillance systems/monitoring

§  Provide training sessions to medical teams on relevant aspects of epidemiology to enhance team response capacity


MSF Section/Context Specific Accountabilities
•       Strengthen and maintain the new tea-team surveillance system, training and supporting the Health Educator Supervisors (HES) and Community Health Workers (CHW) to engage with target communities and timely gather relevant information. Then undertake public health context analysis to inform project activities.

•       Coordinate and lead the Tea-team to investigate and analyse potential cases and clusters of diseases, population movement and changes in population needs.

•       Together, with the project team, design and implement appropriate control or response interventions.

•       Map population movements to adapt the health services according to the location of pastoralist communities through the Tea Team

•       Engage with local public health actors and stakeholders working on emergency response to understand better their capacity and activities.

•       During emergencies or assessments ensures delivery of health promotion related messages through the T-team and CHWs according to the targeted communities’ priorities and identified health needs.

•       Together with the Health Promotion and Community Engagement focal person, train and coach the T- team and CHW in surveillance and emergency related health promotion.

•       Contribute to emergency preparedness and support the ongoing development of the Rapid Response Team (RRT)

•       Analyse the Tea-team surveillance data and communicate findings to the MTL on a weekly and monthly basis, using mapping/GIS technologies as appropriate.

•       Support MTL in frequent and systematic analysis of surveillance data from mobile clinics

•       Participate in exploratory assessments to identify new Mobile clinic sites and share findings with the MTL.

•       Routine visits to other locations such as Yucub, Danod, Galadi and Bokh among others.

•       Maintain the data collection system and support the project data encoder with on job training.

•       Responsible for monthly Surveillance bulletin and contributes with inputs for the project Monthly Medical Report (MMR).

•       Support the HR associated processes (strategy, recruitment, training, evaluation, development and internal communication) of the T-team including CHWs in various locations.

•       If needed develop vaccination coverage surveys following vaccination catch-ups and campaigns.

•       Participate and contribute to strategic discussions to develop the MSF project plan.


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Job Requirements:

Education ·       Nurse, Clinical officer, Medical Doctor or public health officer with a major focus or degree in epidemiology
Experience ·     At least 1year experience in field epidemiology related activities and disease surveillance
Languages ·       English essential and Somali is desirable
Knowledge ·      Use of epidemiology related analytical software (excel, Epi-info, Health Information System)
Competences ·       Flexibility.

·       Results oriented

·       Teamwork and people management


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How To Apply:

Interested applicants shall submit their non-returnable up to date CV and application letter including photocopies of all supporting documents) to the address given below:
  1. Through
  2. HR & Administration Department, MSF Holland Jigjiga & Wardher offices.
  3. HR & Administration Department, MSF Holland Addis Ababa ,Yeka Sub city infornt of Mesrak polytechnic college

Sincerity of Declarations and Documents Submitted to MSF

Use of false documents to gain employment with MSF will lead to automatic cancelation from the recruitment process and if found after employment it will lead to termination.



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