You are currently viewing Regional -level COVAX technical Assistance needed at Addis Ababa City Administration Health Bureau (CDC Project)

Regional -level COVAX technical Assistance needed at Addis Ababa City Administration Health Bureau (CDC Project)

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Regional -level COVAX technical Assistance needed at Addis Ababa City Administration Health Bureau (CDC Project), June 20 2022




Organization: Addis Ababa City Administration Health Bureau

Position: Regional -level COVAX technical Assistance

Location: Addis Ababa

Employment: Contract

Date of Announcement: June 18 2022

Deadline: June 23 2022





Job description


corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered corona virus the severe acute respiratory syndrome corona virus 2(SARS-COV-2)COVID -19 was initially reported from Wuhan, china in December 2019 and currently the disease is a global pandemic affecting all countries including our country Ethiopia the global COVID-19 pandemic has been exerting high negative impacts on the health social and economic wellbeing of people in our country.

The ministry of health (MOH)in collaboration with partners has been working on the prevention and response of COVID-19 pandemic to halt its spread and reduce the negative impact of the pandemic so far Ethiopia received 14.4 million dose of COVID-19 vaccine .theCOVID-19 vaccine introduction will be undertaken in a phased approach based on population risk levels ,global availability of COVID-19 vaccines and operational feasibility recently as the vaccine supply increased significantly the need for target shifting was made and it is decided for all people above 18 years old and above for AstraZeneca sinopharm and Janssen vaccines and 12 year and above for Pfizer vaccine.
Since the launching of covid-19 vaccine in Ethiopia on 13 th March 2021 a total of 8817390 target population get vaccinated. The vaccine uptake by the target population took prolonged time as primarily expected due to the vaccine hesitancy caused by mis-information dis information and rumors however due to the low coverage of the population and the continued existence of the pandemic collaborative action to mitigate the pandemic intensification of the control and prevention measures intensified demand promotion and social mobilization activities continued logistics supply and strengthened monitoring and evaluation activates are very crucial to be continued for the COVID-19 vaccination rollout implementation
Purpose :-to provide technical assistance on the regional COVID-19 vaccine rollout support in the planning and coordination advocacy communication and social mobilization activities cold chain and vaccine management AEFI surveillance and monitoring capacity building activities regarding COVID-19 vaccine and the overall monitoring and evaluation of the COVID-19 vaccination rollout.
Duties and responsibilities:-under the overall guidance and supervision of the regional MCH director or process owner, the technical assistant will support the regional COVID-19 vaccine rollout the duties and responsibilities will include.

I. Provide technical support to the functions of the regional taskforces and regional TWGas setting agendas meeting procedures and ensure that decisions and action points are being followed –up and implemented participate in the meeting regularly and minute taking.

II. Support the region to establish and/or revitalize the command post (regional COVID-19 )task force and TWGs to support the service delivery vaccine cold chain and logistics demand generation and communication targeting (micro planning )COVID-19 surveillance monitoring and evaluation of the coverage among at risk groups anti monitoring of vaccine impacts safety of vaccine AEFI (Adverse events following immunization)detection and response.

III. Support the region in the revision/customization of the nationally developed manuals guidelines SOP ,TOR and training materials

IV. Provide technical assistance at regional and lower level to estimate potential numbers of target population that will be prioritized for access to vaccines stratified by target group and geographic ;location

V. Provide technical assistance in the development and revision of training materials by adapting and translating training materials developed by FMOH

VI. Develop training plan that include key groups of participants content topic areas key training partners and training methods and conduct training vaccinators supervisors and other who participate in the vaccination.

VII. Develop and adapt existing surveillance and monitoring framework with a set of recommended indicators (coverage acceptability disease surveillance etc…)for COVID-19 vaccine

VIII. Develop and adapt necessary monitoring tools (vaccination cards /certificate facility based register tally sheets vaccination repotting formats and analytical tools to monitor progress and converge.

IX. Identify potential COVID-19 vaccine delivery strategies leveraging both existing vaccination platforms and non –vaccination delivery approaches to best teach identified target groups

X. Conduct ongoing readiness assessment on regular basis for the continued COVID-19 vaccination rollout and identify areas for support.

XI. Plan for handling of AEFI if happens and make sure on the availability of AEFI kits and forms

XII. Support the regional demand promotion and social mobilization activities to increase demand and decrease the vaccine hesitancy.

XIII. Participate in the planning and monitoring of the vaccine distribution and logistics management in the region

XIV. Capture and share lesson learned and good practices that can potentially leverage the routine immunization and outbreak response practices.

XV. Participate in the regional COVAX intra-action review and post introduction evaluation exercise

XVI. Perform any other activity as required by the regional MCH director

XVII. Ensure the operationalization of COVID-19 precautions during immunization services provision

XVIII. Facilitate and monitor timely budget utilization and liquidation of COVID-19 implementation

XIX. Frequent traveling to zones as necessary

XX. Summit monthly report the regional MCH director

XXI. Submit a detail final report at the end of the assignment

Functional skills and knowledge:

Technical and good communication skills, analytical skills to identify critical issues and good writing skills knowledge and skills in implementing immunization campaign


1. Communicating in a credible and effective way
2. Fostering integration and teamwork building and promoting partnership and multi sectarianism
3. Building and promoting partnership and multi sectarianism
4. Moving forward in changing environment


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Job requirements

Education (Qualifications):-

Essential medical/public health or related degree in health science/with specialized training (masters) in public health or epidemiology.

Experience :-

Essential over 5 years’ experience in public health programs preferably in immunization and vaccine preventable disease surveillance prior experience of implementing of supporting routine immunization programs at least from woreda level to higher in developing country previous experience in quantitative and qualitative assessments and data analysis is essential .

Required No. : – 1 (One)

Duration of the consultancy: – for Six Months.

Duty station:- Regional Health Bureau

Salary: – as per the organization scale



• Female applicants are encouraged.
• Experience requirement for all positions are from the time applicants hold current required qualification level /After Graduation/.


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How to Apply:


Interested applicants who fulfill the requirements must come for registration physically.

She/he must bring original and non-returnable copies of resume, educational, training Certificate and Work experience documents for verification to the Human Resource Management Directorate of Addis Ababa City Administration Heath Bureau within 3 (three) consecutive working days.

Address: Registration will be conducted in Addis Ababa City Administration Health Bureau Floor 1st; around Megenagna, 200 meters away from Bole/Gerji Taxi Center at Afarnesis Building.

Tel:- 011-833-25 04



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