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Mettu University Vacancy Announcement

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Mettu University Vacancy Announcement, June 1 2022



Organization: Mettu University

Location: Mettu

Employment: Full Time

Date of Announcement: June 1 2022

Deadline: June 14 2022





Mettu University was established among 3rd generation Universities with the primary intention to bring quality education, undertake problem-solving research, and multi-dimensional services to the communities. Community service encompasses a wide range of educational, cultural, economic, environmental, scientific, social, and other activities that involve interaction with individuals, groups, and organizations.

Mettu University recognizes community service as a key area of activity so as to share a high level of expertise with the community as an intellectual leader within a national and international context and stimulating and contributing to debate on educational, cultural, economic, environmental, legal, and social issues


Vacancy Summary

Organization: Mettu University

Location: Mettu

Employment: Full Time

No of Positions for health professionals: 36

Date of Announcement: June 1 2022

Deadline: June 14 2022


Professional Needed :-
(For positions of Health Professionals)

– 2 Medical Doctor (General Practitioner )

– 1 MSc/ PHD in Reproductive Health

– 2 MSc in Clinical Anatomy

– 1 MSc/ PHD in Medical Physiology

– 2 MSc in Medical Physiology

– 2 MSc in Medicinal Chemistry

– 2 MSc in Medical Biochemistry

– 1 MSc in Pharmacognosy

– 1 MSc in Pharmaceutics

– 1 MSc in Pharmaceutical Analysis

– 3 Levels IV in Pharmacy Technician

– 1 MSc in Emergency and critical Care Nursing

– 2 MSc in Pediatrics and child health Nursing

– 1 Level IV in Clinical Nursing

– 3 MSc/ PHD in Clinical Midwifery

– 2 MSc/ PhD in Maternity or Reproductive Health

– 2 MSc/ MPH in Health Informatics

– 2 Level IV in Health Information Technology

– 1 Medical Doctor with Specialty in Psychiatry

– 1 MSc in Psychiatry



Vacancy Details and How to Apply

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Note: We have tried to include only the positions for health professionals. If you want to see the original vacancy announcement for all professionals here is the PDF version of the original vacancy.


Mettu University




Download All Mettu University Vacancy Positions PDF


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