You are currently viewing Senior Health Financing and Resource Mobilization Adviser needed at Federal Ministry Of Health

Senior Health Financing and Resource Mobilization Adviser needed at Federal Ministry Of Health

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Senior Health Financing and Resource Mobilization Adviser needed at Federal Ministry Of Health, June 1 2022
Organization: Federal Ministry Of Health
Position: Senior Health Financing and Resource Mobilization Adviser
Deadline: 06.10.2022
Location: Addis Ababa

Job Description:


Ethiopia has made remarkable progress in key human development indicators over the past decade. The country has made remarkable improvements in health and health related indicators in the post MDG era.  Despite the progress made challenges still remain; maternal and new-born mortality remains unacceptably high.

The MoH has implemented four Health Sector Development Plans in more harmonized and aligned approaches. Currently Health sector transformation plan (HSTP) 2016-20 is under implementation and preparatory phase for developing the second HSTP for the coming five years after 2020.

The Health MDG Programme for results operations lays a sound platform to shifting emphasis from inputs to tangible results by linking disbursement to achievement of agreed results (Disbursement Linked Indicators, DLIs). The productivity of health workers remains low and there is high turnover due to poor wages, calling for innovative solutions to enhance performance through improved accountability and result monitoring mechanisms in the decentralized system.

The objective of this program is to provide quality Technical Assistance through facilitation of implementation of a proposed Ethiopia Health Millennium Development Goals programme for result Operation, using the resources from recipient-executed Trust fund from health results innovations trust fund.

The Federal Ministry of Health in coordination with the United Nations Children’s Fund- UNICEF and World Bank -WB agreed to implement capacity building of the health sector in Resource Mobilization Adviser service. The associate will provide critical analytical and strategic support to the Ethiopian’s Ministry of Health Resource Mobilization Unit, in particular within, but not limited to, the Resource Mobilization Case Team.  This role is responsible for multiple projects including the costing of health interventions to inform budget and/or policy documents; development and interpretation of financial analyses based upon available evidence; acquisition of evidence through various means including survey development, data-collection and analysis projects; quantification and mapping of funding sources, funding needs and financing gaps; and for helping the government raise international and domestic resources for health via resource mobilization (e.g., in-kind donations, grant writing, levies). Role will have responsibility for grant writing and advocacy for funds dedicated to Ministry of Health or its programs; cooperating on a regular basis with government leaders, donors, NGOs, and civil society; and exhibiting strong diplomatic skills when navigating among a diversity of stakeholders.  Candidates must possess the ability to structure and interpret financial data autonomously, derive results; and to communicate results verbally and in writing to general and technical audiences.


To Partnership and Cooperation Directorate of the Federal Ministry of Health in resource mobilization team, strengthening the partnership and cooperation directorate by taking responsibility under the leadership of the director to facilitate the smooth implementation of resource mobilization and allocation tasks of the FMoH.


To support Partnership and Cooperation Directorate of the Federal Ministry of Health in strengthening the resource mobilization and allocation activities of the MOH

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  • Supporting the Ministry in its efforts to raise international and domestic resources for health via resource mobilization (e.g., in-kind donations, grant writing, levies).
  • Conducting and providing technical assistance with evidence generating projects and analyses aimed at informing Ethiopia’s health care financing policies:
  • Research and develop white papers and concept notes, as requested;
  • Structure, research and develop cost-estimates of health-care programming or service delivery, as required;
  • Interpret and present results to general and technical audiences to inform budgets or policy;
  • Working directly with senior level government staff, provide support with the analysis, summary, and presentation of various health financing projects;
  • Provide technical assistance to government stakeholders on health financing issues;
  • Supporting the Ministry with identifying and implementing improvements to enhance efficiencies in the budget and annual planning process;
  • Conduct situational analyses to identify areas requiring capacity building, summarize and present evidence to inform leadership;
  • Build capacity through the development and implementation of tools, new or improved business processes, training or mentorship programs (i.e., skill transfer), and information technology, as directed by leadership;
  • Quickly develop an understanding of current funding flows and the budgetary process throughout the health sector;
  • Facilitate meetings with stakeholders by documenting meeting discussions/conclusions, and following-up on related next steps to advance projects toward completion.

Additional role and responsibilities

  • Lead grant proposal and MOU development, review, comment and enrich proposals and grant MOU developed by MOH directorates and partners before signing
  • Develop strategy documents like domestic resource mobilization strategic options for donor dependent health programs
  • Explore innovative financing mechanisms and present to senior management of MOH
  • Review different literatures and prepare resource mobilization advocacy paper
  • Develop and revise costing tools for annual operational planning of MOH
  • Provide capacity building for MOH directors, team leaders and others on costing tool
  • Prepare budget ceiling, support costing and resource allocation of different directorates and agencies
  • Develop and revise different manuals and guidelines to improve efficient utilization of resources
  • Facilitate policy dialogue on health care financing of the country to increase government budget allocation from treasury to health
  • Conduct health care financing supportive supervision to health facilities, district health office and regional health bureaus
  • Facilitate health care financing performance review meeting of regional health bureau focal persons, heads of the core process owner and others
  • Conduct advocacy meetings with regional health bureau heads to have the resource mobilization structure at regional health bureau and down structure level.

Expected Deliverables

  • Mobilized resources from international and local sources
  • Prepared grant project proposals for different donors
  • Conducted costing of the Ministry of Health main activities
  • Conducted different sets of assessments on health care financing implementation at regional and health facilities level
  • Conducted mapping and resource allocation of MOH Conducted different types of presentations on health care financing
  • Delivered capacity building training on Health Care Financing and Domestic Resource Mobilization
  • Facilitated policy dialogue on health care financing
  • Conducted supportive supervision to RHB, Woreda Health Office, and Health facilities
  • Conducted funding landscape analysis and presented to management for decision making
  • Participated in strategic document preparation of MOH
  • Facilitated and conducted health care financing review meetings
  • Facilitated the meeting of JCCC and HCF TWG on monthly bases
  • Conducted bilateral and multilateral project appraisal and reviewed MOU of different bilateral and multilateral donors
  • Conducted advocacy meeting with Ministry of Finance, Regional Finance and others


  • This contract will be for one year with possibilities of extension based on performance and availability of funding.


  • To be decided.

No of Required: one

Expected fee To be decided

Duration: One year with possibility of extension

Reporting to: Partnership and Cooperation Directorate A/Director

Budget Code/PBA No: P4R

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Job Requirements:

Educational background:

  •  Masters’ Degree in General Public Health, Health Economics, Economics.

Experience background:

  •  Minimum of 5 and above years’ of work experience as Health Financing and/or Resource Mobilization Officer or Advisor in public or private sector.
  • Excellent business-oriented verbal, visual and written communication skills in English and Amharic;
  • Demonstrated experience working within a complex organizational structure;
  • Demonstrated experience in managing external stakeholder relationships (e.g., donor and implementing partner relationships, or similar background);
  • Demonstrated experience with navigating political and strategic discussions objectively and diplomatically with senior managers;
  • Experience structuring and analysing quantitative, financial models to inform decision-making;
  • Strong analytical skills and technical proficiency with MS Excel and PowerPoint;
  • Ability to autonomously and successfully translate large and complex data sets into reports, charts and tables to inform decision-making; and, to communicate results to general and technical audiences alike;
  • Ability to solve problems and influence colleagues and decision-makers towards developing solutions;
  • Excellent organizational and problem-solving skills;
  • Ability to multi-task and to be effective in high-pressure situations;
  • Ability to work independently on complex projects and solve challenging problems with little structural or operational support; and,
  • Able to adapt to fast-paced and changing environments, both internally and externally.
  • Strong management and planning skills of project tasks and budgets.
  • Demonstrated leadership and team work and ability to produce high quality work in a timely, cost effective manner.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills.

How To Apply:

 Qualified applicants are invited to submit their application indicating for which position they are applying for, non-returnable CVs, and copies of all documents together with original documents to the Federal Ministry of Health, Human Resource Administration Directorate within 10 consecutive working days from the first date of this announcement on newspaper. Female applicants are encouraged to apply.




Physical Address : Ledeta Sub-city, In-front of Goma Kuteba, around Senga-Tera ADDIS ABABA

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