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Environmental, Occupational Health And Safety Officer II needed at International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)



  • Organization: International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)
  •  Position: Environmental, Occupational Health And Safety Officer II
  •  Deadline: 26 May 2022
  •  Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  •  Employment: Full-time





Job description

The Position: The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) seeks to recruit an Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Officer II to implement and provide specialized EOHS and biosafety -biosecurity support to research staff and facilities in ILRI Ethiopia in line with institutional, local and international guidelines in biosafety and biosecurity.

General: The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) works to improve food and nutritional security and reduce poverty in developing countries through research for efficient, safe and sustainable use of livestock. It is the only one of 15 CGIAR research centers dedicated entirely to animal agriculture research for the developing world. Co-hosted by Kenya and Ethiopia, it has regional or country offices and projects in East, South and Southeast Asia as well as Central, East, Southern and West Africa.

Key Responsibilities:

I. Biosafety Biosecurity

  • Conduct inspections of research facilities for compliance with regulations and guidelines pertaining to the use, handling, and disposal of potential biohazards;
  • Ensure proper labelling and maintain all safety data sheets for substances used in the research facilities or that are by-products of research activities;
  • Ensure adequacy of personal protective equipment for all activities in the ILRI Ethiopia research facilities and train users on proper use;
  • Ensure proper procedures are followed in the shipment of biohazardous goods;
  • Ensure timely and efficient calibration of laboratory safety equipment;
  • Carry out facility risk assessments at research facilities on ILRI Addis campus in accordance with the ILRI safety manual;
  • Implement mitigation plans developed to minimize the risk of exposure to disease and create awareness to staff on the mitigations;
  • Document and maintain records of internal and external audits and inspections and ensure their availability on request.

II. Chemical Safety

  • Implement ILRI Chemical hygiene plan in Ethiopia;
  • Ensure Standard Operating Procedures, fact sheets, and guidance documents for hazardous chemical materials and processes are readily available in the research facilities with visual displays;
  • Ensure and support research facilities staff to carry out effective chemical hazard assessments;
  • Support research facilities staff to utilize developed tools for carrying out PPE selection for specific jobs, to mitigate the hazards identified and support research staff in the implementation of approved control strategies;
  • Create awareness on chemical safety programs, and hazard communication.
  • III. Waste management
  • Provide oversight for safe handling, safe storage, transport, treatment and disposal of all research wastes in the ILRI facilities in line with existing laws and regulations;
  • Maintain a database of quantities, safe treatment and disposal of all research wastes at ILRI and ensure their availability on request.

IV. Occupational health

  • Ensure annual medex is done for all research staff in ILRI Ethiopia;
  • Carry out pregnancy risk assessment for staff in all research facilities;
  • Ensure remedial action specified by the health practitioner is implemented to ensure the safety, health and welfare of the pregnant employee and their unborn infant.

V. Incident management

  • Respond and investigate research facility related incidents and accidents and ensure adequacy of proposed preventive and corrective action plans;
  • Document and retain records of all accidents and incidents in the ILRI Ethiopia research facilities in reports to management.

VI. Biological Materials Management

  • Periodically audit biological material inventory at ILRI Addis to ensure the institution is aware of materials in its custody (ambient temperature, fridges, freezers and the gene bank);
  • Train research team at ILRI on proper storage of biological research materials to ensure easy retrieval and auditing;
  • Train the research team at ILRI Addis on proper storage of biological research materials to ensure easy retrieval and auditing;
  • Carry out / document regular observation of handling of biological with an aim of improving how materials are handled by staff.

VII. Training

  • Develop and implement occupational health and safety tools to facilitate toolbox talks for research facilities’ staff at ILRI Addis campus.
  • Maintain yearly auditable documentation of awareness trainings and toolbox talks.
  • Coordinate online safety training for all research facilities staff at ILRI Addis.
  • Conduct EOHS induction training for all new and continuing research facility staff

VIII. Emergency Response

  • Implement emergency response plans for research facilities at ILRI Addis containment facilities.
  • Implement the emergency response plan for animals used in research at ILRI Addis in case of an emergency.
  • Implement emergency response of disease outbreak on staff and research animals resulting from research at ILRI.
  • Advise EOHS/Research compliance Manager of situations at ILRI that are likely to result in exposure.
  • Maintain a register of staff and animal exposure.
  • Ensure staff working at ILRI research facilities in Addis carry out drills on emergency response plans, transportation plans, and biosecurity plans related to the bio containment facility in Ethiopia.

IX. Movement of Biological Materials

  • Implement requirements associated with infectious/biohazardous material movement including inspections and auditing of facilities before materials can move into or out of Addis facilities.
  • Ensure proper packaging and labelling of biological material in accordance with laid out local and international regulations governing packaging and shipping of biological material
  • Support the research team with meeting requirements of shipment at facility level

X. Permits and Licenses

  • Review project documentation and determine research licenses and or permits required in line with ILRI guidelines, country specific laws and regulations, and international frameworks and standards;
  • Coordinate preparation and submission of documentation for application of research licenses and or permits;
  • Manage relevant data systems and databases for all licenses and/ or permits for all research projects and or activities;
  • Coordinate delivery of research materials for analysis to relevant lead agencies as may be required for issuance of research licenses and or permits;
  • Manage relationships with different stakeholders involved in research authorisation and issuance of permits and or licenses for movement of research materials;
  • Ensure all research carried out at ILRI research facilities on ILRI Addis Ababa campus is authorised by ILRI compliance committees and has required permits and licenses in place;
  • Ensure Research permit and license conditions are met at facility level for all research carried out at ILRI research facilities in Ethiopia.

XI. Clearance of research staff

  • Coordinate clearance of all exiting research staff within the ILRI Addis research facilities.
  • Organize exit medical exams for exiting staff;
  • Review clearance information provided and ensure that all biological and chemical material has been allocated to another trained staff for safe handling and storage;
  • Ensure that all unwanted biological material has been disposed in accordance to laid down biological material disposal requirements;
  • Advise EOHS/ Research compliance manager on non-compliances identified and research materials without a responsible person;
  • Perform any other related duties as may be assigned.

Job requirements



Academic and professional qualifications:

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor of Science degree in a biological science e.g. biochemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology, Public Health or related field required
  • Relevant professional training in Biosafety and biosecurity
  • Certification in Occupational Safety and Health
  • Six (6) years relevant experience in biosafety and biosecurity
  • In depth knowledge of the regulatory framework at institutional and country level
  • In-depth knowledge of regulatory framework in access and movement of genetic resources both within and across countries in line with Convention on Biological Diversity, Nagoya Protocol, Cartagena protocol and Bonn Guidelines
  • Good communication and networking skills
  • Good report writing skills

Duty Station:  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Grade:  HG 14

Minimum Base Salary:

  • Birr 41,571 per month (negotiable depending on salary history of the candidate)

Terms of appointment: This is a National Staff (NS) position, initial appointment is for three years with the possibility of renewal, contingent upon individual performance and the availability of funding. The ILRI remuneration package for nationally recruited staff in Ethiopia includes a very competitive salary and benefits such as life and medical insurance, offshore pension plan, etc. The ILRI campus is set in a secure, attractive campus in Addis Ababa. Dining and sports facilities are located on site .


How to Apply

Applications:Applicants should provide a cover letter and curriculum vitae; names and addresses (including telephone and email) of three referees who are knowledgeable about the candidate’s professional qualifications and work experience to be included in the curriculum vitae. The position and reference number:REF: E/EOHS/12/22 should be clearly indicated in the subject line of the cover letter. All applications to be submitted online on our recruitment portal: on or before 26 May 2022.

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