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Associate Researcher needed at Armauer Hansen Research Institute (AHRI)

Associate Researcher I needed at Armauer Hansen Research Institute (AHRI), May 11 2022
Organization: Armauer Hansen Research Institute (AHRI)
Position: Associate Researcher I
Deadline: 05.20.2022
Employment: Contract
Salary: Birr 21,273 (ETB Twenty one thousand two hundred seventy three)
Location: Addis Ababa

Job Description:

The Armauer Hansen Research Institute (AHRI) was founded in 1970 through the initiative of the Norwegian and Swedish Save the Children organizations seconded by the Ministry of Health of Ethiopia. The Institute got its name from the Norwegian physician, Gerhard Henrik Armauer Hansen, who first described the leprosy bacillus (Mycobacterium leprae). AHRI established as governmental institution under the Federal Ministry of Health in 2016 by council of ministers regulation number 376/2016 with clear mandates and objectives.

AHRI is a biomedical, clinical and biotechnology research institute working to improve and develop diagnostic and therapeutic tools for the prevention, control and treatment of different diseases of public health importance through identifying and conducting relevant research projects, provide training and capacity building of relevant priorities of the health sector.

AHRI is also responsible to support health innovation projects to stimulate the creation, appraisal, and promotion of innovative ideas and concepts to improve clinical care, health and wellbeing of the public through Grand Challenges Ethiopia (GCE) program launched by Ministry of Health (MoH).

AHRI would like to hire a competent candidate in the position of Associate Researcher Iworking asGCE Assistant Program Coordinator

Reports to:Grand Challenges Ethiopia Program Coordinator
Employment category:Research, Development and Innovation
Employment type:Full time on contractual base
Employment period:One year with possibility of extension based on project needs and employee performance
Employment location:AHRI,Addis Ababa,Grand Challenges Ethiopia Program Coordinator Office
Salary:Birr 21,273 (ETB Twenty one thousand two hundred seventy three)
Benefits:Transport service, mobile and EVDO allowances
Required number:One (1)


Main Duties and Responsibilities:

·         Assist the overall GCE work activities as per the strategic objectives to  meet deadlines

·         Assist preparing, updating/formatting and disseminating of GCE workshops information packages, brochures and pamphlets , operational manuals, guidelines and GCE annual bulletin

·         Assist  preparing of  GCE annual plan and  quarterly, mid-year and annual reports

·         Assist preparing of GCE annual bulletin, revising GCE project  manuals and other relevant documents for GCE program

·         Acts as the main contact person during the absence of program coordinator and other team members and following-up on any duties related to GCE

·         Prepare and facilitate GCE proposal call announcement using a widely reachable  communication channels and facilitate proposals evaluation as per GCE proposal evaluation  guideline

·         Facilitates proposal applications, review process; compile screening and evaluation results; notify final result to applicants through email; prepare award letters and request an official letter to confirm for  acceptance of the award ;

·         Maintains a tracking system of responses to proposals (receiving application, requesting missed documents, notifying review status and GCE taskforce comments and disclosing results)

·         Notify the winners to revise proposals based on the comments of the GCE taskforce and  proposal evaluation guideline , receive and proofreading  the final version of the proposals, review prerequisites before signing grant agreement; and properly file signed grant agreement.

·         Facilitate project budget disbursement based on AHRI  budget transfer scheme and as per terms and conditions of grant agreement

·         Track financial utilization and liquation status of GCE supported projects, receive and submit their statement of expenditure (SOE) to AHRI finance directorate  for settlement; and facilitate subsequent disbursement

·         Carry out monitoring, evaluation including on site supportive supervision of GCE supported health projects  as per the annual  plan of the GCE  and provide a written feedback

·         Compile projects review and  project exit report file (financial and technical); request remaining SOE for settlement and notify and follow to return the unused grant

·         Record mints of the GCE taskforce regular meeting and track adherence to their decision of selected health innovation proposals and incorporated comments in the final version of the proposals before signing the grant agreement.

·         Assist in organizing and facilitating of the GCE, quarterly, biannual and annual review meeting, provide orientation to the new grantees on prerequisites for GCE grant awarded projects implementation.

·         Develops and maintains an efficient GCE filing system and confidential records

·         Coordinates and disseminates all internal and external material, including publicity and background documents for local and international events; coordinates appropriate mailings or distribution

·         Assist program coordinator to organize national health innovations dissemination workshops and recognition of best innovators and stakeholders

·         Assists the IT Officer to maintain and update the GCE web site, and on a required basis, carries out specific web searches and downloads workshop documents/registration

·         Other GCE related duties and activities assigned by program coordinator

·         Coordinate SDG pull fund supported projects grant application,  tracking financial utilization and liquidation status and prepare  quarterly financial reports and  update the status and flag any challenges   to  AHRI leadership

·         Track and follow local and foreign SDG supported projects procurement of reagent, supply and equipment and also serve as focal person related to SDG grant

Job Requirements:

Preferred Education & Experience:

·         MD and MPH/MSc in health related field with clinical or public health background

·         At least  two years’ experience in project  management skill either in public or/and  non-governmental organization from which at least one year experience of  monitoring and evaluation  of health innovation projects and 3.5 publication points

Preferred Skills and Knowledge:

·         A good understanding of the government initiative plan of health innovation program

·         Strong organizational skills and ability to work independently with minimal guidance

·         Excellent writing  and strong  interpersonal communication  skills and good in team work

·         Proficiency in basic computer literature, and other information processing software

Requirements and Competency:

·         Basic public health and project management skills and knowledge

·         Meticulous project monitoring and evaluation preferably in  health innovation projects

·         Communication proficiency, skill and knowledge in problem analysis to come up with appropriate  solution

·         Good organizing and presentation skills

·         Have high commitment to maintain integrity, accountability and transparency

How To Apply:

The application should be submitted online on ethiojobs ( with a brief CV (maximum length 4 pages) and a covering letter (maximum 1 page, describing why you are interested in applying for the position and how you meet the requirements for the position) and a one-page table summarizing your educational background, work experience, technical skills and competencies to facilitate the screening process.

Note: Please list down your publications on your CV.

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