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Supervisor needed at Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI)

Supervisor needed at Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI), April 22 2022
Organization: Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI)
Position: Supervisor
Deadline: 05.02.2022
Employment: Contract
Salary: 15000 Birr
Location: Amhara, Oromia, Somali Region

Job Description:

Duration: 1 month with possible extension


Required number: 5 (2 for Amhara Region, 2 for Oromia Region, 1 for Somali Region)

Report to:  Food Science and Nutrition Research Directorate

Job Description:

The Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) strives to address nutrition and health-related problems through operational research and generating evidence to inform policy and effective implementation of health and nutrition programs in Ethiopia. To this end, the Food Sciences and Nutrition Research Directorate is planning to collate routine service delivery data to assess the performance of severe acute malnutrition (SAM) treatment in children. The survey will be implemented in Amhara Region, Oromia Region, and Somali Region.


Supervisors will have the following responsibilities;

1.      Work with data collectors to collect relevant data from the SAM management logbooks (register books) from randomly selected health posts.

2.      Coordinate follow-up home visits for households that will be randomly selected from the health post records.

3.      Ensure data collection teams have all the necessary survey supplies, checklists, and equipment.

4.      Work with regional coordinators to develop a plan for data collection at health pots and households.

5.      Liaise with the drivers to coordinate vehicles and logistics for the data collection team.

6.      Ensure data collection teams have all the necessary survey supplies, check lists and equipment.

7.      Help resolve any problems that data collection teams might encounter including locating health post/households, understanding the questionnaire or dealing with respondents.

8.      Supervise the daily implementation of data collection.

9.      Re-complete one record in each health post to assess the accuracy of data collection.

10.  Complete supervision checklists for a randomly selected number of records and household interviews.

11.   Complete and send daily progress tracking forms to regional coordinators.

12.   Liaise with data managers to correct data collection errors.

13.  Serve as backup for data collection teams.

14.  Conduct key informant interviews with Health Extension Workers.

15.  Ensure that data is sent to the EPHI server daily.

Job Requirements:

·         MSc in Nutrition, Public health and Nursing, with at least two years of experience.

·         Proficiency in Amharic, Oromiffa and Somali language is mandatory.

·         Experience in data collection supervision is advantageous.

·         Experience related to the Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) program is advantageous.

·         Experience of mobile data collection with ODK Collect is advantageous.

How To Apply:

·         Interested applicants can register online through and must send their application letter, CV, work experience, educational and other relevant documents within 5/five/ workingdays from the first appearance of the announcement.

·         Applicants must define/describe the region they apply/compute for.


·         Both the Civil service and EPHI Human Resource Directorate rules and regulations will be applied to guide the day to day services.

*As new priorities emerge, EPHI may periodically revise the TOR for this position.


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