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AMBOSS account for those with urgent need – AMBOSS Access Scholarship

AMBOSS account for those with urgent need – AMBOSS Access Scholarship, April 16 2022






We have received reports that the previously shared way of acquiring an Amboss access is not working because the form provided by EMA is closed. For this reason we have been forced to post another means to acquire access for physician and students who have an urgent need and can not wait until we figure out details on why the EMAs form is closed.

Amboss’s Global Education Fund is providing $2 million worth of AMBOSS access packages (with access to the Library, Qbank, and Analysis features, including mobile Apps for Android and iOS) to students who have an urgent need for resource support, or have faced long-standing significant financial barriers to their medical education.

Amboss’s mission is to empower future doctors, regardless of financial background. We believe deeply that crucial medical knowledge should be accessible to all those who seek it. This is why we provide support in the form of resources to students and medical professionals through the AMBOSS Access Scholarship Program.

Established in response to the challenges our global community was confronted with during the outbreak of COVID-19, the Global Education Fund represents an ongoing effort to equip students with high-quality medical knowledge and empower them to continue their medical training and serve their communities with the best possible care.


What does an AMBOSS Access Scholarship cover?


  • An AMBOSS Access Scholarship covers a significant portion of the AMBOSS access package costs.
  • Scholarships already granted may be eligible for extensions as we re-assess the situation later this year, but are not guaranteed.



You must make a free AMBOSS trial account first. 

– Both students and physicians can apply

– Any physician or student currently or previously enrolled in a medical university is eligible to receive a scholarship

Amboss particularly encourages students and physicians from low-income countries to apply for an access scholarship.


How long does it take?


You can expect to hear back from AMBOSS within two weeks of submitting your application. Please monitor your inbox for potential follow-up questions or a personal interview request, that may be scheduled on a case-by-case basis to assess eligibility.


How to Apply


To apply for a scholarship, please fill out the form on this page to give AMBOSS some insight as to why you are seeking the support of an AMBOSS Access Scholarship. Please note, we have a limited number of full and partial scholarships available.



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