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Annam Marketing Solution PLC is looking for Store Manager

Annam Marketing Solution PLC is looking for Store Manager, Pharmacy Jobs in Ethiopia 2022
Organization: Annam Marketing Solution PLC
Position: Store Manager
Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Salary: Negotiable
Deadline: April 17 2022

Job Description:

Essential Duties / Responsibilities:

  • Follow and perform storage activities are according to pharmaceutical storage guidelines or Storage SOP. The following are a few of the store manager-specific activities.
  • Receive pharmaceutical shipments in clean receiving bay as per receiving SOP (SOP No. to be given later) and check label such as Name, strength, batch number, expiry date according to supplier dispatch document ( packing list, sales invoice, etc.).
  • Follow and Ensure Store products on clean, undamaged pallets and according to product specifications.
  • Maintain adequate space between the rows of stored products for cleaning, monitoring & inspection.
  • Ensure safe and appropriate storage of pharmaceutical products.
  • Properly handle and store NPS drugs in compliance with international conventions and national laws and regulations.
  • Store separately highly toxic and radioactive materials and other hazardous, sensitive, and/or dangerous materials and pharmaceutical products in a dedicated area subject to additional safety and security measures.
  • Follow appropriate stock rotation to ensure FEFO, i.e., the oldest stock sold first within its shelf life and moved to the front of the picking face and the new stock put to the back.
  • Store recalled and returned products in a dedicated & secure area locked & clearly, labeled.
  • Ensure cleanliness of warehouse, monitor as per cleaning schedule and records in such a manner;
  •  Maintain and create awareness to cleaners about hazardous risks during cleaning and protect themselves.
  • Control and monitor room temperature and relative humidity using calibrated Thermo hygrometer, and records are maintained per the T0 and RH log sheet.
  • Check the condition of a newly arrived cold box that contains the product.
  • Ensure safe and appropriate storage of cold chain pharmaceutical products.
  • Check and ensure cold chain products are not placed directly against the refrigerator side, back wall, or near the cooling plate.
  • Maintain sufficient space around the cold chain products for air to circulate.
  • Ensure cold chain management practice for products that need cold storage practice
  • Check the expiry date of the cold-chain products regularly and report any risk for expiry.
  • Keep and Update stock management documents (GRV, GIV, Stock Card, Bin Card,…) for imported and distributed pharmaceutical transactions.
  • Follow and enforce the implementation of national rules and regulations related to pharmaceutical storage.
  • Periodically records and segregates damaged and expired products.
  • Record and Facilitate disposal of expired /damaged pharmaceutical wastes according to national EFDA waste disposal guidelines.

Sex: Female

Job Requirements:


  • Pharmacist or Druggist.


  • Pharmacist 0 year
  • Druggist 2 years.
  • Should have renewed Health professional license (License is Mandatory)


  • Self-motivated and Desire to serve others
  • Respectful towards other cultures
  • Able to establish relationships easily
  • Team player
  • Flexible under changing conditions
  • Able to cope with basic working conditions
  • Culturally aware and able to adjust
  • Secure and at ease with professional skills
  • Coaching/teaching skills
  • Planning and organizational skills
  • Mentoring skills

How To Apply:


Interested applicants can submit non-returnable CV and application letter 10 days in person to our head office located at Bole Friend Ship 7th floor office No. 705/1.
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