You are currently viewing 3 Steps on How to Get a free Amboss Account in Ethiopia

3 Steps on How to Get a free Amboss Account in Ethiopia

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How to Get a free Amboss Account in Ethiopia, Doctors Online Ethiopia, December 12 2021





What is Amboss?

AMBOSS is a medical learning platform that helps students around the world to study smarter and score higher in their exams. Designed and curated by over 60 international physicians, AMBOSS uses intelligent learning features to guide you through your studies and into your medical career.

AMBOSS was founded by doctors, for doctors, in 2012. A group of young residents became frustrated by the limitations of the medical education system: the multitude of disconnected resources available led  to more time spent researching topics than mastering them. They took matters into their own hands and together completely reshaped the path to becoming a physician. They created AMBOSS, a digital medical resource that could single-handedly support students in the classroom as well as later on as a clinical companion.

In a few short years, leading doctors from Harvard, Yale, and Stanford joined the AMBOSS team and focused their efforts on developing materials specific to the USMLE Step and NBME Shelf exams, and a successful US launch in 2017 coincided with headquarters opening in New York.  Since then, AMBOSS has grown from a small team to over 300 highly trained physicians, scientists, and software engineers. Together, they leverage technology to provide accurate, while accessible, medical knowledge to physicians around the world.

Today, more than a million healthcare professionals in over 180 countries rely on AMBOSS.

Accessing Amboss in Ethiopia

Accessing AMBOSS resources in Ethiopia has been almost impossible for most medical doctors. This is because the payment for Amboss Membership is in foreign currency, which made it hard for Ethiopian Medical Doctors to pay and receive access to the resources. This has elevated the demand for a free Amboss Access in Ethiopia.


We at Doctors Online Ethiopia have been receiving numerous requests on the topic after we published a brief Article titled “How to get a Free uptodate account of your own (using an institutional access)”.

So Ethiopian Medical Association has aelivated our headache by partnering with AMBOSS to provide free access to its contents which include preparation materials for USMLE and NBME exams , clinical articles, study plans and many more.

This will also grant free access to Qbank and AMBOSS app which makes learning easy. So with out Further delay let’s jump How to Get a free Amboss Account in Ethiopia with just 3 steps.



How to get free Amboss Access in Ethiopia



Step 1. Become an EMA member


Many Physicians consider EMAs membership as a lengthy process. But has never been farther from the truth since EMA has reduced its membership registration time in to just a few minutes task. You can register as an EMA member right now, this doesn’t even take 15 minutes. Registration only takes minutes with a choice to pay your membership fee by mobile banking.

If you are not an EMA member yet follow these simple steps to become one

 Online registration procedure

•  Pay/deposit the Annual membership fee ETB 500 through one of the below listed accounts
CBE Account No 1000180410825
DASHEN Bank Acc No 0007004991001
Cooperative Bank of Oromia Acc No 1000054283044

N.B. makes sure your name is clearly stated on the bank slip

•  Fill out an online form on our website under the menu “become a member”
•  Attach your photo
•  Scan or take a clear photo of the bank slip and attach it in the space provided
•  Submit the form:-

Click here to register as EMA member:

Step 2. Fill the form


if you are a member of EMA status fill out the form below.

Please note that you should have a renewed membership to get access to the resources.

Step 3. Follow the instructions


Follow the instruction that you will receive after registration to enjoy your free Amboss access.


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