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WHO Free Online Courses with Free Certificates 2021-22 | Open WHO Courses


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September 29 2021, Doctors Online Ethiopia


WHO Free Online Courses with Free Certificates 2021-2022 are a marvelous opportunity for everyone willing to work in an emergency, epidemic, and pandemic situation. It is an interactive, innovative, and web-based platform that allows energetic people to contribute to progressive health developments globally. These online courses aim to build a diverse cultural community that may formulate effective adequate policies through conceptual development where everyone has been confined to home-like cages. The OpenWHO courses are an array of hope in the times of dusk. The optimistic individuals are stimulated to become a part of the Open WHO-sponsored courses in accomplishing its core mission of forming a dynamic health workforce. Further, WHO certificates are also awarded to the participants after the completion of the course.

The global web-based courses, sponsored by World Health Organization, communicate with participants how to communicate commendably with investors in a global health environment to attain WHO-directed health-oriented goals. The WHO courses allow the potential community to contribute to coping with global health issues under the mentorship of an internationally recognized health body. It expedites candidates to augment their knowledge, skills, and abilities through various capacity-building opportunities. Moreover, these Open WHO short courses intend to attract a pool of potential young brains, train them, and make them well-equipped with the health system and processes to prepare a constellation of health professionals in the health sector.

The WHO online courses with certificates allow every brilliant and fervent student to advance their career while becoming a cordial part of an internationally acceptable organization. Furthermore, participants become able to work harmoniously with diversified strata and cultivate pragmatic health policies to help improve decision-making. It also facilitates people the right to work under the supervision of top-ranked mentors, who are also eager to collaborate with the young brains in the better excellence of the health system. Thus, contributing to the advancement of public health worldwide. Meanwhile, it is equally valuable for the WHO to prepare a stratum of health expertise, essential for the constant expansion of the health sector.

The short online courses with verified certificates are an extensive online program. It offers basic, intermediate, and advanced courses under four categories: outbreak, go social, ready for response, ad preparing for pandemics. The platform is supervised by the Learning and Capacity Development entity, falling under the WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme domain. They aim to provide students a collaborative learning environment comprised of online courses and materials that cover various subjects. This gives an opportunity for people to have an in-depth discussion and includes feedback on crucial hot issues. Since its inception in 2017, it has enabled the organization and its key stakeholders to transfer life-saving knowledge to a considerable number of frontline responders working worldwide.

WHO Free Online Courses with Free Certificates:

Host Organisation:

  • World Health Organisations

Online Platform:

  • OpenWho (First WHO platform to host unlimited users during health emergencies)

Duration of the WHO Courses with Certificates:


  • The duration of the WHO short courses is self-paced, meaning it depends upon you at what time you complete it.


WHO Free Online Courses Benefits:

  • It is an international online course program catering to every individual having the potential to learn in times of darkness.
  • The courses are offered in the local languages of the communities.
  • They provide candidates with easy access to learning under the mentorship of professional health experts.
  • They facilitate cooperation among diverse communities.
  • They provide a chance for health workers to come up with constructive health policies.
  • You can download the course videos as well.
  • An individual can access his own progress throughout the course.
  • The certificate is awarded to the participant after the completion of the course.

What languages are courses offered in?


  • OpenWHO hosts short courses in over 20 languages, including many of the UN official languages and the local languages of communities affected by particular outbreaks.


Eligibility Criteria of the WHO Free Online Courses 2022:

  • Everyone is eligible for online registration of these courses.
  • The candidate must be passionate and collaborative.
  • No Academic Restrictions
  • No Nationality Restrictions

How do you create an account on OpenWHO?

Access the platform webpage via the ” Create an Account” button at the end of the article. Click on the “Log in” tab at the top right corner of the screen. Click on the “Create new account” option at the bottom of the dropdown tab.

You will receive an email to confirm your account. Open the email and click on “Confirm email”. If you do not receive this email within a couple of minutes, please check your spam folder and move the email to your primary mailbox.

You will then be directed to the “Terms of Use” page. Please review the Terms of Use document by clicking on the blue text which reads “terms of use”. If you are satisfied with what you have read, then check the box which reads “I have read and accept the terms of use” and click “Proceed”.

You will then be directed to the “My profile” page where you can review your personal information and make changes if necessary.

Before proceeding, you must respond to the questions under the section entitled “Required information”. Select a response from the drop-down tab next to each question, then click the checkmark to save your answer.

How to enroll in an OpenWHO Free Online Courses?

  • All Candidates can apply while registering themselves through an email account.
  • The applicants will receive an email notification confirming the registration.
  • Provide all required personal information, e.g., name, address, country, etc.
  • Complete all the required fields, necessary for registration.
  • Complete your registration request carefully and submit it.
  • After enrollment in the course, you need to enter the course to have it.

Course Deadline:

  • Open WHO courses are self-paced

How to Apply






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