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Supervisors needed at Ethiopian Public Health Institute

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Supervisors needed at Ethiopian Public Health Institute, March 5 2022



Organization: Ethiopian Public Health Institute
Position: Supervisors
Deadline: 03.10.2022
Employment: Contract
Salary: 15301.00 Birr



Job Description:

Location: All regions

Duration of contract: 2 months, with possible extension

Required number: 10

Report to: Central coordinator and concerned directorate in Ethiopian Public Health Institute

Job Summary: The post-holder will be travel to assigned regions, and will work under Central coordinator and concerned directorate in Ethiopian Public Health Institute.

Major duties and responsibilities:

The supervisor is the senior member and coordinator of the field teams under him/her. He/she is responsible for the well-being and safety of teams and team members, as well as the completion of the assigned workload and the maintenance of data quality. The supervisor receives his/her assignments from and reports to the Central coordinator. The specific responsibilities of the Supervisor is to make the necessary preparations for the fieldwork of teams under him/her, to organize, to support and direct the fieldwork, and as well as coordinating all logistics and related issues of all teams under him/her. Because the collection of high-quality data is crucial to the success of the survey, it is important that supervisors are mature, responsible individuals who execute their duties with care and precision. This is especially important during the initial phases as well as throughout fieldwork, when it is possible to eliminate interviewer error patterns.

Careful preparation by the supervisor is important for facilitating the work of the teams in the field, for maintaining interviewers’ morale, and for ensuring contact with the central office throughout the fieldwork.

During the fieldwork, the supervisor will:

1.Assign work to interviewers and team leaders, taking into account the linguistic competence of individual interviewers/team leaders and ensuring that there is an equitable distribution of the workload.

2.Make sure that assignments are carried out.

3.Make sure that completed questionnaires and progress reports are sent regularly to the central office and keep headquarters informed of the teams’ location.

4.     Communicate any problems to the central coordinator.

5. Take charge of the teams vehicles, ensuring that they are  kept in good repair and that they are used only for project work

6. Coordinating all teams under him/her and all logistic issues throughout field works as well as whenever required

7.Make an effort to develop a positive team spirit. A congenial work atmosphere, along with careful planning of field activities, contributes to the overall quality of the survey.

8.Monitor interviewers and teams’ leaders’ performance with the aim of improving and maintaining the quality of the data collected. Close supervision of interviewers and teams’ leaders and editing of completed interviews are essential to ensure that accurate and complete data are collected.

9.Edit all completed questionnaires in the field. The team members may need to assist the team leader in performing this task since all editing must be completed prior to leaving the facility

10.Conduct regular review sessions with each interviewers and team leaders and advise them of any problems found in their questionnaires as well as field work management.

11.Follow all teams to put completed questionnaires from a sampled EA, and/or regional health bureau and/or Zone health department in order, pack them to be sent to the central office on time.

12.Ensure that each team is closing and sending data / paper questionnaires to the central office after properly closing the EA and/or Zone health department and/or regional health bureau/MOH; check that each team properly edits the data before leaving the site.

13.Receive supplies for teams (tools, guides) and facilitate other logistics

14.Arrange local guide, transport and accommodation for teams (if needed)

15.Ensure teams have adequate questionnaires and stationeries for the daily field work

16.Explain objective of activity to  local officials, facilitating official letters and other necessary administrative issues of all teams related to the survey

17. Arrange financial issues for local guides and other logistics for all teams under him/her

18. Supervise data collection to verify protocol is followed, including skip pattern and complete questionnaire format

19.Address any challenges faced by field teams

20.Conducting survey field activities of HHs interview, health office interview and key informant interview


21.Conducting any other activities of the survey which will be assigned by central coordinator(s).


Job Requirements:

· Must have MSc/MPH degree in health and related fields including Health officer, nursing, laboratory technology, pharmacy, environmental health, and biostatisticians

· Must have at least 5 years’ experience.

· Must have experience in a similar role in other community health related surveys

· Must have experience in a similar role in other community based surveys (preferable: Measles coverage survey, EPI survey, DHS, Covid-19 Risk Perception behavioral response Community survey).

Additional Job Requirements:

· Experience in quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis

· Computer programming experience is preferred

·  Excellent communication skills

·  Good written and spoken English

·  Ability to build rapport and feel comfortable working in a team

·  Ability to read text, absorb and pick out the interesting, important and relevant parts

·  Willingness to learn and develop skills

· Knowledge of data backup/recovery

· Experience with database management using CSPro and NVIVO 12

** Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply.

How To Apply:

Note:- Interested applicants can register in Online through Upload CV and academic credential using zip Filename as NAME_F.NAME_G.F_NAME and file size maximum of 5MB

Candidates meeting the above qualifications are encouraged to apply to form using the below link:

relevant documents at the address given below within 5 working  days from the first appearance of the announcement

Ethiopian Public Health Institute

Human Resource Management Directorate

Human Resource Management Case Team

Room No. 112

P.O.Box 1242 or 5654

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia




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