You are currently viewing Enumerator (Data Collector) needed at Ethiopian Public Health Institute

Enumerator (Data Collector) needed at Ethiopian Public Health Institute

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Enumerator (Data Collector) needed at Ethiopian Public Health Institute, March 4 2022


Organization: Ethiopian Public Health Institute

Employment: Contract
Salary: ETB 11,419.00
Deadline: March 10 2022

Job Description:

Location: All regions

Duration of contract: 2 months, with possible extension

Required number: Eighty (80)

Report to: field supervisor and concerned directorate

Job Summary:

The post-holder will be travel to assigned regions, and will work under the field supervisor and concerned directorate in Ethiopian Public Health Institute.

Major duties and responsibilities:

The enumerator occupies the central position in the NHE survey because he/she collects information from respondents. Therefore, the success of the NHE survey depends on the quality of each interviewer’s work.

In general, once a selected enumeration areas (EAs) and districts have been located, the responsibilities of an interviewer include the following:

1.Attend and participate fully in training (main training)

2.Pre-test the survey instruments.

3.Identifying all eligible respondents (household head, other interviewees in the households, Health administrative structure policy makers, planner and managers/directors/ who have served on the position)

4.Interviewing all eligible respondents in the  EAs and selected households using the appropriate questionnaire

5.Interviewing all eligible respondents in the  Regional Health Bureau, and  Zone Health Departments using the appropriate questionnaire

6.Checking completed questionnaires to be sure that all questions were asked and the responses neatly and legibly recorded

7.Maintain good team spirit with team members (co-enumerator and supervisor)

8. Collect data as per protocol, including following skip patterns, and asking questions as instructed

9.Report all best practices and challenges to the supervisor

10.Forward to the supervisor all completed questionnaires daily

11.Work under the supervision/guidance of the field supervisor

Job Requirements:

· Must have minimum of B.Sc. degree in health-related fields including Medical doctor, health service management, Health officer, health economics, Nursing, midwifery, laboratory technology, pharmacy, or environmental health.

· Must have at least 3 years’ experience.

·  Must have experience in a similar role in other community related surveys Must have experience in a similar role in other community based surveys (preferable: Measles coverage survey, EPI survey, DHS, Covid-19 Risk Perception behavioral response Community survey)

Additional Job Requirements:

· Experience in quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis

· Computer programming experience is preferred

·Excellent communication skills

· Good written and spoken English

· Ability to build rapport and feel comfortable working in a team

· Ability to read text, absorb and pick out the interesting, important and relevant parts

· Willingness to learn and develop skills

· Knowledge of data backup/recovery

· Experience with database management using CSPro

** Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply.

How To Apply:

Note:- Interested applicants can register in Online through Upload CV and academic credential using zip Filename as NAME_F.NAME_G.F_NAME and file size maximum of 5MB

Candidates meeting the above qualifications are encouraged to apply to form using the below link:

relevant documents at the address given below within 5 working  days from the first appearance of the announcement

Ethiopian Public Health Institute

Human Resource Management Directorate

Human Resource Management Case Team

Room No. 112

P.O.Box 1242 or 5654

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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