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Tips for choosing the right contraception method for you

Tips for choosing the right contraception method for you, February 11 2022


Amharic Video on Contraception Methods (Family Planning tips)


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Hello Dear Doctors Online families, Here are important tips everyone needs to know about contraception methods:-

Do you know how many unintended pregnancies occur in Ethiopia?

One in four pregnancies in Ethiopia is either unwanted or unplanned. Unintended pregnancies can have far-reaching effects on parents and families. Unintentional childbearing can put a strain on the family and the community.

Let’s take a brief look at benefits of contraceptive usage.

– If you want to delay childbirth for work or health reasons,

– To avoid pregnancy, ( eg. it is recommended that a woman stay at least two years before giving birth and then getting pregnant again).

– To stop having children after achieving the desired family size.

– Contraceptives use prevent dangerous abortion attempts following unwanted pregnancies.

– It also protects young adolescents or older women from pregnancy-related complications.

In addition, Limiting the number of children born in a family not only helps to provide proper care for children, but also help to limit a country’s population growth and prevent related problems.

Before discussing the several different types of contraceptives


Let’s see some questions that should be raised before choosing a method that suits your needs:-


– The only way to prevent pregnancy is to abstain from sex. This begs for the question, How effective is your preferred contraceptive method?

– What kind of side effects can it have on your health?

– Whether you want to get pregnant in the future or have decided not to have a baby anymore?

– How often do you have sexual intercourse? (Eg. If its Once every 6 months you may not need combined oral contraceptives)

– Is the method we want to use only during sexual intercourse or for longer days / months?

– Health conditions (for example, hormonal contraceptives are not recommended if you have heart conditions or high blood pressure)

– Do you just want to prevent pregnancy or you also want protection against sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV?

Therefore, it is important to go to a health center and consult with a health professional about these ideas and choose the right contraceptive method for you.

You can also find comprehensive information about 10 Contraceptive methods on the video.



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