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Paediatrician/Neonatologist needed at Doctors with Africa CUAMM


Paediatrician/Neonatologist needed at Doctors with Africa CUAMM, Doctors Online Ethiopia, January 9 2021




Job summary




Ethiopia, Wolisso Hospital

April 2022

12 months


  • University Degree in Medicine and Surgery with further specialisation or equivalent title in Paediatrics
  • Good knowledge of written and spoken English
  • Solid experience in paediatrics and neonatology (more than 2 years of experience as a specialist doctor)
  • Experience in low resources settings

The Paediatrician/Neonatologist is responsible for the Paediatrics department, the Neonatology unit and the nutritional center.
The specific tasks are:

  • organize the work of the Paediatrics Department and the Neonatology Unit ensuring efficiency and quality of services
  • supervise the activity of the nutritional center and the related data collection
  • carry out on-the-job training and formal training of personnel dedicated to neonatal and child services
  • contribute to the hospital quality improvement strategy for services
  • collaborate with other hospital doctors to ensure the exchange of knowledge and the proper functioning of the hospital in all its components
  • ensure participation in the technical meetings aimed at reviewing the guidelines and defining the strategies in the country
  • collaborate to outline themes for operational research and their realization

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Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

The selection process is based on non-discrimination criteria and candidates are taken into consideration without distinction of ethnicity, gender, political orientation, religion, personal opinions, sexual orientation.
Doctors with Africa CUAMM does not tolerate any abuse, exploitation or violence against vulnerable children and adults, nor other behaviour that does not respect human dignity from its own staff, partner staff or other staff associated with the NGO.

All selected candidates will be expected to adhere to the mission and values of the organization, nondiscrimination policies and safeguarding principles.

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