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Field Coordinator needed at Médecins du Monde (MDM) – Kelowan,Yalo Woreda

Field Coordinator needed at Médecins du Monde (MDM), Doctors Online Ethiopia, January 3 2022


Deadline: 01.12.2022
Salary: 50420.00
Location: Kelowan,Yalo Woreda, Afar



Job Description:


Context of the mission 

Médecins du Monde (MDM) France is an International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) involved in humanitarian interventions, operating in Ethiopia since 1986 in different types of health projects from long-term interventions to emergency responses.

The mission in Ethiopia is undergoing structural changes in 2021 with previous bases and activities in Somali Region being handed over to Medecins du Monde Germany. In addition, the geographical coverage of Medecins du Monde France in Ethiopia is expanding. In addition to continuous operations in Afar region, new bases and projects being set up in other parts of Afar Region (Around Yalo), & Oromia Region (Chinaksen).

In response to the conflict that started in the Tigray Region and that has spread to both the Amhara and Afar Regional states, MdM is setting up an emergency response project in Yalo Woreda, Afar Region.  The Field Coordinator is a key position in this project supporting the different departments and working in partnership with the regional Health Bureau (RHB). The intervention will be based in both Gubidora and Udeyle Health Facilities and one mobile clinic.

This job description may be subject to modification following the evolution of the activities. These modifications will be defined and discussed between the employee and MdM.

MEDECINS DU MONDE (MDM) invites you, the qualified candidates, to apply for the following position


Job Summary


The Field Coordinator is responsible for the management of the base and the emergency programmes in the Afar region; covering one operating base and programmes taking place across 7 field sites. The FC is response for the security management at field level; Coordination of HR, Finance and Logistics activities in Afar, and coordination and representation with partners, stakeholder and the RHB in the Afar region. The Field Coordinator is a member of country management team and collaborates closely with the coordination team in Addis Ababa.

Essential Duties and responsibilities

Base Management

  • Ensure adequate information flow within the different departments as well as between the base and coordination team;
  • Organize regular weekly coordination meetings in order to organize the work and priorities.
  • Oversee and coordinate the general functioning of the base and all departments/services;
  • Create/maintain a positive “team spirit” within the different departments and amongst the staff;
  • Provide good working conditions for all team members.
  • Support team members under direct supervision in their duties.

Safety and Security Management

  • Routinely monitor the security situation in Afar, and update field and coordination teams with analysis where necessary
  • With the support of the base log, and in coordination with the Addis team, create and routinely update the security package and annexes for the Afar region
  • Ensure that all staff and visitors are briefed on the security rules, have received the security package, and that all staff and visitors are following the rules
  • Ensure data collection about the safety and security in Afar region, provide analyses, and share all needed information with the General Coordinator regularly or on an ad-hoc basis if urgent:
  • Alert General coordinator without delay in case of impending danger or incident of teams or beneficiaries:
  • Ensure timely and accurate security incident reports are written, and any resulting recommendations are carried out.
  • Be an active member of the Incident Management Team when incidents occur in area of operations

Program management

  •  Be up-to-date on the emergency situation and lead intervention planning addressing the needs of persons of concern
  • Contribute to the humanitarian monitoring of the region, in close collaboration with regional actors and the Addis Coordination team.
  • Ensure the implementation of the program in the field and its follow-up in its different aspects: planning and monitoring of activities, reporting, evaluation, logistic, HR, and finance.
  • Ensure the coordination with all project partners, including general planning / implementing / monitoring of activities; information sharing; and reporting follow up (including financial reporting)
  • Contribute and give inputs for the update of MdM strategy in the Afar region;
  • Coordinate project evaluation at the base.


  • Ensure that project activities are carried out in accordance with donor compliance and MdM procedures.
  • Ensure appropriate administrative, financial and logistical MdM system/procedures are in place, maintained and adhered to, so that all support functions are carried out effectively and efficiently.
  • Ensure regular communications are maintained between the different departments and act as a mediator when necessary.
  • Ensure that the procurement plan (prepared by the log base in collaboration with LogCo) is consistent with the need of the project activities.
  • Be responsible for accurate budget control and overall responsibility for financial management at the project site in line with project proposal.
  • Monitor expenditure and budget compliance on a regular basis, report any concerns to Addis Ababa coordination team
  • Monitor, and then develop plans to mitigate any under or over expenditure at project level.

Human Resource Management

  • Be responsible for the well-being of all team members;
  • When relevant, contribute to recruitment and selection of staff.
  • Be responsible for disciplinary and grievance procedures, with the support of the LogAdmin officer and/or AdminCo.
  • Maintain good inter-department communications, promote good team dynamics, and take suitable action when problems occur.
  • Carry out appraisals as per MdM standard requirements and procedures.
  • Ensure all new team members are adequately briefed on arrival in the field, and departing team members are debriefed and provide end of mission reports where applicable.
  • Ensure that all team members receive technical support from technical coordinators where needed.
  • Ensure capacity building and training of all staff in Yalo-Afar.


  • Represent MdM to NGOs, UN agencies, regional authorities, communities, donors and other relevant parties in the field and share information with the field and coordination teams;
  • Build strong relationship with humanitarian actors working in the area in order to identify potential synergies.
  • In the event of visits from donors, lead and participate in the organization and implementation of the visits.
  • G.  Reporting
  • Ensure the Afar region inputs into the monthly Sitrep.
  • Ensure the Log, Admin and HR monthly reports are completed.
  • Contribute to project proposals, and lead the Afar region emergency inputs.
  • Report to Afar program partners and authorities on activities;


Required Number:  One

Employment Term: 4 month with possibility of extension, start immediately

Transportation allowance -1,300

Hard ship Allowance -30% of Basic salary 

Reports to: under the direct supervision of the General Coordinator, the technical advisor for programme activities is MedCo and S/he manages the health program coordinator, the Admin & Finance Officer, and logistics officer.


Job Requirements:

Educational Qualification
  • BA Degree in public health

Work Experience

  •  At least 2 or 3 years of similar relevant professional experience (ex: field coordinator, Programme Coordinator).
  • Essential: Solid experience of project planning and budget holding; proposal and report writing.
  • Essential: Experience in security management.
  • Essential: Experience in HR, financial and logistics management
  • Previous experience in one of MDM program sectors desirable
  • Previous experience in health system emergency response programming an asset

Skills and qualities required

  • Essential: Knowledge and understanding of project management tools (Logical Framework analysis, project cycle management, objectives and indicators etc.).
  • Capacity to work and life in a multicultural environment
  • Ability to cope with last-minute changes and being solution-oriented
  • Listening and diplomacy skills
  • Team manager with a strong leadership
  • Experience in management of multi-donor budgets
  • Experience in control and procurement processes

Required personal skills


  • Independence, ability to take the initiative and of responsibility
  • Ability to manage and work under stressful situation
  • Good analysis, objective, able to take a step back and analyse
  • Communication – listens and communicates clearly, adapting delivery to the audience
  • Capacity to delegate and to supervise and coach the work
  • Anticipation and adaptability,
  • Strong problem solving and organisational skills in day to day and crisis situations
  • Ability to plan, organise and meet deadlines
  • Adaptability to changing priorities
  • Listening and diplomacy skills


How To Apply:

Interested applicants are required to fill the application form at the following link (Note : All the information that provided in this form is true and accurate) and submit their CV with cover letter through [email protected] with the subject Field Coordinator.

We are expecting the final approval of Afar National Regional State Health Bureau to proceed with the hiring process; however, we are confident that the MoU will be signed in a short period of time. Hence, it is subject to approval of funding.

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