Dec 30, 2021 –  Jan 8, 2022


Deadline: 01.08.2022
Employment: Full time
Salary: As per the scale
Location: Chiro, Oromia



Responsible for organizing, coordinating and facilitating the provision of quality SRH services at the FGAE clinics located within the various Area Offices in line with FGAE Strategic Plan as well as established guidelines and standards for the achievement of overall service delivery objectives. S/he reviews and make recommendations to the management on strategic service delivery issues including re-structuring, quality improvement, profitability and sustainability of SRH services.


  1. Provide management and technical assistance to organizing and delivery of SRH services at FGAE clinics, ensuring effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of efforts;
  2. Visit clinical sites and supervise and provide technical assistance to service providers ensuring high level of performance and alignment of actions with FGAE SRH service delivery objectives and targets;
  3. Coordinate and work with the program unit and monitoring and evaluation to ensure that the Strategic Framework/Plan established is implemented and service delivery objectives achieved in a cooperative and collaborative manner;
  4. Ensures information flow between the Area Office and Head Office on service delivery issues to inform policy formulation; planning, strategy development and decision making.
  5. Making input into the re-organization and re-structuring of SRH service delivery outlets/clinics, ensuring greater effectiveness and impact;
  6. Provide advice to Area Office management on achieving cost effectiveness in the provision of services and enhancing “profitability” of service delivery centers such that FGAE generates significant income through SRH services provided at the clinic level;
  7. Collaborate with service delivery team in the Area Office to find workable solutions to challenges facing service delivery including demands, utilization and quality improvement and implementation of agreed solutions;
  8. Oversee the establishment of a functional drug revolving scheme and provide the necessary support for its implementation at the Area Office level to achieve desired goal and objectives;
  9. Facilitate the identification and collation of capacity development needs of SRH service providers and advise the Area Office leadership accordingly including organizing and undertaking continuous education programs under the guidance of the Head Office;
  10. Collaborate with the Program Coordinator to design and implement a high impact demand creation and generation strategy at the Area Office level;
  11. Work with Clinic Managers to identify capacity development needs and transmit such to the Head Office for prompt action as well as organize and conduct updates for service providers in consultation with the Training Unit/Institute;
  12. Facilitate the implementation of Quality Improvement and standard control guidelines at the facility level; ensuring full compliance by service providers;
  13. Determining resource requirements (finances, technology, materials, technical, human, equipment etc) of clinics under the control of the Area Office and make appropriate recommendations at the Area Office level;
  14. Participate in the design and training of service providers and other health personnel in FGAE clinics and other facilities to be conducted at the Area Office level;
  15. Provide support to the implementation of Drug Revolving System at the Area Office level;
  16. Monitor and document the appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of FGAE service delivery strategy at the Area Office level including social franchising and partnership with public and private sector health service providers within the Region and provide feedback to the Head Office for decision making;
  17. Monitor and document the implementation of rights of clients at all service delivery levels and ensure that service providers and other support staff comply with applicable standards, regulations, specifications and procedures;
  18. Represent FGAE at any Technical Working Group and Committees at the Regional level, contributing the input of the Association to the development and implementation of Regional SRH policies and plans while enhancing the visibility of the Association;
  19. Make input into the design of Annual Program Budget and new proposals with particular reference to those relating to service delivery;
  20. Assemble and collate reports from all clinics within the Area Office and produce a harmonized report for the attention of the Area Manager and submission to the Head Office;
  21. Review service statistics as part of the process of performance management of service delivery within the Region and make appropriate recommendations;
  22. Reviewing service statistics from clinics, providing feedback and make available for management decisions;
  23. Monitors SRH developments and trend in the Region to inform planning and strategy development as well as making such information available to the Head Office for decision making;
  24. Participate in the development of Area Office Annual Budget for onward transmission to the Head Office;
  25. Lead the implementation, management and scale up of the social franchising initiative involving select private health sector within the Area Office vicinity;
  26. Provide advise on the direction of service delivery to guide future decisions in terms of expansion, consolidation and sustainability of SRH services;
  27. Document and disseminate best practices in service delivery in any of the FGAE clinics within the Area Office vicinity;
  28. Participating in activities for creating enabling environment for SRH at the Regional level;
  29.  Implement systems for distribution and availability of drugs, commodities and consumables in all clinics, and making appropriate inputs into stock reports to be submitted to the Head Office;
  30. Performs other duties as assigned by the immediate Supervisor.

Job Requirements

Qualification in Relevant Field of Study:- MPH/MA/MSC/BSC/BA in Nursing, Midwifery, Public Health Officer

Minimum Years of Relevant Experience :- 3 Years experience for MPH/MA/MSc of which must have a minimum one year experience after graduation or 5 years of experience for BSc/BA after graduation, shall posses an Extensive experiences in same or similar position in the NGO sector or public/private hospital/specialty clinic or SRH clinics

Desirable:- Knowledge of the SRH service provision and health care management; planning, coordinating and controlling skill of SRH services; managing hospital/specialty clinic, knowledge of customer service delivery is an advantage. Computer skill in relevant software desired

How to Apply

Interested applicants should send no-returnable applications with CV and copies of credentials and other supporting documents with in 10 calendar days of this announcement to the following address: Family Guidance Association of EthiopiaEast Area Office Finance and Admin Service P.O. Box: 981Harar Or Apply through CLICK HERE You can apply also in person by presenting your CV & the necessary documents to East Area Office .

Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia is an equal opportunity employer and female applicants are highly encouraged to apply. For more information visit about the association please Visit the website




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