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Free CPD Courses by Ethiopia Nurses Association

Free CPD Courses by Ethiopia Nurses Association, Doctors Online Ethiopia


Introduction to CPD for Health Professionals


Do you know the requirements for any health professionals to renew their license?

  •  CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and is the term used to describe the learning activities health professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities.
  • CPD enables learning to become conscious and proactive, rather than passive and reactive. CPD enables health professionals to expand and fulfill their potential to meet the needs of patients and deliver the best health outcomes.

What are the requirements for Health Professionals’ License Renewal?

CPD will give you a CEU (Continuing Educational Unit) which is required for your license renewal. Any health professional is required to have:-

– 30 CEU per year
– 90 CEU at the end of the third year
– CEU is collected from accredited CPD provider


Ethiopia Nurses Association CPD Courses


The Ethiopia Nurses Association in collaboration with the WCEA (partner of the International Council of Nurses) is providing all members with access to a Mobile App & Online CPD & training platform.

The App contains FREE access to current and relevant topics such as Vaccine Handling and Administration, Mental Health & Psychosocial Support, and much more.

The App allows you to study online & offline. We are also providing free access to journals and articles and we are hosting webinars in which you will be able to register within the App.

Please complete your registration now so the association can send you the instructions to download the App and your username and password.



Next Steps

After Registration You will receive instructions on how to access both the online Learning Management System and the Mobile application. You will then take a short course which explains how to use the system, take courses and submit your certificates.


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How to Register


Click on the link below to register. After Registration you will receive an access to the Mobile App & Online CPD & training platform.




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